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  1. Do you read Bad Endings or Leave them?

    I am a CURIOUS person. Therefore I am always reading the bad end because I need to know what "SHIT" is going to happen. ^^ If the bad end was really cruel than I am going to CURSE myself and the author.
  2. Favorite Grisaia Heroine

    Yumiko and NO ONE ELSE! Too cute
  3. Favorite opening movie in a VN

    Budget? And there are 2 more of them. But my favorite would be the UBW and HF Op.
  4. Okay Do you want to go on a raid and kill the SpamBoss?
  5. I wish you and your team good luck and I am looking forward for the patch Furthermore I don't want to give my money to MoeNovel... Not because I am student and don't have much money but the main reason is MoeNovel ...
  6. Any good imouto routes???

    Chrono Clock +1 Best Imouto Route ever and I don't like Incest! But her Route wasn't really focused on the Incest part but more about something else. However Michiru's Route was the best in Chrono Clock and really emotional. I loved it. Yosuga no Sora --> Didn't play it. But there is a sister route. But only the common route, Sora's (sister), Nao's and Kazuha's route are completely translated. If you like Yuri, then I recommend you: Hakuisei Aijou Izonshou --> Oh, you already played it^^ Love Ribbon
  7. Getting bored of SoL VN's (mostly moege)

    Didn't test the skip function at the moment but you can transfer the save data between PC and Smartphone. Therefore it shouldn't be a great problem, if the skip function is bad on Kirikiroid2. PS: You can also use the menu and extra with Kirikiroid2 on your android device.
  8. Getting bored of SoL VN's (mostly moege)

    Bro... I am really greatful for your help but you didn't even read my post and the guide correctly.... For the android Version there are 2 different ways to play it on your smartphone. VNDB or Kirikiroid2. I am using Kirikiroid2 and I don't need the 1.10GB Fate/stay night version! Because I am using the realta nua Version for the PC with 7GB on my smartphone and you can transfer the savedata between your computer and smartphone without problems. Furthermore there is a BGM with the realta nua Version and it's working. You have to use this part and not the one above: realta nua on android
  9. Getting bored of SoL VN's (mostly moege)

    Okay I will play all route's and take my time. How long does it take to finish "Fate" & "UBW" if I play 1-2h each day? Is the english translation in Fate/stay night average or very good? Actually I am playing the Realta Nua Version on my android already xP --> Here is a nice GUIDE if you use Kirikiroid2 Why on Android? It is easier... I can read the VN now everywhere as for instance in the subway when I go to the university and I don't always have my laptop with me. Furthermore it's uncomfortable to use it in the subway. The HF movie is a trilogy and until all three are out in EngSub it will take 2 years but I can't wait anymore. I will wait for Rewrite+. Thank you.
  10. Getting bored of SoL VN's (mostly moege)

    To be more exact I am tired of the same typ of VN's like Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort, IMHHW, Noble ☆ Works and so on. Non of them has a good story. Therefore I am looking for something dark, nakige, thrilling story, a good Main Character .... etc. Rewrite's common route is just as long a Grisaia?
  11. Getting bored of SoL VN's (mostly moege)

    No Nukiges^^ I am not a fan of this genre. Yeah, I am getting bored of moege VN's and I am sick of them now. Therefore I was thinking to give a try with Fate/stay night or Rewrite but I am indecisive which VN I should read first. Something with a good story, plot-twist, drama and character development but not a lovely school story with a cheesy-drama, cute characters and no story. But good to know, that I can't always/never avoid SoL.
  12. Getting bored of SoL VN's (mostly moege)

    You have to define what shit is and what isn't... I mean that is a subjective question and it's different from person to person. But yes I should change the genre... And what is your opinion between Fate/stay night and Rewrite, if you played it because I don't know whether your VNDB list up to date or not.
  13. Hello Since last week I started to play Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort and IMHHW. But I am getting really bored. I played 2 Route's in Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort then I stalled it and in IMHHW I am nearly done with the common Route. However I have no motivation to finish it and I need something else with a great Story and an awesome Protagonist. Therefore I am thinking to play Fate/stay night or Rewrite (I heard that Lucia's Route is really good) I liked Fate/stay night UBW because Shiro is just an awesome Protagonist. I also love his Ideal and Philosophie to be a Hero of Justice *______* Furthermore there were great other Characters like Illya<3, Gilgamesh, Sakura and so on. BUT the Anime was too short and it was a little bit too rushed. Is it worth to play the VN, altough I already watched the Anime and know whats going to happen? Because I am looking for a story that captivates me with great Plot-Twists and an badass/awesome Protagonist. I don't need a boring common Route... with a lot of SoL and comedy because I am sick of it. Also there are 3 diffrent Routes in Fate/Stay night: - Fate Route --> I won't play it. I am not a fan of Saber. - UBW Route --> watched the Anime, is it worth? - HF Route --> I am really curious about this route. But I can't decide between Rewrite or Fate/stay night. PS: Isn't there a Android Version for Fate/stay night?
  14. I know I know... But I am actually curious about the translation and how much buchtered it is this time. I am not going to buy that game, because they censored the 18+ content and I don't know how bad the translation is<.< I will wait for a 18+ patch and until then there should be already a cracked Version from "A sky full of stars". Seriously, if they want the west to support their games, then they have to give us a good product and not "SHIT".
  15. A Sky Full of Stars - How is it really?

    Not me... I am also really curious but if we wait a little bit there should be enough Review's and opinions on steam, reddit and maybe on other sites.