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  1. AX - Anime Expo 2018 News & Announcements

    Recently I found out that this VN actually exist and I was really sad there was no translation yet. Because there aren't many Yuri VN in english out there. However now I am really happy that Mangagamer will release Lilycle. I am already looking forward to read it and I am really exciten PS: The name of this VNs is Lilycle
  2. Now I get more and more excited For me the best announcement in this year! I loved the first part and imo it's a really good VN. I read most of the english VNs already but Flowers is one of my favourite now. I love all the characters and the character development is really nice. However that Cliffhanger in part 1 >.< I really want to read all 4 parts. But we have to wait a "bit" more. Yea same reason, why I am so excited to read part 3 is because of Yuzuriha. She has the best character design in this game, I mean silver/light blue Hair and her personality is awesome. My favourite girl in Flowers Before we get part 4, I will probably read all parts again 😆
  3. VN's with heroines that have sad routes?

    Grisaia no Kajitsu... However I wouldn't recommend Michirus route because you will get angry at the MC
  4. My follow Yuri lovers, we finally know when Flowers 2nd part will be released! 16th of this month! Summer is already here and Flowers -Le Volume sur Été-(in english: FLOWERS -The volume of summer-) too I am really happy to read it. I didn't read any VNs in the last months and now I am really excited to read the 2nd part. Hopefully they don't delay it again >.< Source: CLICK One more good news! JAST already confirmed it, that they are working on the 3rd part -Autumn-!!! I seriously can't wait to read that part. Why? Because of:
  5. I didn't read My Unrequited Love yet. The story sounds really interesting and age-gap *______* Hopefully it has a happy ending.
  6. Sensei, I finished all completed Mangas in this list and I am reading all on-going ones... What should I do?... I need more. PS: try this one: https://dynasty-scans.com/series/1_x
  7. First of all congrats and I hope idol Fans will have their fun
  8. Your favorite routes + endings

    Favorite route: Yumiko from Grisaia Favorite ending: Yumiko from Grisaia
  9. Anime VS VN: Do VN make you smarter?

    VN's are like any other "entertainment". As an example books, tv shows, animes, movies and so on.... Does it make you smarter if you just watch animes or TV shows every day? Well, you will learn something new but do you will get a job or do will become better in school/university or at your work? I don't think so. Like any other "entertainment" they are there to bring out some feelings (to make you laugh, to motivate yourself, to become angry, to feel saddness, some people even get a depression) in you and entertain you. Furthermore sometimes they are also there to escape from the reality and do something else. Just forget your stress and relax. It's just a hobby and like any other hobbys you'll learn something new. It dosen't mater if this knowlegde is valuabe or not. For each person it has a different meaning and that's why my answer is: YES and NO! It also depends what you are reading... if you are just reading a Nukige, then NO you won't get smarter, Bro...
  10. A golden age of EROGE's? It was a very long time ago. It was the year 2014, when they released NEKOPARA and a lot of well known youtuber started to read it. Ofc it was a marketing strategy. But at this moment the world knew it, that Eroge's... *cough* I mean Visual Novel's ofc and Nekogirls are great. That's why you don't praise the sun but rather praise the Nekogirls. Some mens found finally their waifu and dumped their girlfriends. ......
  11. Haha, awesome Ranzo! Yuri Brigade and BL Brigade I love it:) Best battle cry PS: Even if I was a girl, I would still love the yuri genre
  12. What are you playing?

    Today I finished Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps- After such a long time finally a good MC in a VN. I loved Suoh's character development. From a timid and shy girl to a courageous, more open and friendly girl, who does everything to protect and help her friends. The last VN's I read were boring and I didn't have the motivation to finish it. However Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps- was great. It had everything what I actually wanted in a VN. A nice story, good drama, a bit of romance and a very good character development! Furthermore I love every character in this VN, but Rikka was a bit annoying My favorite CG: I WANT TO READ PART 2,... PART 3 (SENPAIIIIII & A forbbiden love between Sister<3) ... & PART4 I will probably have to wait 4 years until all prequels are released in english... Come on JAST USA... Now I am feeling a void in my heart after finishing the first part. Why?
  13. Magical Marriage Lunatics released on MangaGamer!

    I dropped it because it's so damn boring. Personally I think it's a trash VN... Well, it's not my cup of tea.
  14. What are you playing?

    Kyou is nice and which brunette? Maya or Yukino? I don't like Yukino (childhood friend). Maya is awesome best character ^-^ I am reading Flowers and seriously I love it Already some Yuri-stuff in the first minutes: Ah, my yuri heart is beating fast ^-^ I am really excited. Nice OST, beautiful Art and character design.
  15. Hatsukoi 1/1 Translation

    Well, here are some new informations: CLICK They already translated Kyou and Maya Append Scenarios and you can download it. ...Man they work really fast... They were on a break but I didn't expect that they would release the Append Scenarios after 1 1/2 month from their last work... However I would be more happy if they would start with HoshiOri now instead of re-reading Hatsukoi 1/1. But I am already happy to hear something from tsurezurescans. I am looking forward to read HoshiOri and I hope they will translate it. But those guys work very fast and I think they will translate HoshiOri.