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  1. Who doesn't play nukige or eroge?

    I only read eroge with an occasional nukige here or there (not for very long ). I use it to fill the void inside myself caused from what I lack.
  2. VNs for learning Japanese

    One of my first VNs I read in Japanese was Aikagi. Its a short (2-10 hrs) vanilla and heartwarming story that I found to be a good start. It's not the most exciting VN out there but I like to read a nice romance VN every now and then. The art is great and the sentences are short. The vocab is basically 100% slice of life so it is very easy. Every time I start a untranslated VN my reading pace is slow until I get a little bit further in where I get the flow that writer intended. At that point I am able to read pretty quick which makes it very fun to read.
  3. If you’re a fan translator, thank you.

    I can't even express my gratitude to those translating great VNs. There are so many fantastic and maybe even life altering VNs out there that and yet to be released. We never would be able to even get a single drop of any of these vns if it wasn't for people taking their time to translate them. It would be such a shame if all these great VNs remained only in Japanese, and to never be discovered. If it wasn't for fan translations of some of ym favorite VNs, I never would have started to learn how to read japanese.
  4. Mosaic preferences in Visual Novel H-Scenes

    I've never really cared that much about them. I still think it's pretty easy to see what's going on. When I do come across a VN without them then great, but it's never nor will it ever be a deal breaker for me.
  5. Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart English Release

    All ages as well as MTL?
  6. VN with student (m) teacher (f) romance

    100% agree. Who knows? Maybe they will get some traction in the future.
  7. Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart English Release

    Woah! I thought there was an announcement for this a while back but never came to fruition. Is it actually going to be done for real this time?
  8. My fetish✧

    In Tsumamigui 3 Sweet! I het it when a VN has you watch a heroine get NTR'd while you are on a different heroine's route. This VN sounds like it has everything I could ask for. The art is incredible! Gonna go knock up some chicks lol
  9. My fetish✧

    In Tsumamigui 3
  10. Craving a good tsundere

  11. Craving a good tsundere

    Isn't the sexual content in that unlocked after you finish a route?
  12. Anybody knows Koichoco ?

    I originally went Chisato, Isara Mifuyu, Satsuki then Michiru. Personally though I like true routes last so in retrospect I would have liked chisato being last. Ya you don't find out about some stuff but I feel like you can get the gist of it without playing her route first.
  13. Anybody knows Koichoco ?

    Its great! Play it! My reccomendation is to get a full save (You are normally forced to do Chisato first) and then do the routes in this order: Isara ---> Mifuyu ---> Satsuki or Michiru ---> Chisato. This is assuming you are like me and you like to do true routes last and also like saving the better routes for later.
  14. Don't skip all the routes! Its a really good VN!
  15. Can we talk about..

    Never be ashamed about Hentai! Blast the volume while you play them. Alpha the fuck out of everyone nearby!