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  1. VN with a well developed childhood friend heroine

    Oops forgot to mention I had read that already. Loved the soundtrack in that. Wish there was a bit more in that true route.
  2. VN with a well developed childhood friend heroine

    Aikagi looks great! I think I'll read this one first. Thanks!
  3. Sanoba Witch or KoiKuma

    I love the lightish dark skin color like that. Shame its rare I just randomly got the desire to read sanoba. I'm not sure why . . .
  4. Sanoba Witch or KoiKuma

    Oops forgot she wasn't a catgirl. The dark skinned one. 10/10
  5. Sanoba Witch or KoiKuma

    How is this even a debate? Koikuma has an egyptian catgirl heroine. Thats one of the best things I have ever see. Trust me, you will get your money's worth from Koikuma 10/10 fap material.
  6. VN with a well developed childhood friend heroine

    Thanks for the warning. I'm aware of the true route. FUCK. THAT. SHIT.
  7. VN with a well developed childhood friend heroine

    It just has to have a little more substance than normal.
  8. 18+ and doesnt have to be translated. I am a big fan of osananajimi Heroine romance stories. However, its difficult to make a really good childhood friend story since the writers can't really show all the history that the MC and the friend have. What are some VNs with a childhood friend romance that you feel were really well done? If it has more substance the better. I've read Koichoco and I liked Chisato but you are only told about their history.
  9. 18+, Male protagonist, doesn't have to be translated. It could be a competitive rivalry sort of thing or the heroine is a villain to the MC. Basically two people on opposite sides that eventually changes to romance. Anyone have any recommendations?
  10. Anyone still able to access EGS without proxy outside Japan?

    Is the owner on twitter pretty chill with access requests? I want to learn more about some obscure VNs that lack a lot of info on VNDB.