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  1. It's on the back of almost all of the games released by Yuzu-Soft. Does anyone know the name of this company?
  2. I use Manic Time, it's a really great program. I have it set up so that whenever I finish a session I can tag it with what route it was. I have it set up not to monitor anything after two minutes of inactivity (it'll then remove the two minutes)
  3. Hey guys, for the past couple of years, I've been using VNDB to keep track of what I've read but recently I've created a spreadsheet for everything I read, watch & play and now I'm wondering if anyone has done anything similar. For Visual Novels I have two different sheets that I use (all contained in one master sheet), one contains games that I've read and the other that I plan to read. The sheet for games that I've read contains the following cells: Title | Routes Completed | Status | Rating | Date Started | Date Last Played | Time Invested | Notes I use
  4. I recently downloaded and installed Private Nurse, however whenever I try to launch it, it will give me a black screen and will become unresponsive. I have tried all compatibility settings with no luck along with checking the windows 10 compatibility spreadsheet with no luck. Any help is much appreciated, thank you
  5. In case anyone in the future is looking for similar information here are my times for the routes that I completed. Common: 7 Hours 43 Minutes Wanko: 6 Hours 45 Minutes Shiina: 6 Hours 20 Minutes Chris: 6 Hours 15 Minutes Mayucchi: 6 Hours 19 Minutes Momo: 6 Hours 39 Minutes Mayo: 1 Hour 45 Minutes Chika: 1 Hour 40 Minutes Moro: 1 Hour 48 Minutes Agave: 4 Hours 24 Minutes
  6. Perfect, just what I was hoping for. Thank you
  7. Hey guys, Lately I've been playing Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!. So far I've finished the 5 main heroines, Mayo, Chika & Moro. The common route took me a little under 8 hours to complete The main heroines took me around 6 and a half hours and the sub-routes took under 2 hours each. I was wondering if the Agave route is closer in length to the main heroines or if it's closer to the sub-routes. Thank you
  8. hey guys i was wondering how you keep your visual novels organized im currently using a program called launch box which is great and all but i takes awhile to manually add each game to the program. what do you guys use?
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