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  1. Good news! We've completed our extended demo! Play it by clicking on the image below! We also re-launched on kickstarter a few days ago! If you're able to support us, we would be eternally grateful! The link is in the image below.
  2. Death comes in many forms. That is one of them. 9/10
  3. Narcosis being nice... something feels out of place.
  4. Hello Everyone, We are terribly sorry to bring you this bad news, but unfortunately we'll have to shut down Episicava's campaign due to internal issues with our art team that we feel would prevent us from completing the game by our original planned deadline. We feel that delivering to our backers is our most important obligation, and as to not end up with a disappointing release, we feel this is for the best. Nevertheless, we refuse to give up on the project and have decided we will continue to work on a release, but instead as a trilogy, which will allow us to better balance out our timeline for development and budget. Each volume will be 1/3rd of the full game and will be sold on the same planned outlets.We are very sorry for causing this inconvenience, especially to those who backed at the higher tiers. If you still want to support us for the game, you can opt to support us through our patreon: link Feel free to ask us any questions you might have either through direct message or on our twitter, Facebook and discord channels; twitter.com/Episicava1 facebook.com/EpisicavaDiscord.com/ZhUkUEk Thank you for supporting us, we hope you will continue to do so in the future.
  5. Happy Birthday, Asshole. @Narcosis
  6. We are now live on kickstarter! Help us reach our goal of making an awesome action visual novel! Link.
  7. Thank you very much, @littleshogun!
  8. For me, it's simple. VNs are easier to read and more attractive. Not just superficially. Like everyone has said, Vns are a different medium altogether, so by making comparisons to other forms of media, you shot yourself in the cock. The mistake majority make, is not even understanding the execution or scope of VNs. How? When judging a VN, most categorize by Art ( Sprite CG), Music (BGM) and writing (prose). It's sad when people judge/appraise an item by 50% of it's quality. Vns are not based on those few criteria i mentioned, but alot more. Consider the Visual Effects used (if any), consider the SFX, the GUI, the directing (post-programming). Once you base your judgement on all of these, your review becomes more complete. Excessive? Unnecessary? If you feel appraising with all these is too much and not worth it, then don't appraise at all. Half-baked appraisals hurt other people's drive (creators). The moment you said you dropped the Vns, you moved the gun to your backside and shot yourself there as well. I in particular ( and my general view) feel that someone who is unable to completely consume a product, has no right to appraise it. The saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" didn't pop up because someone was trying to sound cool. In the same sense, your current representation to me, based on what you said, is "I dropped it because i didn't like it, so it is shit", as opposed to the more appropriate mentality "I dropped it because i didn't like it, so it's not my thing". in the latter quote, the consumer understands and respects the fact that his personal tastes do not judge the product as a whole, as there are hundreds of other opinions to the contrary. TL;DR: I am not pointing out pros and cons of VNs. I am showing you how to "Open-mindedly" assess the pros and cons of VNs. I think you should pick up some of the recommendations in this thread and keep the points i mentioned above in mind. You must always remember, that your opinion is one out of many and unless the majority share your opinion, it's only singular. Like my shitty opinion i just explained.
  9. As the title says, this poll is for me to see what my fellow Fuwanovelers expect (or prefer) from a Protagonist. The criteria does also apply to female protagonists since their traits, but i'm mostly focused Male protagonists with this poll, preferably BxG to narrow it down.
  10. Well, you could try Comyu. It has the presence of the almighty Kagome-sama. One of the most powerful and overbearing personalities in a heroine ever.
  11. Hey Guys, I just want to thank all those who took the time to back us on Kimochi and to announce hat we'd be live on Kickstarter next month with a short demo of Episicava's game play and a spiffier trailer as well! Look forward to it, my friends! Here's a gift for you all, Episicava's first CG;
  12. Good news Guys! We are finally live on Kimochi! Come and support us for great rewards, and help bring this Vn project to life! https://www.kimochi.co/Episicava
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