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  1. I have not been able to find a cheaper version of the game; it seems around 10k yen is the actual price for it. 9800 yen + tax. (Which is around 91 dollars + tax.)

    As for simple download editions, it seems the price is around 6750 yen, however the only download site I can find it on is DMM, which does not allow purchases from outside of Japan.

    (You will need a proxy with a Japanese IP in order to purchase games from the site AND activate it the first time you launch it. The site does have an "English version", however that is simply a machine translation, and they still wont let you buy stuff from them without a Japanese IP anymore. They tried it before, and scrapped the idea right after. Another thing is they will block your computer from accessing the site again if you do try to get around it and fail.)

    A proxy / VPN is not something everyone want to try out, since a lot of the bad proxies / VPNs can be a little risky.

    (Another thing to keep in mind is that a simple proxy changing your internet browser wont do, as you need the actual IP adress on your computer to "be in Japan" to activate the game.)


    Hopefully you guys can figure something out, but at the very least, physical editions are available, although it's a little expensive.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Guest -Aylin said:

    I don't usually play kinetic VNs but this, this is an exeption. I don't know how the writer could make a story that's funny and far from boring, but actually really deep. I played it two times to actually understand the serious parts. It made me think about life, lies, people, everthing. And at the same time it made me laugh out loud many times. When I first finished the story I couldn't find the One Hidden Truth part, therefore I was a bit dissappointed. I thought that the writer wasn't very good with endings, just like Ciar. After my second play, I discovered it randomly and, let's say, there were a lot of tears. :komari: 

    Anyway, I think it was a truly perfect and unique story. Thanks to the writer for doing this.

    Yeah I too missed the one hidden truth when I was testing the game, and was about to send an email to the writer going "wtf..?"

    Then I spotted it, played it and ... wow.

    Such an amazing game. Truly deserves all the praise it has gotten and more.

  3. Yeah it ended up a little bit rushed, as it was quite difficult to have the GMs fight the remaining "normal" people, and since both Down and Nosebleed were down to only one member, there wasn't much room for a lot of battles. So I tried something a bit different.



    I instead used the remaining warriors from Kaguya's team as extra lives when rolling, and surprisingly, Nosebleed still won the rolls, despite Kaguya having twice the amount of "lives". Poor Down lost all of them and just stayed down :wahaha:

    RNG is quite funny sometimes.


    Glad to hear people enjoyed it, it was a lot of fun writing it :miyako:

  4. 40 minutes ago, Deep Blue said:

    I don't know why my comment was deleted, I don't think that doing what I said is illegal I mean you bought the game in the first place... btw sometimes the drm system in old vns(the engine used in most of the F&C and their parent brands for example)  prevents you from playing them in new OS like windows 7 even when they are compatible.

    Ah yeah I was going to tell you about it. You did nothing wrong, don't worry, it's just that I really wish to promote a 100% legal and legit guide, with no tricks or shortcuts.

    Even if it's just to replace a simple file, supporting the torrent for a game you buy would make it slightly less purposeful in my opinion.


    About the compatability issue, I have not experienced this myself, but then again I have bought mainly new VNs on this site, so I can't really confirm or deny it.

    If it is indeed true, that is something people should probably keep an eye out for then.

  5. 35 minutes ago, Erogamer said:

    Hmm, wouldn't http://dlsoft.dmm.co.jp/en/ be easier to use?

    Sadly, no, DMM is very strict on foreigners buying their games, and you would need a proxy.

    21 minutes ago, Erogamer said:

    I have not tried it, but the creator claims that English users can now buy from his site. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/press-release/2014-03-13/dmm.com-releases-teaser-for-english-site-r18.com

    Why would you need a proxy for digital goods?

    Date: Mar 13th 2014

    Sadly, this is an old post, and was before they once again shut it down.

    17 minutes ago, Erogamer said:

    So basically you are saying there is no way to buy direct from Japan unless you can read Japanese.

    Well that's what the guide is for. Gyutto let's you buy from a foreign IP adress, but they do not have an English site.

    DLsite has an English site, which is fairly easy to navigate, but in return, not too many of their titles are available there. Still, it's something.

    As for other sites, such as DMM, they don't want to sell their games to the west, the reasons are plenty, but it's not about our spoken language but more about how the games are recieved by the public eye.

    This is the reason why we need third party shipping to purchase games from Amazon.Jp etc, simply because they wont send an 18+ rated game ouside of Japan, and these 3rd party sites uses a Japanese adress to buy the game, then ship it over to you, something that costs a lot.

    11 minutes ago, Erogamer said:

    So what is the point of having an English option on DMM? Also thanks for the guide. I may use it later.

    I think it's just a leftover from when they did indeed allow purchases there. Like I said, it's a machine translation, so it's not even that good.

    When you try to access the site from outside of Japan, it just tells you that the page is under maintenance and that you should try again later if you go any further than just the game page.

    And you're welcome :sachi:

  6. 9 minutes ago, Funyarinpa said:

    holy shit, I might finally buy Ever17 and Remember11. What's the USD>Yen exchange rate?

    1 Japanese yen =
    0.009194 U.S. dollars
    Glad to hear this has been helpful :)
    Sadly, not everything will be available on Gyutto, but at the very least, it will give you one more place to buy VNs legally without having to spend crazy amounts on 3rd party shipping and such.
  7. 2 minutes ago, Arcadeotic said:

    Nice shorter review

    I don't know how exactly those points get you a 9/10 final rating, but hey, it's your opinion

    I'm playing this myself on my tablet in shorter bursts, and it doesn't exactly surprise me

    It's good, but only thing I exceptionally like is the art

    Its more of a "all these things taken into consideration", not a flat "math says this!" score. 

    As for the other part, wait for the ending and see what you think. 

  8. Not gonna go ahead and vote yet, as I honestly don't have an opinion set in stone as of right now.

    I have taken a few lectures on Japanese culture, religion and the sort, and non of it seems absolutely perfect and flawless, but it still interests me a great deal. Its not just the stuff that comes out of Japan, like anime, VNs etc that I am interested in, but the culture as a whole.

    I'm going to be studying there for an extended period of time in the coming future, so I'll be able to see a little more for myself how things are there.

    Think I'll be a transfer student in a university in the outskirts of tokyo, unless they change the university we'll be sent to by the time I'm going there. Really looking forward to it.

    My current opinion of Japan is "HELL YES!!!" :miyako: But that could quite easily change once I see it for myself. Only time will tell.

    Bottom line is that I am very interested in both the entertainment that comes out of Japan, and the actual Japanese culture as a whole.

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