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  1. 1 hour ago, sorasos said:

    how unclock the true end i can not find trigger ?

    I encountered the same issue. What I did was I grabbed a 100% save file online. After applying it, go back to the last map movement choice you made, and CTRL forward. (You have seen all of this already, so don't worry about missing anything.)

    Now with the 100% save file you should get a non-map movement choice all the way at the end. One takes you the normal ending you have just seen, and the other to the true ending. 

    The true ending choice is:



    Here is my save file if you can't find any.

    Just put it into the game directory>save data and overwrite the your current file.

  2. These games really just seem like a steam cash grab to me, with how they made them all-ages despite being in the Grisaia universe, games that are pretty damn reliant on 18+ content even in its story. Really hope this doesn't become a trend for Frontwing.

    Setting seems decently cool, but to me the crazy spy organization wars and all that crap that happened in Rakuen and Meikyuu just went too far into hollywood mode. I really enjoyed the psychological aspects of the first game, and Yuuji's past in the second. I think Yuuji's relationship with the girls in the routes + Asako and Yuuji's relationship in his past helped make these parts even more interesting.

    If these games at least had routes similar to Kajitsu I'd be a lot more interested, but if the romance even gets cut out and all you are left with is stuff similar to the silly action that happens in Rakuen, idk how much I'd enjoy these tbh.

  3. 3 minutes ago, kivandopulus said:

    Any requests considered, right? 

    I have particular interest in chuunige and the VN that thrills me the most recently is Sabae no Ou. Can't make my mind about it without a proper review. It should not be total trash since it got sequel Sabae no Ou II. Just a thought to consider.

    I'm quite interested in that too actually. I bought the game a while back, planning to read it, but never got around to it. Would be cool to hear someones opinion on it.

  4. 6 hours ago, RedK said:

    Why is more H bad tho?

    I actually liked the H in this game. The reason I put it down as a bad thing was simply the frequency and amount of it. The first 2-3 scenes for each heroine felt like they achieved something, and they felt relevant to the story. However, once they started going into their 6th H-scene, what was achievable in terms of character development was kind of achieved already, and it was mainly just pointless H. Hot, but not really needed.

  5. Just now, Clephas said:

    Answer to your spoiler box:

      Reveal hidden contents

    No, but there is an indiscriminate nympho antagonist who has necro tendencies, as well as a cannibal antagonist.  Generally speaking, the sexual elements in this one are mild, with only one non-consensual scene.  The really brutal stuff is in the killing scenes.  I especially like the dragon-slaying one, lol.


    Hm, I see.


    That might actually be for the better. The last game seemed slightly indecisive on whether or not it should just be a guro nukige or if it should keep the focus on Roy's revenge story and tone down the unnecessary brutality in H-scenes. It just kept going back and forth, which annoyed me a bit. Keeping the gore and what not mainly in combat scenes etc and not in "pointless" H-scenes might make the game a better read overall.

    Though, I would have loved that dragon scene, lol. Dragons are awesome.


  6. Hm, might as well give this a go. I did like the first game, though it wasn't anything amazing. The art was stunning and certain parts of the game was pretty badass, but other than that it bored be a bit at times. And if you ask me, I think the game was a bit tame during the "guro" scenes. (Most of it happened "off screen" in narration, and the really dark scenes were extremely short.)

    Then again, as a fan of guro games I might have a pretty different opinion compared to most other people on that front, lol.

    Anyways, I love dragons and knights and stuff, plus I am a bit interested in knowing what happens next with Roy, so I'll check it out at least.


    Quick question


    Is there an H-scene involving a dragon at any point in the game, kind of like with the giant in the first game?


  7. 2 hours ago, Clephas said:

    It isn't so much idiotic as it is a result of both sides of the case acting for the sake of their constituents.  In the case of the prosecutor, they want jurors more likely to go along with their case.  In the case of the defense, they want jurors more likely to be sympathetic to their client.  In the end, those who walk the center road of opinion are the most likely to remain, since extreme cases on both sides will almost always be excluded if both sides are competent.  The system breaks down occasionally - incompetent defense lawyers, prosecutors deliberately choosing jury members likely to be prejudiced against the defendant - but in most cases, things work out fine. 

    Also, considering that they pay you only forty dollars a day for what can sometimes run to nine hour sessions, it makes sense to give jurors an out by acting crazy or prejudiced.

    I suppose it can work. Since we don't have anything of the sort here, I guess the idea just seem so strange from outside. I mean, I would never consider myself qualified to decide the fate of someone in court. That's not something a random otaku like me, who has absolutely no education in law or anything of the sort should be doing at all.

  8. On 2016/12/6 at 3:22 AM, Darklord Rooke said:

    Can't you pretend to be incredibly prejudiced to get out of jury-duty?

    I've always questioned the validity of a system where the fate of the defendant lies with 12 people who really don't want to be there xD

    Lol yeah, it seems like a rather idiotic system.

  9. Quote

    However, for people who like this kind of thing, it will probably be pure crack...

    Can confirm.

    Playing it now, and it's pretty great. Though, I personally want it to just cross that "extreme" line that Maggot Baits etc does... It feels like the game can't quite decide on whether it should just be pure evil, or if it should hold back a tad bit.

    If you are going to make a guro game, you don't really need to hold back in my opinion, lol.

  10. 47 minutes ago, Mr Poltroon said:

    Sounds like a great game. Wish I could play it in English. :(

    Heh, well despite the many, many flaws in the English release, if you really want to try it out, the first chapter is free, so there isn't much to lose there. If you take a liking to the story, you might as well read the rest, too.

    Knowing your stance on cut content, the H-content and fanservice shouldn't matter much, so the only things you are missing is some context in certain scenes, where they quite honestly just ripped out "dirty language", like in If my heart had wings. Overall, the plot should be fairly untouched. It's not ideal, but you can still get the gjist of things. I don't know if the impact of the story changes at all, with the altered script. I read parts of the English after the Japanese, so it obviously was the case for me, but I can't say exactly how it would be for somone who just reads the English.

    One thing that is for sure, is that the game will be a lot more... stale. Essentially 90% of the jokes in the game is related to something perverted, I kid you not, so there might be some rather monotone scenes where the jokes are all obliterated. At the end of the day, it does still seem like some people on the forum have taken a liking to the story from the English version alone, so that should mean the bulk of the plot is still there, at least.

    (You could also potentially do what some people have done before, and get the Japanese game as well, fire up a machine translator and read it at the same time, but I doubt that's your style. And even if you did, the writing might be a tad bit hard for a machine translator, with how much strange writing is used in the game. Lots of old-time stuff mixed with a high amount of hiragana spelling out phrases will make the poor machine translator cry.)

  11. Just now, ChaosRaven said:

    Actually, that was one my biggest problems with the VN. Somehow, that combination just doesn't work for me since I simply can't stomach the huge mood swings it brings with it.

    Yeah I figured some people wouldn't like that aspect. To me, it's just perfect, but if one doesn't like such abrupt changes in the mood in the VN, then it can surely break your immersion and make it feel less impactful. I think the same goes for games like Majikoi as well, though maybe not as much, considering the serious plot that lies behind ChuSinGura.

    2 minutes ago, ChaosRaven said:

    Yeah, Shimizu Ichigaku was the one character I actually liked. Too bad she just didn't get a lot of screen time. But if you ever get interested in playing a gameplay VN from Eushully, you might consider Ikusa Megami Zero. For all the faults it has, Haishera is certainly the most badass heroine I've seen so far in a VN.

    Cool, noted!

    Shimizu Ichigaku seems to be listed as a main character in the fandisk. Hopefully that means she is a heroine there? Really want more of her, she was so great! (Hence my new avatar :sacchan: )

  12. Just a quick note about the retranslation on Tsui Yuri. It's not quite from scratch, as I am working off my old TLed lines, and it's only one script, not the whole game. It's basiaclly like they said in the VNTS post, it doubles as a TLC pass really. It's mostly reformating my old TL style, while I also tweak some lines that had some small details left out/ inconsistencies etc.

  13. 21 hours ago, Clephas said:

    I vaguely remember this game and being impressed with yandere-ness... Cabbit loves its yandere characters almost as much as Candy Soft, lol.

    Yeah, I loved that part of the game. Took me by surprise.

    This was my first Cabbit VN, so I really didn't know what to expect.

    I did buy Midori no Umi a while back. I should get around to reading that.

    8 hours ago, Aleister said:

    Matsuri the best :wafuu:

    She is pretty great, yeah :miyako:

    (But An is the best girl :pyaa: )




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