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Hanbei on Girl's Lap Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (04/09/2016)

To be honest the title for this week was quite cheesy and for the header image this time it was quite hard to find the fitting title. Anyway, the man on MC's lap (Yes the header image was from otome game) was Hanbei Takenaka from just recently released Destiny Princess. Anyway, this is another my review on VNTS here, and from now on I'll commented based on each segment just like last week. For my opening comment, this week was quite plain to be honest. And if Tay interested in otome game, I'm not by the way.

Sekai Project

Well, not much to be honest other than KARAKARA managed to reach the progress at 77.22% and Maitetsu at 6.39%. Both of those was more interesting because of the seiyuu to be honest, and also factoring the opening video (Or maybe I'm far more interested in those 2 production value). For Korean VN, the progress was at 1.29%. Lucid9, the girl's sprite quite good looking, although I must questioning why Sekai released only prologue here and if you allow me to speculate maybe they want try to repeat Katawa Shoujo success which start from releasing the common route first, and then waiting for 4 years to finally released the full version. The production value was quite high with voice acting there, and well let's just hope Lucid9 take time to made the character route worthwhile unlike No One But You which is rushed according to the review here.

One last note, as for Root Double (And in response to Decay musing), I'd still suspect Regista or Yeti was behind the delay instead of Sekai, but I think if somehow the Japanese company managed to force Sekai to delay it more in this month, well there's still May to speculate I guess (Or in another word I'm willing to wait for 51 days more).

Fan Translation

Astral Air this time managed to pick up again at 0.69% compared to last week which is only at 0.2%, and interestingly apparently Chuee (or Supreme Tentacle) also pick up on Corona's route this week. Sakusaku, I think I already made the comment on my thread, but let's wait until May 2nd for more update here once again. Irotoridori, well this one had history in regard of the translation and good luck akerou (Oh the progress now was at 8%). Monster Girl Quest Paradox, I knew the original had interesting story but maybe this game set in alternate history (Also will the artist update the H-Scene drawing so we'll more willing to lost instead of encourage us to winning indirectly because of bad drawing) and to be honest I didn't know much about this.

I think this time we had some interesting news from community member here. For Ittaku, congratulations to find one more editor for To Hearts 2 and by the way for anyone else who read this will some of you interested to editing twin route at To Heart 2 (Not mine since I didn't had confidence enough in English editing). As for Bishoujo Mangekyou, congratulations for reaching 50.5% for the progress, Arcadeotic and if you ask me the VN was quite interesting with the score apparently quite high at VNDB for something labeled nukige (The again so does Monster Girl Quest), the premise was like teacher and vampire thing, and according to VNDB Ringorin was voicing white haired girl. Good luck Arcadeotic. We also had new translation project from dergonu (Maybe will be added on VNTS project in coming weeks) here, and by the way if you expected it was yuri VN, the answer was correct. Good luck Dergonu, and as for the progress right now it was at 3.1%. Oh, and about Tokyo Necro, I think I just wait and see for this since there's a wall with name JAST USA there, and recently I saw the CG from there and it was very scary (Some of these involving brain iirc).

Oh, congratulation for the establishment of 'Dracu Riot Completion Translation' project, although to be honest there's still not much news and progress this week, other than good luck Decay in your new position. But seeing fiddle's habit when they submit the progress when each route is finished back at Noble Noodle Works translation project, I think that's understandable. And for the untranslated script in Miu's route, the line count was comparable to some short VN (Around 5000 lines) so maybe the progress still take a while. Well, let me said thanks to one of 'Elite Four of Fuwanovel' Nosebleed here for establishing this project once again.

As for my closing comment, for Sharin localization announcement, no much comment needed. Also I'm waiting for Dangan Ronpa 2 if only because of the involvement many famous seiyuu there. For Fata Morgana house, not interested but maybe there was some user here who interested with that kind of graphic.

I think that's all for this week.


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"and by the way if you expected it was yuri VN, the answer was correct"


Yuri is love, yuri is life. Thank you for the encouragement in the post :sachi: 

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