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  1. 22 minutes ago, Arcadeotic said:

    Interesting structure you're going with

    Keep up the good work

    Thank you. :miyako: 

    21 minutes ago, Kiriririri said:


    Yes. Yes indeed.

    15 minutes ago, gijimu said:

    So in the end...

    Dergonu <Team Kaguya>: 1 Kill

    ??? <Team Nosebleed>: 1 Kill

    Kiriririri <Team Nosebleed>: 1 Kill (But...it's just a clone)

    Fred the Barber <Team Down>: 1 Kill

    Velociraptor <Team Kaguya>: 1 Kill


    All heil Team Kaguya for surviving first week! \ :Teeku: /

    Yes, though ??? from team Nosebleed was named somewhere in the pages, it was just "hidden" a bit in some small details.

    (Not hard to get who it was.)

  2. 8 hours ago, VirginSmasher said:

    Next review should be XX of the Dead. We all want to hear you talk about your zombie tentacle rape addiction you have gotten because of that VN.

    Also, I can't skip to the bottom to see the score. 0/10 review.

    Ok, ok, sorry. I rate it brutal route / 10 :illya: 


    Ah yes, I´ll do that. The headline will be "The beauty of tentacle rape." (Totally not inappropriate at all :rimu: )

  3. 5 minutes ago, Arcadeotic said:

    Hm, it's been while since I read any large literature

    It's either this or rest of Date A Live LNs

    Anyways good job, I'll definetly read this at some point

    Thank you Arc :miyako: 

    This is around 135 pages of actual text, 139 with the afterword and summary etc. Not too long.

    I'd say about the same length as one Date a live LN.

  4. 13 hours ago, Tyrael said:

    Feels more like a rant than a real review to me


    I think you should go more in depth when it comes to these things dude. You should also generally try to avoid using 'I' in your reviews, as it makes the whole thing seem a bit too informal. Hope this helps.

    Alright, went ahead and changed the title to make it less of a review and more of an informative text for people who hasn't played it.

  5. 1 minute ago, Arcadeotic said:

    I see, rather interesting

    I love how you call them reviews instead of final impressions, as you almost never are serious, like you should be in a review :makina:

    Anyhoo, this seems rather interesting as a continuation.

    I'll definetly play it, someday...



    Well thats why this is my blog and not the review hub.

    Although I'd like to think I was serious on my incest yosuga no sora review! :pyaa:

  6. 4 minutes ago, DarkZedge said:

    "I personally rated this a 9/10 on my VNDB, but keep in mind; I am yuri freak. :miyako:" Objectivity lost right there..lost faith in senpai -grumble grumble, rant rant-:yumiko:

    Anyhow, good review senpai even if your score is biased by your yuri love taking over your brain...Good job


    Wouldn't any of us do that? :makina:

    Thanks :makina:

    1 minute ago, mitchhamilton said:

    Nice review. couldnt agree more. This is a great yuri vn that people should read.

    Yeah it really suprised me. Really solid VN overall

  7. Just now, VirginSmasher said:

    0/10 IGN Too much grills kissing.

    On a serious note, Sachiko is the best girl. She really resonates with how I would act when managing a dorm filled with teenage girls.

    And now I have to go hide from the police because of that comment. Pretty good review overall Homolover :sachi:

    "This just in! A man in Canada was arrested after trying to pay young girls to paint them nude!"


    :makina: Thank you

  8. 10 minutes ago, Erogamer said:

    Shoujo ai basically means yuri without the characters openly/explicitly expressing it. I have looked it up on [not naming the site] and a few other sites and that label was not given. Also, I can't stand yuri, I guess it does not matter tho as I have no interest in this series anyway so arguing is pointless.

    I think you have misunderstood what I said, there is no arguing here.

    Shoujo ai does indeed mean a form of yuri. In this case its basically refering to the bond betweent he female cast.

    Shoujo ai literally means girl love and does not necessarily require romantic scenes directly.

    (For those who has not watched the anime, do not open this to avoid spoilers.)


    The bond between Lynette and Yoshika. Yoshika's interest in women, which is clearly shown throughout the entire show.

    The romance between Eila and Sanya, and so on and so on.

    In the case of strike witches, there is little direct romance, and more indirect ... Feelings which makes it a shoujo ai series.

    I say once again that the sites you are checking have user submitted tags. As an example, "rin: Daughters of mnemosyne!" Which literally offers a yuri orgy has the "shoujo ai" tag and not the yuri tag on one of those. They are not exact.

    If you cant stand yuri that is your own choice and I really don't care. (Though why are you here in the first place if you dont even like the genre as a whole..? )

  9. 5 hours ago, Erogamer said:

    Strike Witches is actually labeled as a shounen. Just thought I would add that.

    Most of these tags are user generated. The show itself is shoujo ai, ecchi, action, sci-fi and about 100 different ones :P

    Though I can't say I agree to shounen. It has no male characters except for some higher ranking officers and no real shounen build up at all.

    As for the core of the show, ecchi, comedy, shoujo ai and sci-fi would be the 4 that are the most impoartant.

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