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  1. Just now, sanahtlig said:

    I played Raidy 1 in Japanese before I knew any useful amount of Japanese, likely with machine translation, and no walkthrough that I can recall.  I can vouch that it's not a "hard" game.  The game just pads the low amount of content by forcing you to engage in an inordinate amount of random battles to reach stat equivalence with the enemies (grind).  Forcing you to explore the map doesn't add to the "challenge".  Unexpected traps and puzzles are par for the course in any halfway-decent dungeon crawler.  It's expected.

    Hmm, I still think it definitely is a lot more challenging than some other games in the genre. The grinding is annoying, but it wasn't that bad in my opinion. (Then again, I have been playing games with static grinding my entire life, so I'm quite used to it. Maybe my tolerance is a bit higher than normal.)

    Especially the later floors were really hard, (in my opinion at least,) when several new traps and mechanics are introduced, but trying to figure it all out was half the fun. Like you said, it's a part of these types of games after all. Raidy 1 did a pretty good job of those elements, if you ask me.


    (That is rather praise worthy, being able to do this game in Japanese without any real understanding of the language.)

    It seems like you do play a lot of games like these, so perhaps you are more used to them, and found it easier because of that? Like I said, I think most people will definitely find this game quite challenging.

    Maybe it is just me though. I don't have any other people's opinions to base this on, as it's just from my experience with the game, but I really enjoyed the rather difficult side of the game when playing it.

  2. 9 hours ago, sanahtlig said:

    The first Raidy title had my favorite art, but the game is too short given the price.  If you want value for your money, get 2 or 3 instead.  2 is about 3x as long as 1.  1 is also extremely grindy.  It's not "challenging", just annoying.

    I agree that the price is a bit steep, but I have to say I disagree with the grind being the only thing making this game difficult. The trap mechanics, as well as the need to search the completely new, unkown floor blind for the map and clues was definitely very hard, and I don't think your average player will manage to do that in a couple of hours. Also, every floor introduces something completely new, both enemy and trap wise, which you haven't seen before. (For instance, you don't learn anywhere that there will be invisible walls, so until you accidentaly walk into one, you won't know they are there.)

    Because of this, the game is dragged out quite a bit, and it feels like there is more meat to it. I agree people should buy 2-3 as well, but starting with 1 isn't a bad idea, especially if you like a challenge.

  3. On 2016/9/9 at 1:55 AM, sherlock1524 said:

    are the fighting game have you to winning it to progress the story?

    I'm just start playing this game and I also feel I don't want to playing when I want to 'reading' the story. 

    If you end up losing a fight, you can try it again, and it asks if you want to lower the difficulty if you DO lose, so you can just keep trying tbh.

    But yes, unless you use a 100% save file and skip the battles, you have to win them in order to progress the story.


    I suggest just grabbing a 100% save file so you can skip all the fights. The story is really good, and the combat can be a bit of a pain at times, as it interrupts the story. (Though it doesn't happen very often, luckily.)

    Sorry for the late response, didn't see the comment until now. :P

  4. 4 minutes ago, Asonn said:

    It's not really the yuri that makes it seems bad, but the gameplay...  ugh I really do hate gameplay in VNs.  

    Don't worry if that is the only thing stopping you. The gameplay kicks in quite rarely, and if you have a 100% save file, you can skip it entierly. (And if you are anything like me, you will want Nagi's true end right after her normal end, so you'll need the 100% save file anyways.)

    The gameplay is a bit disruptive at times, but it's so rare, you won't really notice it much, even if you don't get the 100% save file. (It's a VN with gameplay now and then, not a gameplay VN, like Beat Blades Haruka and games like that.)

  5. 2 hours ago, Fred the Barber said:

    Isn't "shoujo ai" another way of saying the same thing? My point is that such a tag implies that girl-on-girl action is the focus, whereas MariMite focuses much more on drama and emotion, and even on friendship, than it does on romance, let alone on sexuality (which is an exceptionally rare topic, pretty much only touched on briefly in season one, even more briefly hinted at in season two, and then never looked at again).

    Anyway, sorry, I'm a fan, and I guess you touched on something of a sore spot. MariMite is probably my favorite anime, and the way you're describing it kind of felt like it was cheapening it a little bit.

    Shoujo Ai is often used as a tag when there is no actual romantic relationship directly involved, but "vibes" or something that feels like a bit more than just a normal friendship between girls. (Shounen ai going the other way.) A show or something where the main characters are all girls who get a long very well might warrant a shoujo ai tag in some people's opinion. (It literally means girl's love.)


    Some people also just use it for yuri without sex in it, but the tag can often be used for both. Basically, all yuri is shoujo ai, but not all shoujo ai is yuri. (If that makes sense.)

  6. I haven't played too many VNs yet, so this is not an issue for me right now, but it makes sense.

    It doesn't have to be moe heroines, I mean every character ever made ususally has some resemblance to another, be it visually or by other characteristics. It's only natural that once you have seen hundreds if not thousands of these characters, that they start to blend into each other. (To be honest, if it doesn't happen when you have played so many different games, I'd be quite impressed by your memory.)

    If you add in a factor where you generally tend to dislike or pay less attention to a certain archetype, then it makes even more sense that you eventually start forgetting some of those characters.

  7. Excited about all the upcoming yuri stuff :sachi: It is a good year to be a yuri fan :makina: 


    1 hour ago, Arcadeotic said:

    I'll confirm right away that once I'll check what time I'm leaving with my family, I'll make the next week's update; I've made enough progress by then to warrant an update

    Let's all take a moment to pray for Arc, in order for him to still keep his sanity after translating all these colorful H-scenes.

    Stay strong!


    And yes, as long as nothing unexpected happens, a 2016 release for Tsui Yuri is the goal. :sachi:

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