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Here I will post things about my wordpress (https://euphemictranslation.wordpress.com/) and about VN's in general. Hope you enjoy your stay.


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May or may not contain bias and or high amount of bitching.

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Well, I guess it’s time to show something.

Don’t worry, dearest follower of this site, I’m not dead, I’ve just been incredibly busy. I’ve had exams left and right, and thus, I’ve felt a little demotivated. But, I’ve never given up on this project, there’s no way I can. I mean, it’s been over a year since I started this “passion project”, and I still intend to finish it with all of my power.

I won’t give up, there’s no way I’ll allow myself that. This project is important to me, way more than you think. And yes, for a while, I’ve been incredibly dead, I’ve still answered every question coming my way on Twitter, and I’m still active as ever on my Discord server. There’s no need to worry, Biman -1- will see the light of day.

As for a “beta” patch some people have been asking, I will be looking for two beta-testers after proofreading is done, and after the testing, I will ship the translation out to the masses, and then focus on Biman -2.5- that I’ve neglected, and then onto bigger things.

I’ve been pretty horrible with my way of keeping all of you above water, but all I can do at this point is to ask for all of you to wait patiently and to have faith in me.



Well then, this’ll be another sporadic update that won’t become the norm for a while, but the next planned update is the recruitment of those before mentioned beta-testers.

Until then, everyone!



Since this week had no noteworthy progress being made, I decided to do this instead of a regular update and splitting percentages.

The Future

Current Projects

Let’s talk about release dates. Note that these are only estimation based on pure calculations and logic and will not be final nor necessary truthful under any circumstances.

As I’ve stated before, I would’ve fancied this project finishing before end of the year. Now, I’m sure the editing and QC will finish before that, but I’m not so sure about the proofreading. It could be at 75% at most, but in all seriousness, that’s as far as it’s going to get, I’m afraid.

So, according to my estimations, Biman -1- will most likely release in mid to late January, most likely.


Then, Biman -2.5-.

As much as I’d want for the translation to finish in 2016, I do think such an event is rather unlikely.

If all goes well, the translation should finish around at the same time as Biman -1- releases.

As for the full release, probably mid-year or sooner, but that’s a really rough estimation, so don’t quote me on that.


Future Projects

As much as I’d like to start a new project right after Biman -2.5-, I’m most likely going take a short hiatus from translating, so be wary of that.

As for actual, I have a few in mind, but I’ll disclose information from those after these two will be out, in the same time as my hiatus.


My thoughts on Biman -4-


As you may or may not know, there’s a new Biman game on the horizon, and I’m quite excited for it.

It’ll be a game with a trap protagonist and it’s been a pretty long time since I played a Trap VN, but it’ll be a very nice change of pace from what I’ve been reading recently. As for the whole story, I’m more or less expecting something along the lines of the first Biman with some kind of S/M relationship.

As for the name, it does set some nice undertones it might have, a rough translation being “A Girl’s Crime and Punishment”.

At this point, there’s really quite little I can speculate about, but I do wish for something more akin to the first game in the series, but we’ll have to wait and see, and I hope it doesn’t try to be too many things at once and just fall flat on its arse.

As for translating it, well, it’s a possibility and I’ll leave it at that.

See you next week, everyone.




Truly, I am sorry.

The last update was three weeks ago, and in that period of time, I’ve had a bunch of things happen to me, both good and bad.



First up, I was facing a little bit of an identity crisis after two, three years of nothing of the sort. Now, this was quite big, which did block my progress for a while, but I still got some done and posted an update that week. The after-shocks, however, did ripple for a bit longer.

Worry not, I’m all over it, and a better person due to it, but that did happen and did chip at my motivation to both translate and to make updates. I don’t have a habit of having these crises, but nonetheless, I hope I have your understanding. 


Secondly, the good.

I had my 18th birthday party celebrated by my most close and loved ones, as you may have seen from my Twitter, and that did somewhat chop off my attempts at translating and making updates.

Otherwise, it was quite nice. I saw some relatives I haven’t seen for a long time, as well as my closest friend. All in all, it was very nice.


Now that we’ve done with the reasons for my absence, let’s go to the project updates.


Biman -1-


As for BIman1, past these weeks, the progress’s been good and steady as always. There was a miscalculation on my part in the previous update, so I apologise for that.

Anyways, there has been a decent amount of progress nonetheless and everyone on the team has been quite busy, so fear not.



Biman -2.5-


On to a more pressing part of the projects.

As I stated above, I’m sad to say, but I was lacking the dedication, motivation, and the time to translate almost at all in these past weeks as well as school getting respectably harder as weeks passed on

Now, I have gotten some of my motivation back a bit, but the progress can be a bit slower than before, but I will keep translating, so do not worry, it’ll just be a slower phase for a while.

Thank you for understanding.



Well, this has been an awfully eventful week to me specifically. All sorts of things happened, but before I get onto those, I’m sorry for not being able to give you all a proper status update last week. I was quite busy back then, so I simply couldn’t anything on the matter.

As for this week, since adapting is quite a journey, there isn’t much progress, but still some, as always. I was doing some self-discovery, and that ate up most of my time this week.

As for Biman1, since school has started back up, the progress is quite low this week, but it’ll get there, slowly but surely. Proofreaders were out of it this week, so there isn’t any progress on that front, but there should be some rather nice progress for next week.

That is all, really.


Biman -1-



Biman -2.5-



First ever double update.

This’ll be how I’ll handle the updates from here on out: a listing of all the active projects with an ever-increasing number-tally.

Biman -1-

Some progress was made, but due to almost everyone being busy, there has been a below-average amount of progress, but still a decent amount of progress nonetheless.

TL: 100%

Editing: 90%

QC: 85%

Proofreading: 42%


Biman -2.5-

For this one, both the TLC and I were extremely busy this week, so there’s only a change of three percent.

This should normalize next week.

TL: 40%

TLC: 30%

Editing: 0%

QC: 0%

Proofreading: 0%


‘Nother update.

The final week before the big reveal, pretty exciting. Anyways, as I said last week, all the different kinds progress would continue stronger the next week, and so it did. Editing’s now at 85%, meaning only 15 percent remains, and it might be very likely that we’ll reach 100% on editing and perhaps also on QC, but that might not happen, so don’t count my word on it, in either case. After those, only proofreading the whole thing remains and then injecting the translation in the scripts, which might take a while, but if all goes accordingly, the full patch should land for all of you to download before the year ends.

Now, onto the secret project. Translating’s going good, though school and exams are somewhat slowing the progress down, but TLC has begun on it, and is going on a steady, but a fast pace. Editing on it will start only when the TLC is finished completely, so keep that in mind.



Alright, I have some excellent news this week.

Our long lost TLC from over half a month back, Fukukaze, has finally returned back to us. This is great news, and he will be TLC’ing the new, secret project.

As for the progress, I’m just going to quote my editor on this:


“Our editor doesn’t do anything until the last minute and our QC was at a party so that’ll get caught up in the coming week.”

So, there’s not that much progress like normal, but still progress nontheless.

Anyways, about the secret project, 10 more days until the reveal. Time sure does fly. The team’s pretty much picked, so there’s no need for a recruitement phase this time around. I’ll leave you with this picture. I’ll applaud you if you guess it right.




Well, this update is basically a one-to-one cardboard copy of the previous update.

+9% on editing, +9% on QC, and +6% on proofreading. Everything’s coming along just nice, with a steady stream of progress, and the game’s now over 75% edited! It’s a huge milestone for us, and it shouldn’t be too long until the fully-fledged patch lands.

Nothing much to say here. Every smug face I see nowadays strikingly reminds me of Kirie, and it’s 100% because of this project.

Enjoy some mahou shoujo Kirie.




There’s nothing really to specifically write down about.

Editing seems to have kept the steady progress of 8-10% a week and QC’s following close behind. Proofreading’s going well enough, but it’s not going to gain any surprising spurts of progress, just steadily moving along.

As for me, I’ve been out of it all week long, but I have progressed with the secret project, so there should be a nice amount of progress when the reveal comes along.

Anyhoo, progress time:




Update time.

I’m feeling pretty good from that QC progress, with some very solid editing and proofreading progress. There was a 15% leap in progress for the QC, and I really can’t give enough credit for my QCs for that. 8% in editing hopefully will more or less be a norm from now on, now that we have almost all of our shit sorted through. Proofreading has had some nice progress, which hopefully will continue from this point onwards. Look forward to it all.

On our other half of the weekly update, the secret project. I teased some info a day or two prior, saying that the title will be 10 hours or lower, so at most the same length as BiMan1 or a bit more, but not a full-blown VN, so sorry for those, who were waiting for something bigger. It might happen in the future, but not now.

Progress time:



Another update.

Firstly, we decided to get a filler editor for ocdc, who has been really busy with his real life, and that editor is Einstein9029 like you can see from the Staff page. Anyways, there hasn't been any major editing progress, but a little bit and we have reached the halfway point of editing, which is great news. QC's been going at a steady pace too, pretty much parallel to editing.

Secondly, we've begun proofreading. Now if you're wondering about the leap of progress in a single week, proofreading is just a final check and cleanup, and thus doesn't take as much as QC'ing or nearly as much as editing, so fear not.

Next, I more or less have finished up the look of the website, and that pesky front page slider really did give me a headache, but it was worth it. There still is some things I want to do with the design of the website, but those can wait for a better day.

Finally, you probably saw me tweeting about the new "announcement" I made. Sure enough, there's something big coming up early October, and that specific date happens to be my birthday too. Well, I can't give that many hints as of now, but I can tell some things if you want answers, just don't expect too much at this point out of me. You can check it out in here.

That is all, progress time:


Until next week


It’s here.

I’ve always felt that the WordPress site felt a little lacking, so now Euphemic Translation has moved to a new domain with a brand-spanking new, shiny design. I spent many hours getting everything nicely together without anything suddenly exploding, and I’d say I’ve done a good enough job with it. More or less everything’s been imported and greatly updated, including the theme. Tell me what you think of it.

As you probably could already guess, the old site is going to be abandoned, to put it bluntly. If this site goes under, I’ll of course revert back to the old site, but I don’t see that happening.

Anyways, onwards to the actual update.
We almost got 50% on editing with 48 percent, and whole 10% more on QC. Things are going smoothly, and they don’t seem to be slowing down, but nothing special has happened this week aside from the new website.



See ya next week, on this new address.



Hey, another update.

First up, let's welcome our new QC, Nanon. He seems to know what he's doing, so that's nice. QC should be coming much more swimmingly.

Some nice progress was made this week, both in editing and in QC'ing, and progress overall is speeding up decently, which I'm overjoyed about.

Anyways, that's all that's happened this week, so onto progress:

Translation: 100%

Editing: 46,5%

QC: 25,5%

Proofreading: 0%




Another week, another update.

Just last week we launched the Discord server, and it's gotten quite a good reception, and I've had fun talking with you guys on there. So if you have questions, want to talk with me for some reason, or just pester me about the progress -- although there are weekly updates -- go on ahead.

To this week's progress. We got a bit of QC done and a decent chunk of editing done, and I personally am happy with the progress this week. Things are going rather swimmingly, and the pace isn't slowing down drastically, either. Until next time!


Translation: 100%

Editing: 40%

QC: 22,3%

Proofreading: 0%



What an eventful week this was.

First up, some progress on both the editing and QC was made. Now, it isn't the most, but progress is always progress, and I'm happy about it. We'll try to make some amount of progress every week.

Second up, I had my hands full polishing some things and making our very own Discord server, now open for public. So, if you have some questions, want to chat with the staff, or just bitch me about how much of a fuckboy I am, go on ahead.

Now without further ado, here's the link to the server.

You can also get the link from the main page, in Recruitment, and in Contact Us.

Progress thus far:

Translation: 100%

Editing: 33,9%

QC: 20,1%

Proofreading: 0%


Until next week.


Another week, another update.

Nothing much this week, editing had a nice bump of progress is moving along nicely.

Also, one of our two QCs gone MIA came back, so I'll be updating the staff now. He had some issues with his computer breaking down and thus he went MIA after one or two weeks after starting this project, but I'm glad he's back.


Translation: 100%

Editing: 32%

QC: 18,2%

Proofreading: 0%


Quite a sluggish week this was.

Aside from prologue patch 2.0, I nor the whole team didn't get that much done due to being busy, but nonetheless, getting the updated patch out was a huge accomplishment in and of itself, so I'm not really disappointed.

Got some QC and editing done and that's about it; we're still fixing the remaining errors that the kicked editor manages to cause, but it's more or less done by this point, so no worries.


Translation: 100%

Editing: 25,7%

QC: 16%

Proofreading: 0%


Well, as most of you know by now, I completely obliterated all the links concerning BiMan1's prologue patch. This was because of two reasons:

  1. Because it was terrible in every possible way to put it frankly.
  2. In order to make room for this post.

The prologue patch was bad, really bad. The sentences were akward, spacing was weird, translations at some points didn't even make sense, etc, etc. That's why I've been fixing the first quarter of the script; retranslating, modifying and editing the script along with perfecting the engine this starting and last week. Doing UTF-8, some hex editing, final image editing and resource editing.

It was quite rough, but I finally got everything according to my wishes, and the price for my naivety has been paid back. Anyways! I present to you my hard work and labor:

Prologue Patch 2.0

Probably another 10~ hours down to drain, but it was worth it. The new and improved prologue patch (or well, partial patch at this point, but whatever)!


- Completely polished and finished engine, fully translated by me. Includes all buttons, menus, extras and other minor things.

- Music track names are translated, although I didn't intend on ever translating them.

- Translates the dialogue all the way to the end of the first H-scene.

- The two internal menus:






Are translated to these:






Things to note:

- The dialogue text is not in its final version that it will be in the final release, so keep that in mind. The patch, however, shouldn't have any typos.

- The amount of text ranslated in this improved patch is quite a bit more, because I wanted something more grand and of course, to make up to you for the travesty that was the original prologue patch.

- The text after the first H-scene will continue as Japanese, unlike the gibberish it was in the original patch. Sorry about that.

- All of the previous prologue patch download links are now going to be replaced with this version's link.

Download Link:


Install instructions:

  1. Download the patch from the link above and open the .zip file.
  2. Drag & drop the new .exe into -呪われし伝説の少女-1, and data8.pack into -呪われし伝説の少女-1/GameData.
  3.  Launch the game through the new .exe file and have fun.


(Still a Work In Progress)

This week I was busier than in a long time with the project.

First, I must apologise. When I released the prologue patch I was sure that everything from the engine to the buttons would've been translated, and according all common sense it was the case... until I revisited it this week.

Let me give you a short version. I resumed my work on the engine since there were a few quirks I wanted straightened out. So I finished my work and gave the interface patch to my proofreaders, assuming that it would more or less go fine. Well, I was gravely mistaken. Hex editing, UTF-8, resource editing and much more. All of these were used in the engine, making some buttons, text, menus and some features to remain untranslated. Since then I've busted my ass ironing out everything and soon I can say that it will truly be completed. Allow me to say it again: I'm deeply sorry for my errors. I thought that just editing the files would be enough, but I was naive, too naive. I intend on finishing it in these following days, but the full interface patch won't be released. Instead, once the full patch comes out, that'll replace everything, and I'll destroy the prologue patch, since it's unfinished in every possible aspect. I hope you understand.

One other thing, One of our editor's work was severely lacking and after some serious contemplating, I've decided to kick him out of the team, recruit another QC and move the team roles around according to everyone's wishes. You can see those in the Staff page in the upmost part of the site.

As I just stated, because of this unfortunate outcome, editors and QC'ers have had their hands full with fixing the aftermath the one editor left behind, so I once again apologise for the lack of progress this week. But on the bright side, our team is now solid and the progress should be more solid and smooth.


Translation: 100%

Editing: 24,3%

QC: 14%

Proofreading: 0%


Until next week, everyone!


Time for another update, actually on Saturday for once.

Nothing special happened this week, QC isn't perpetually in an Ice Age any longer, and got a nice nump in progress, but there has been no editing this week, sadly.

Aizen-sama, the guy who you might know from MajoKoi and WG translation projects is now QC'ing this project, so steady progress in that front should be secured now.

Now I just need to do something about steady editing progress.

Anyways, progress:

Translation: 100%

Editing: 22,9%

QC: 8,5%

Proofreading: 0%


Till next week.


:ipb: strikes again, so I'm reposting this, more or less for my self-gratification and to sate my inner perfectionist

Well, now that my part is mostly done, these posts are most likely getting much smaller.

I also got asked to join the revived Witch’s Garden TL project as a Proofreader/QC’er over at Luna Translations now that I’m free and personally, I really like the game, so I’m happy of being asked to do it. If you want, I’ll leave a link to their translation blog here and you can find them on the bottom of the front page too.

The editing’s progressing at a steady page and QC’s still perpetually frozen in place, but that isn’t a big deal at this point yet. I’ll also finish the image editing and minor tweaking soonish.


Translation: 100%

Editing: 22,9%

QC: 3,1%

Proofreading: 0% 



It's finally done.

I finally managed to 100% translated Bishoujo Mangekyou in its entirety. Actually it happened quite early, 20th, if I recall correctly. It took me 5 monsths and 7 days to translate the whole scrip according to my calculations.

It's ben awfully rewarding and I appreciate you all sticking with me along this project, my team and I will do our best to make sure the end product is of high quality.

I'll say this now, this won't be my last transaltion project, but it sure will be my last 'double-translation', so all the following projects will be translated purely from the original script and some double-script translations.

Anyhoo, now that the translation's done, I am now largely free, so I can return back to what I did before starting this project. The patch release date is still TBA, but it could be done in a few months' time.


Translation: 100%

Editing: 20,3%

QC: 3,1%

Proofreading: 0%



Majikoi A-1

Since this specific title will be in the talks for quite a while, I thought that I'd do a 'review' on it. 

Majikoi A-1 is the first of five Majikoi fandisks, released early 2013. It includes routes for Azumi, Benkei and a brand-new character, Yukie's little sister, Sayaka. There really isn't that much to talk about anything else except for the different routes. The music and art are mostly taken straight from S, with including more sprites for the heroines of each fandisk. There's also a new ending songs, with each heroine having a remix of the track. The specs are the same as in S, and the engine is the same all-around. I didn't expect anything new aside from the enhanced amount of sprites for the central heroines, as this is a fandisk. The quality of CGs seems to be better than in S to me, but that might be my imagination completely. There's also some pixelisation when character sprites zoom in, but that's minor and didn't really bother me.

From the looks of it, A seems to take the middle ground between the original and S, occasionally having more H-scenes than in your average fandisk and streaking them together, which isn't really good, but the routes are much better and focus on character interactions and development, as it should be in Majikoi. I honestly wouldn't want to repeat the borderline nukige that was Majikoi S, that had 48 H-scenes, so it's going in a new, more generalized direction. Let's start with the routes, shall we?

I'll start with the route I played first, being Sayaka.

Sayaka's route is the complete package for a standard feel-good route, and Sayaka's fun personality further enhances that. Sayaka's personality is, well, Mayuzumi. What I mean by that is she feels like Yukie's sister, being a closet pervert and all, but she also feels like her own character and not a cheap cop-out. She also reminds of Yamato in some aspects. In some aspects she's the polar-opposite of Yukie and she's genuinely worried about her sister never having that much friends and talking to a horse-ornament. She's just what a mature little sister should be, and I very much like that.

The basic premise of the route being that Sayaka came to Kawakami City in the summer vacation for two things: checking up on Yukie and getting her father to stop attempts at getting her married by finding either a stable relationship or by fake-dating someone. As he spends time with the Kazama family and after she drops the bombshell of having to find a 'boyfriend', Yamato helps her by becoming her fake-boyfriend.

The premise is, well, cliched. This trope is almost never done well and as it usually blooms into true love, it just feels like an excuse for getting character A and B closer. That happens here too, but in a lesser scale. The interactions before this lay a nice groundwork beforehand. When the eventual 'actual' relationship starts, it's nice and the 'problem' in the route doesn't feel like a problem, but still manages to bring tension in the route and Taisei is a great father-character. It's a shame that the route's rather short, or else it would've been much, much better. It had all it needed for a route-type I adore but fell flat because of the length.

Moving on to Benkei.

Benkei is amazing. The route's good, but Benkei is the star. Benkei's a fan-favorite from S, and we finally got what we wanted. As I adore Benkei, I might be a tad bit biased. Anyways, Benkei and her route could be summed up with two word: laid back. The route as a whole is much more laid back than majority of other routes in the franchise as a whole. There's no urgency, there's no huge 'problem', there's just a lot of romantic mush and of course, Benkei.

The story of the route is that Yamato became a 'member' of this Lazy Club, which basically is just Benkei, Yamato and Usami-sensei lazing around, eating snacks and occasionally playing shogi. That's it. Looking how the route progresses, we seew a new character, Musahi Bunta, a relative to Kosugi, or Premium Girl. He's nothing special and basically just acts as an obstacle to shorten the distance between Benkei and Yamato. Benkei also shows some signs of jealousy and this could be seen as out-of-character, but she's still a girl, so not really. The confession is sort of indirect and incospicuous, but considering Benkei's personality, that's for the best. The dating part is nice, nothing special except for super-moe Benkei. The route also shows a good grasp of Benkei's true strength, which was a little hidden in S. The ending shows how Benkei grows from being dependant of Yoshitune to becoming more mature, which is the best ending for Benkei's route I could've asked for.

Finally, Azumi.

From what I've heard, most think this as the definitive best route of A-1. Me, well, it's okay but definitely the worst of the three. Azumi's antics never really change, but shows more how Kukis' corporation really works, as well as giving Azumi's backstory more light, which I can appreciate.

The route starts off from when Yamato became Mon-sama's personal aide and helped them get closer. In other words, it continues from the 'Future with the Kuki Maids'. Yamato helps Azumi try and get closer to Hideo while he's still in love with Kazuko. Aided by Stacy and Lee, Yamato thinks of different ways of making Hideo fall for Azumi, but falls for Azumi himself. After Azumi fails to make Hideo fall in love with her, Yamato confesses to Azumi, gets rejected, and intiates a circle of confessions for years to come.

There is almost zero romantic development until the very end. The route also has three time-skips, which I can't really say is a good thing, as it breaks the flow somewhat, but the flow is rather chopped-up onwards from the first timeskip, so this really doesn't become a problem, sadly. Honestly, the route was really good all the way to the second time-skip and then it became a chopped mess. But on the other hand, we see Yamato finally becoming a competent fighter and rising in the ranks of Kuki servants. We also see a new character that Azumi has talked in some occasions, the chief of Fuuma village. He's basically a perverted old man and comical relief and nothing more, but that's fine. After when they do get together, there's no icha icha, just sex scenes, followed by more sex scenes. In my opinion, this route's charm is half about the Azumi/Yamato interactions and the other half about the side-characters, which are enjoyable and the time skips allow you to see some characters when they grow up and even Yamato getting subordinates. But even so, this route was pretty much a disappointment in my eyes. If it had continued from the way it left off at the Fuuma village, it might've the change of being much better, but continuous confessions, no romantic developments, chopped-up segments and no actual icha icha after the realtionship is established doesn't equal a good route. The only merit this route has is the side-cast and the novelty of being different.

My final score for the first installment is 7.4, or 7 if you want even numbers. Overall, A-1 is a solid start to this series of fandisks that gets dragged down by the slight quirks in the engine that remained unfixed and Azumi's route. If they smooth the rough corners the game now has, it could be one of the better fandisks around.