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  1. my pick : saber alter / medea lily / gorgon also
  2. i already give up with the challenge quest
  3. lol yeah,i forget about the extra attack. so any tips for this nero fest?
  4. sigh,thats why it depends on the servant and how many hits it can do,also you need to consider the first card bonus. The first Command Card chosen gives all other normal attacks a bonus. Noble Phantasms do not get this bonus. Quick - 20% increased Critical Star generation. Arts - 100% increased to NP generation. Buster - 50% increased damage. Card Type Quick Arts Buster Order 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 Base Dama
  5. lel,its depend on the number of hits, also i think A-B-A always give me more NP charge (only play jp server here)
  6. happy late birthday @Kenshin_sama also happy birthday @imnoob92
  7. well its fun to play utawarerumono,hoping for the 2nd and 3rd game get pc ver so i can play it
  8. yep, you must since character from the first utawarerumono appear in itsuwari no kamen. And for futari no hakuoro : "Continues from directly after the events at the end of itsuwari no kamen" (taken from vndb)
  9. this post contain a lot of salt,please delete it lol
  10. i spent 500 for tamamo tho,and didnt get her lel
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