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  1. not gonna play the eng ver,not enough time lol
  2. happy birthday @Asonn~
  3. lol btw @Valmore did you change account ?
  4. done,also my id : 969734588
  5. my ign is 12kami~
  6. is what he said. so anyone have it ? prepare to throw several gems to finish this
  7. ch 12 where he have many buff and kill everything
  8. so any idea how to defeat goetia ?
  9. finish,you can put waver back~
  10. yep this world is absurd =_= facing lancelot rn sobs,so hard
  11. yeah manage to pass that with herc MUHAHAHA but camelot is hard for me who have no strong servant sigh at least add me please~~
  12. thx~
  13. gawain why you so hard,help~
  14. ou,thx
  15. lol im pretty sure im in the top list my code : 969734588