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  1. Pardon my lack of updates on this project. Truth be told, I haven't made much progress in the past couple months (stuck around 85% on common route), and the Editor seems busy with work-related stuff too. A little bit of excuse from me: I've just moved to another country and started a new job, and moving around and getting stuck in quarantine and whatnot got me worn down quite a bit, not to mention the overwhelming amount of new stuff to learn at work. As it currently stands, I might have to put this off for a few more weeks before having a stable enough schedule to continue chipping away
  2. Update for Common Route: 78.31% TL-ed (8001 / 10217 lines) 5.07% Edited (518 / 10217 lines) A lot has happened since the last time I updated here, but essentially a new editor has poofed into our server, and in light of his English superpowers, we've decided to reset our editing progress to fit his style. Personally, I'm terrifically excited to see his big-brain writing brought to light in the future. Also, we got a new Image Editor, yay.
  3. Update: Common route: 50.21% Translated (5130 / 10219 lines), 18.66% Edited (1907/10219) We are past 50% mark, yay! (Except it's just common route, sob) I'm finding myself spending quite a bit of time going back to double check things with the Editor, clarifying some translations, doing proofreading with him, etc, so things slowed down a tadbit for me. Should be able to pull through somehow though. Also, an interesting trivia to add, the Japanese character count without punctuations is 899,676. It's pretty damn massive, so we're in for the long haul. Progress will likely
  4. Update: I have onboarded a new Editor, and we are still trying to figure out if he (or me, for the matter) will be in for the long haul. TL Update: Common: 38.67% done Edit Update: Common: 9.12% done
  5. If you don't actually have a preference on what to translate, try looking into the list of VNs GarMOD support, use it to extract all game assets, then follow instructions in VNTextPatch tools to extract the script files into either txt files or xlsx files. Some games are much easier to hack than others.
  6. TL Update: Common: 23.54% done (2406 / 10219 lines)
  7. The files are not correctly decoded. Might want to check if your game is on GarBRO or GarBRO Mod list. Haven't had much luck with krkrExtract personally.
  8. TL update: Common: 9.12% done (932 / 10220 lines) Total: 2.05% done (932 / 45368 lines) I don't know how long I can keep up this grueling schedule, but I will hope for the best. I'm thinking of recruiting a TLC (maybe) and an Editor (must) once I manage to finish TLing the common route. Anyone interested, feel free to message me (you don't have to wait until I'm done with common). Also considering a second translator to work on Atori and Koyori routes, since these routes are conveniently written by a different scenario author.
  9. Updated with links to TL progress and TL logs. Also added a discord server link.
  10. Also, thinking of making the English translation title "Birds of a Feather Flock Together". The original author/developer is totally aware the English translation of its own title (despite it being a pun), as this phrase has showed up at the Opening video of the game. (Do tell me if it's a bad idea to change the title at my whims, though)
  11. Rui wa Tomo o Yobu (Full Voice Edition) Description Wakutsu Tomo was brought up by his mother as a girl due to a small mark he has on his body. After his mother's death, he discovers via her will that she emphasizes Tomo to continue living as a girl, and following this, Tomo starts to go through more troubles in his life. Tomo soon discovers that he is linked with five girls who are around his age as a second year high school student. These girls happen to have the same mark he has, and have also been going through similar hardships in their lives. Tomo and these five gir
  12. Kinda late to necro this thread back up, but having finished Ruitomo last month, I can't help but feel sad that this kamige will probably never see the light of the day in the West. It's really incredible how all the plot intertwined together, and the whole cast is really fun to read. The best girl boy Tomo is the most likable heroine protagonist I have read in a long time, though it probably partly attributes to being fully voiced in the Full Voice Edition.
  13. Actually, managed to figure this out with a friend. Had to find out the CXEncryption values to decrypt the archive properly.
  14. I have been playing around with the idea of translating Ruitomo (Full Voice Edition), and for that I have tried to look around for tools that can help me extract the data files. So far, I have tried: 1. KrkrExtract - managed to extract data.xp3 (archive itself is unencrypted) into the original file structure, but all files seem to be encrypted/gibberish. All .png files cannot be viewed with an image viewer. Opening .ks files with Notepad++ and switching to Shift-JIS encoding does not yield readable text. 2. GarBRO - same result as KrkrExtract 3. Kirikiri Tools (https://github.co
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