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  1. Hey, I work for Sekai Project. I just wanted to chime in and mention that aside from Sunrider and Fault, we'll be bringing more of our titles to the platform over time. While we probably won't be offering our full catalog on there, we're looking forward to working with them. We actually announced this partnership at AWA last September, so we're excited to finally start selling our games on this platform!
  2. Thanks for the kind words! The demo actually does have some exclusive content (the very first scene, as well as the chibi stuff, although the first scene might be included in the full game from the extras menu or something.) Regarding HRP, we're still working on it, but it's mostly a matter of real-life issues causing a lot of delays and stuff. When we ran the Kickstarter most of us were in college or in one case even high school, so our availability has changed a lot since then. Most of us who have been working on other projects too are ones who do VN stuff full-time as a career (for ins
  3. I'm Josh, the founder of the Studio Élan. I'm also part of Alienworks, the group that released "Highway Blossoms" and is working on "The Human Reignition Project." With Studio Élan, we just released a demo for our first game, "Heart of the Woods." It's a yuri game through and through, although I primarily consider it to be a fantasy game with romance elements, rather than a romance game with fantasy elements. I've copy/pasted the synopsis for the game below. The demo is available on Steam for PC only, and it's on Itch.io for PC/Mac/Linux. It'll be on Denpasoft probably next week, and we'll als
  4. This would be a great point if it wasn't exactly what I was talking about in my initial post though. That is, making these sweeping conclusions that aren't actually accurate. None* of the five games that I listed are "generic high school slice of life" stories, set in Japan or otherwise. -Highway Blossoms is about a roadtrip across the southwestern United States on a treasure hunt, and includes lots of national landmarks like the Grand Canyon, Arches, and more. -Asphyxia is technically about school girls, but very little if any (it's been a while since I've read it) of the story
  5. Ah, sorry, wasn't trying to say it's a bad thing. I'm all for anime art in EVN's. I was just acknowledging that it is one strong influence from JVN's that's unlikely to change.
  6. As an EVN developer, it's kind of frustrating to see this discussion a lot, with the same points being brought up, even when they're not true anymore (three or four years ago? Yeah, totally). I see the whole "EVN's are just wannabe JVN's and will never get anywhere until they stop copying tropes," as if that's the only thing getting made, but honestly that hasn't really been the case in a long time. Yes, there are still lotsa games like that getting made - I'm even working on one that's similar, myself - but the notion that nothing else exists is outdated. I'll give some examples: Shamele
  7. We'd love to, but it's just not something we can afford right now. Love In Space, the devs who made Sunrider and Starnova, are friends of mine so I've heard a bit about the costs and difficulties. Right now, we're using everything we got from the Kickstarter to make the base game itself even better. If by some miracle HRP is a smash hit and makes tens of thousands of dollars then voice acting would probably be the first thing we spring for to add post-release.
  8. I know I forget about this thread a lot, but even I was surprised to see the last post was in February. Whoops. Anyway, not sure how many people might be following along here, but I promise we're much better at updating on Twitter (team is @AlienworksDev, my personal is @Raithfyre) and I hope that we're going to get much better at updating our blog. Though that might depend on whenever we get web stuff figured out. REGARDLESS, we've made lots of progress and improved many things since the last time I posted here. We're up to a couple hundred thousand words and, by our estimates, that
  9. 'Cause with the story we're telling, it actually makes the most sense to set it in Japan. Social trends like the declining birthrate and how more and more Japanese youth are staying single, coupled with Japan's place in the technology industry, actually make it a more relevant setting than, say, the US. If it would've worked out better to set the game in the West, we definitely would've. Woulda been a hell of a lot easier. But, since it's in Japan, we wanted to work with a Japanese artist for the opening. If we have an ED (which currently, there are no plans) it'll probably be in Eng
  10. Sorry it took so long to address this stuff - been busy at Animefest. Anyway, ultimately we (myself and Syon, the other writer) pretty much agree on the Jumbo scene in that it didn't add a whole lot, and that it could've been scrapped without losing anything. To be perfectly honest, I was in favor of scrapping the scene before the game was even out, but it was kept in because some others wanted it.That said, from my obviously biased standpoint, I don't think that it went on so long as to be a major detraction. While it's not crucial to the story, it's ultimately a tiny part of the overall
  11. Oh whoa hey there, surprised to see a thread about us! I've been bad about keeping our WIP thread here on Fuwa updated orz Anyway, yeah, we're still at it, and pretty steadily, but our progress updates are sometimes a little lacking. I'm gonna try to setup a better/more consistent blog schedule, although we do post on Kickstarter once a month. Our big news from Otakon was the unveiling of our opening theme. It's written/composed by ARTE REFACT (a doujin circle who has done music for Love Live, IDOLM@STER, and much more) and vocals are by Sasaki Sayaka (Nichijou, Planetarian, Girls un
  12. Thanks again for the review~ Also, if anyone has any questions or comments about the game I'm happy to answer them! I was one of the writers and the producer.
  13. HB is now on Steam Greenlight! If you're interested in the game, please consider voting "yes" for us =)
  14. Whoops, guess I should've said it's not a nukige. I'm bad at my terminology =( Valmore: Oops sorry ;-; If you wanna resend it to me I'll try to give you some feedback!
  15. My team, Alienworks, is going to be releasing a short yuri VN in a couple months. I'm a little bit late on the whole thread creation thing, since we announced the project back in September, but what can ya do? So first off about us, then I'll get to the good parts. As you might know, Alienworks has another project going on, The Human Reignition Project, which you can see in my signature. That's our main game. HB was a side project started by myself and one of the other writers, and is way smaller in scope. That other writer is Syon, Setsuna's writer for HRP. Then we have Jake Abernat
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