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  1. Predicting the sexual activity of VN characters

    Hmm... 2 highest were Not Sexually Involved and Mindbreak... How should I interpret that?
  2. Contrasting the Japanese and Western VN Fandoms

    While language is an important barrier, I think that amount of pornographic content is another big issue. Many countries have problems with it as well. For example, in the region I live, the only true way to find any pornographic content is to google it. You cannot see it on TV or any kind of stores. It is viewed extremely negative. Due to this, it is hard to recommend it or to even talk about it with others. Majority of VNs have little story and a lot of h-scenes. If you want to sell them, you need to censor them. Another point, many cultures don't care about high school that much. While it focuses on specific demographic, but lack of variety is harmful. If more VNs with different settings and without h-scenes were released in the west, it might be easier for younger generation to freely introduce it to others, which in turn would lead to higher fan base.
  3. Favorite opening movie in a VN

    Since I Baldr Sky and Fate have already been mentioned, I would like to share one VN, all openings of which I have sweet spot for.
  4. Chaos;Head or 11eyes ?

    Both of them were bad, so I would go with the one which I consider to be lesser of 2 evils: Chaos;Head. I will try to put this without spoilers: 11eyes has multiple routes, however they all differ by only a few scenes including h-scene. Otherwise they are identical. After I read this VN, I sincerely regretted wasting time on it. There is literally nothing worth mentioning about the story or characters. Seriously speaking, OP of VN was worth more than entire VN. Chaos;Head had a great concept, but completely failed in using it. Heck, if you can deal with protagonist being what the rest of the world imagine otakus to be, then the beginning of C;H is pretty decent. Though, it completely shifts its tone later on. However, the main idea/concept was interesting enough.
  5. Well, I live in Europe so I am not that well versed in everything that happens in the USA, but I did write a BA thesis on his political career. The more I tried to analyse what he says, the more I reached a conclusion that he is an egoistic, self-centered, perverted racist with a pride and god complex of a third rate villain. That was just from my personal analysis of his public speeches, but when you look at real situation it doesn't feel that far off. His entire political campaign and election process was filled with scandals and most of his political speeches were ether discriminating certain groups, for example women, or directly insulting. His political ideology is directly an opposite of what previous generations wished America to be. Everyone who says something that he does not like (like polls on TV) are lying,. Heck, even his own party is crumbling. How many of group have left since he became a president? The way I see it, his supporters now can be divided into 4 groups: misinformed people; racists; those who find him easy to manipulate/those to whom he is useful; idiots.
  6. The majority of VNs I have played ether had enforced playing order or recommended one. Though, in other cases I read the best girl last. Reason - simply to motivate myself to finish other routes
  7. HELP!!

    Assuming you want more serious type of mystery: Umineko series - a must read. Personally I consider this to be the best VN series ever. Story is very well written, characters developed. Furthermore, its soundtrack is amazing. Just make sure to read it in the right order. Also, the entire story is very long. From what I heard it took at least 90-100 hours to complete it for most readers. Kara no Shoujo series - this is another great detective story, but I have to warn you. If you have weak stomach and cannot handle horror elements (dead bodies at least), you might want to avoid it. Sharin no Kuni - probably the closest thing that I can recommend as something similar to G-Senjou, though not really a mystery VN. Not in terms of plot, but rather feeling it gives. Though, G-Senjou was vastly superior to me.
  8. Umineko hands down. While it is one of the best known and the most popular translated VNs, many people seem to ignore how unique it actually is (and I am not talking merely about the fact that it does not take place in high school). If we include VNs, LNs, WNs, Manga and western literature, I have read over 3000 volumes of literature (though majority of which consist of manga), but I am yet to find a more unique story. Umineko is: Murder mystery Modern Fantasy Commentary on the detective genre And does a lot of other stuff romance, philosophy, breaking the 4th wall etc. Furthermore, it claims to be a kinetic novel (aka no choices) and technically has only 1 relevant choice for the ending, but manages to crush even that, by making player do not a physical, but a mental choice how to treat this story. At the same time it can be both: pure murder mystery without fantasy elements and a pure fantasy story. I could go all day, but I think this much is enough for the explanation.
  9. Silverio Trinity hook

    Yeah, I noticed when I read Interview with K. B. Funny thing is that Vendetta was extracted perfectly with ITHVNR...
  10. Silverio Trinity hook

    Thanks. It did extract something. Sadly it is in a form of group of sentences in the pages instead of separate lines. Though it at least makes it readable
  11. Is there any working way to hook Silverio Trinity? I have tried Chiitrans, ITH and ITHVNR but none of them found anything. Hook code on VNDB didn't work ether. When I played Vendetta (prequel/should be same engine) ITHVNR worked, but it doesn't work for Trinity for some reason.
  12. Bad anime with good openings

    Animation showcase rather than anime? Personally I disagree. The majority of modern anime is ether adaptations without proper endings. Furthermore, it is the same school/SoL story with 1 or 2 different small elements. At least GC had an ending. In fact, it was pretty good ending if you go with the theories. Moreover, if you want to say that it was showcase of something, it would be soundtrack. Now that I would agree on.
  13. Bad anime with good openings

    Hah...In post so far I actually see some anime which were not that bad. For example, Guilty Crown. People keep comparing it with Code Geass and claim it is trash, but to be perfectly honest, majority of anime compared to it is trash. Heck, majority of modern anime are rip off ether other anime or just plain bad. Anyway on topic, here are a few I could think of:
  14. 11eyes Route Order

    Worth playing? Which one, Komyu or 11? In ether case my answer would be no. Out of those 2 VNs together, I personally found only Kagome's route decent enough to read. Assuming that your VNDB consist of all VNs you have read and that you most likely cannot read Japanese, it would be better to read classics like F/SN + F/HA, or Tsukihime. Heck, even Guilty Crown Lost Christmas which serves as a prequel to anime and is like 3 hours worth, was better than Comyu and 11Eyes combined
  15. 11eyes Route Order

    Since it is related with the ending I will put it in spoiler: