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  1. New untranslated PTR list

    Not at all. Yes, I did most likely miss a lot of things while reading, but it was enjoyable experience. Not only I liked what I read, but also it helped me to improve my JP greatly.
  2. After I finished legendary super kamige Muramasa, I just have to share these. Some videos might contain spoilers:
  3. New untranslated PTR list

    When I started VNs and studying JP, I made a top 10 untranslated VNs I want to read list. Yesterday I finished the last VN in that list - Muramasa. As everyone who ever studied JP knows, if you don't have motivation, you will fail. So now I want to make another top 10 untranslated VNs I want to read list. Requirements are untranslated, NON yuri/yaoi VNs. Preferably action or mystery with some psychological, philosophical or literary related aspect which makes you think. My current list is: Gekkou no Charnevalle Tokyo Necro Paradise lost Vermillion Bind and Blood. Bradyon Veda Jingei Makyou Akeiro Nanairo
  4. As someone who likes to listen to VN music I will drop "a few" nore. NOTE: CONTAINS SPOILERS Senshinkan series (Basenjin and Hachimiyojin) Dies Irae - Interview with Kaziklu Bey
  5. Well, I might be simply annoyed because I am a believer that VNs, as a format, is a format with the most potential out of all forms of literature.
  6. From another point of view, the reason why they are so well rated might be because they have been translated. However, wouldn't it be interesting to see the number of translated Moege and to compare it with the number of translated quality VNs?
  7. My apologies for Innocent Grey. I most likely missed that Flowers was localized. However, light still has KKK, Silverio and Senshinkan series + good standalone VNs. As for Baldr Sky, It was licensed by Sekain Project years ago. My choices might have been a bit wrong, but fact remains that there is still good stuff that haven't been localized yet.
  8. I do not assume that. Reducing amount of bad quality stuff released does not mean increase in amount of good quality stuff. Though, if VN companies released less stuff which is basically hentai without story, it would help to reduce the stigma that VNs have even by a little. Furthermore, localization companies are a different from VNs companies because they localize stuff which has already been released. There are many good quality VNs which already have been released. I won't talk about stuff that is practically nearly impossible to properly translate like Muramasa, but such companies as light or Innocent Grey or such games like Baldr or Eustia series etc. which actually are very high quality and quite popular in Japan, but has never been localized. Of course, localization companies are not entirely at fault, but still, there are many good games which they could choose from. However, if VNs want to become popular in the west, first they have to "clean themselves" a bit and show the true glory of the genre. Personally, I have mixed views about anime adaptations. I admit, I learned about visual novels from anime. The first time I heard about them was when I first watched Deen F/SN adaptation. I am sure, that a lot of readers were attracted to VNs due to such adaptations as S;G, F/SN or Key works. These anime was basically a good commercial for the genre, however there are problems with this aspect as well. Tsukihime, Umineko and similar adaptations which were ruined might create a negative effect as well. Sure, I truly got into VNs after watching Umineko adaptation and smelling major potential, but at the same time I understand why some people might be repulsed. The last few adaptations that I have seen were DI and Rewrite, but they were so downgraded that I can't really think much positive things about them. People kept complaining about it over and over again. You could hear stuff like "Dies Irae/Rewrite sucks" etc. However, it still made people talk about it, discuss it. Many of those who read these VNs defended them and at the very least, people learned more about the genre.
  9. I never said that they should stop localizing Moege, did I? However, Moege is on the main things that ruin VN image in the west. And you used Witcher 3 as an example? Seriously? You do realize how popular and well rated that game is? Even the best VNs can't come even close to that. The thing is, Witcher is extremely popular due to instantly apparent quality and this popularity is generating even more popularity. It is something that VNs will likely never have. With its level of animation quality, 1 trailer is enough to convince most readers that it is epic. Sadly, VNs are incapable of that. I won't argue that developers are at fault as well nor that Moege has its fans or that it helps to keep it alive. In fact, Moege is a double edge sword. From 1 point of view, it is something that with the help of perverts keeps market alive, but at the same time, it is something that completely ruins the reputation of VNs as a format. Be honest, how many moege fans would actually dare to reveal that they like moege or recommend it to someone? Who would buy it as presents instead of books or standard games? Rarely anyone. It will never help to create a positive image of VNs. Basically, Moege/hentai is like a deadly poison, which instant effects appear like medicine, but in longer term will kill you.
  10. That is assuming there is a reason to wait for. As far as I can see, the majority of translated stuff can be summarized as moe/hentai. How many VNs with an actual plot are released in English compared to trash? 1 to 15 or 1 to 20 at best. I can't understand why people would even bother to buy them. If there was enough good supply, readers wouldn't bother to do something as troublesome as learning Japanese. I think that if localization companies actually localized more good content, VNs would receive better exposure, which in turn would encourage people to try more VNs, which would likely increase the demand for good stuff, which might reduce the cost of VNs and make them even more accessible. Another thing is that with all that moe stuff being released it is hard to find something good. I don't mean that it is a problem for us, those who have already read dozens of VNs and know a lot. I am talking about new readers. There is little to no exposure, no commercials or anything similar. If they actually buy something and it turns out to be moe/hentai story, many readers would never buy it again. Who these days actually pay for porn? Not to mention that many actually decent PC games cost the same or less than VNs and are superior in terms of content, time you can spend on it and it is way easier to come into contact with information about it. For a specific example, an VN on Mangagamer website on average costs about 40$. If I search a bit, I can find VNs like KnS series, Dies Irae or Umineko, but at the same time such trash like Side Boob story or Boob Wars... The majority of new readers would not even bother to search that much. To compare, for the similar price I could buy entire Prince of Persia franchise, WoW Complete Collection or an entire collection of Sherlock Holmes books on my local supermarket or online. Which would you choose, Boob wars or anything else I have listed? From this point of view, localization companies are at fault for not providing quality content. It does not matter how much you localize if it is all trash...
  11. It is not merely a problem with buying things that you do not understand. For example, lets treat VNs as standard PC games. All of us who have ever bought any game just need to ask ourselves a question why we did it. Lets be honest, the majority of us did it for 1 of 2 reasons: saw it somewhere (youtube or even picture on game box itself) and it looked cool or our friends kept talking about it. For reasons already mentioned before, both of these are unlikely to ever happen. Second point is that Japanese language is hard. Yes the culture is interesting and all, but still Japanese is one of the hardest languages in the world. For some people it can take longer to learn kanji alone than entire different language.
  12. You know you have a problem when you create multiple threads in a short period of time, but I need help again. So, I have been playing https://vndb.org/v12455, and finished 3 first routes. I unlocked new options for 4th/true/Seira route. Begun doing that route and followed walkthrough, but instead of a new route I was forced to repeat Akira's route. After a lot of testing I found where the problem starts. During the part where guys talk about girls, MC has to choose 1 heroine. I choose Seira, but for some reason I get Akira's cutscenes. Any suggestions?
  13. I can't really suggest anything since I prefer fantasy-romance over pure one so I will only drop my opinion here. Key works does the trick if one wants some emotional moments, but they aren't always related to romance. Another problem is that the majority of them are long and contains a lot of SoL which is not really related with the main storyline. I read LB pretty recently so I remember it quite well. Heroine routes were readable with true route being the best in terms of story, but focused more on friendship rather than romance. As for Hoshimemo, prepare for one of the most annoying heroines ever. If only someone game me a dollar each time I heard onii-chan while playing it... However, IF you want romance, I would recommend this one from those 3 choices. If you ever want to switch to fantasy-romance, go for something like Steins;Gate first.
  14. Kajiri Kamui Kagura hooking

    Thanks. Turns out ITH was working fine. It is just the fact that prologue can't be hooked. I wish I learned about that sooner.
  15. Kajiri Kamui Kagura hooking

    That is what everyone told me. They all said that ITH worked. However, I had no such luck. For example, ITHVNR and ITH are working perfectly with Senshinkan and their engine should be the same. Furthermore, with ITHVNR I don't even get "Initialization success" message which happens after the hook. Like I mentioned, I get extracts of such questions whether I want to quit the game. And if you are talking about regedit + facefont thing, then I can't do it because that folder lacks facefont keys. In fact it has only 3, among them I could recognize only 1 which was location of the game (compared to Senshinkan which has dozens). Creating new key does not help. Edit. I don't think this is against the rules, so could you drop me a link for a latest ITH.