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  1. Silverio Ragnarok

    Thanks for review. Honestly, I can't seem to get into the mood for this one. I have managed to read 3 or 4 hours and can't seem to force myself to go beyond that point. Quite frankly, I am baffled myself, because I do like this series very much (because both Zephyr and Vendetta's route are in my top 10).... Anyway, how much of the development previous part received in Ragnarok? I mean besides the same world building. For example, Trinity had Kerberos and everything related to him. Does Ragnarok also have something similar? For example, do we get to see any characters from Vendetta and Trinity, especially from the main cast in Ragnarok?
  2. Baldr Sky (Out now!)

    Ironically, I have started reading Baldr Sky Dive 1 exactly 1 year before English release date... I wish I could forget it so I could play it again.....
  3. What's your favourite Subahibi's chapter?

    Considering I have finished it fairly recently (it was my 100th vn), I would say Down the Rabbit Hole 2
  4. Umineko

    So nostalgic....You have no idea.... *sigh*
  5. Visual Novel with best BGM

    Umineko Dies Irae Rewrite Eden* Guilty Crown Lost Christmass
  6. Translated Chuuni VNs?

    I am nowhere near fluent in it. To be perfectly honest, the total number of JP sentences I have ever written is exactly 0. As someone who can speak/understand 3 foreign languages, I can tell you that "fluency" is very subjective topic. First, definition of fluency differs from person to person. If you simply want to read and understand VNs relatively easy, it will depend of the novel you want to read and amount of time you spend studying. Honestly, if you want to read something like Hanahira, aka first untranslated VN for 99% of people, you might be able to do it in a week after you begun to learn JP while Muramasa or anything made by Light might take years. My advise, learn in this order: hiragana>katakana>basic grammar (there are plenty of sources for these 3. For grammar Tae Kim is a good place)> then learn kanji (meanings only. Remember the Kanji is the most popular way. Don't bother with readings)>get hooking programs for VNs (you can do it while studying RTK) and read. Knowing kanji meanings will let you learn vocabulary faster. Hooking will save you time. In this way you can study and read at the same time. Just make sure to start with easy VNS.
  7. Light's parent company is gone

    Having potential is true, but it also a massive danger. One wrong move and you might harm yourself in the end. For example, DI and KKK if you are Marie's fan. That was probably the thing I hated the most in KKK. It essentially dragged down even Marie's end in DI.
  8. Light's parent company is gone

    RIP light. I will really miss you. 3rd Silverio? Do we really need another one? Don't get me wrong. I liked first 2 parts, Zephyr and Vetti is one of my favorites VN pairings after all. But they did finish everything nicely with part 2...
  9. VNs that will make me cry for days

    Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet. - not much to say. Only that it also has great soundtrack.
  10. Fantasy or Mystery VNs

    So, a few days ago my W10 killed my pc and I lost everything I had on it, including my collection of VNs and save files of those I completed. I thought that maybe I should take this as a clean start so I came here. Basically, I am getting close my 100 VN mark so I want to fill the spots. I have decided to make Subahibi number 100. Now all I need is 6 more. What I want is ether fantasy or mystery VNs with good plot and as little h-content as possible. Preferably something with true route/ending as well.
  11. Just finished part one and got part 2 installed. For some reason text seems to appear much slower (even though it is at max speed). However, the major problem is that after I exit save/load screen, game freezes. For example, I read, open and save / open new game and load - game freezes. Background music is working, however clicking does not move text forward, right click, shortcuts, top buttons like "X" do not work. I can't even move that window. I can only close through task manager. I use w7 set to JP locale. Added exception to antivirus. Tried to change save folder from "read only" but it keeps resetting...
  12. Honestly, I wanted to read Dies Irae and Muramasa + a few Light novels. As soon as I finished learning hiragana and read Tae Kim's guide, so about 2-3 weeks. My first untranslated VN was Hanahira and according to MAL I have completed over 800 anime series, majority of which were subbed. I am used to studying languages. English is my 2nd one while Japanese is 4th. I didn't find spoken parts hard, but kanji is still a pain. I always use such programs. They save a lot of time while reading. My favorites are Chuunige and they contain a lot of stuff that are rare terms, which would be annoying to search.
  13. VNs for learning Japanese

    Hanahira. Seriously, this is probably the first untranslated VN for the majority of untranslated readers. This list here has a variety of relatively easy VNs, however I need to make a few notes. Start with more school life stuff like Flyable hearts, Hoshimemo or Key works. School life is the basic vocabulary for wast majority of other novels (since nearly all of them takes place in highschool). Avoid Eustia, Baldr, Route Double, Subahibi, Chuusingura, Himawari or Island for now. They do have specific vocabulary that will make your reading hard if you know little of JP.
  14. Translated Chuuni VNs?

    I agree with above recommendations, especially Umineko since it is one of the best (at least my favorite), if not the best VNs out there. However, I would like to recommend you to postpone Chaos;Head for now. Chaos;Head has 2 versions: original and Noah. You can think of Noah as a full version which is supposed to fix flaws of original + adds additional routes. For now, there are English versions of Noah for ios and android, but PC patch is on the way. You might as well wait a bit till Eng PC patch is released, this way you won't lose all fun by knowing all plot twists. You also said its OK to posts untranslated ones as well, right? Before I started learning JP, I set myself a goal to read a few untranslated VNs that I was interested it. I might as well recommend these as challenges for you: Soukou Akki Muramasa, Silverio (series), Senshinkan (series), Vermilion Bind of Blood, Mahoutsukai no Yoru, Evolimit. These are listed more or less in terms of JP difficulty, Muramasa being the hardest (and hard as ****). If you want relatively easy Chuuni, you can try Tokeijikake trilogy. I think part 1 was translated though. If you want to learn JP, search for DJTGuide. It is probably the best place to start.