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  1. This is what I am currently reading though. Thanks everyone for recommendations. I will come back when I need more.
  2. Could you recommend me more chuuni? This year proved how much I missed it when I read Tsukihime Remake, Bradyon Veda and Chuusingura.
  3. Finally, after years of effort, I cleared my backlog. Now I need a new one. I would like to ask for recommendations for anything good you can recommend. My requirements: don't care whether JP or ENG; decent plot; satisfying true end.
  4. So, I have installed windows 11 and thought that I should share my findings. I have upgraded my PC from w10 and everything that I had and worked on w10, seems to be working on w11 as well. I haven't encountered any bugs or crashes yet.
  5. Since Windows 11 is in the state where it is now available through windows update, I would like to ask for other VN readers experience, how are VNs on Windows 11. Is everything working properly, do they even open etc. I don't think that I am the only one interested in this question, so I thought that it would be nice to have a place to share our experience.
  6. I can agree with most of what has been said here, though, personally, I always saw routes as the key element for VNs to differentiate and surpass other forms of the literature. In my opinion, more VNs should use these routes not only for heroines/romance but rather for greater plot itself, similarly to what Baldr Sky Dives did.
  7. https://seiya-saiga.com/game/innocentgrey/karanoshojo3.html Should do the trick
  8. Foreword: The path of the reader is both fulfilling and a lonely one. Every time we read a story, we create a world in our minds, we become attached to it and in the end, we have to do both: to say goodbye to them and let them rest in our hearts. Now, after many years of waiting, it is finally time to say farewell to the Kara no Shoujo franchise, and I couldn't think of any better way to do it, than by dedicating my first visual novel review to it. Summary: Kara no Shoujo franchise is a 3 part (4 if you count Cartagra) murder mystery visual novel, which tells a tale of Tokisaka Reiji, a detective who accepts a request from a strange girl named Kuchiki Touko - "I want you to look for something. Me. My true self." Kara no Shoujo The Last Episode, is the 3rd and final part of this story. Visuals: To begin with, if someone asked me how I would describe The Last Episode, I would probably choose the word - beautiful. From the art of the characters, to the grotesque victim bodies, Kara no Shoujo really put a lot of effort into it. This visual novel also have quite a few semi-movie type scenes, which are quite important to the plot, however, those who read untranslated works using translation tools should be warned, that text in those scenes cannot be hooked. Soundtrack: The soundtrack of this novel is quite simple, however very fitting, from more relaxing to tears inducing moments, it perfectly amplified the atmosphere. Story: The story itself practically takes place immediately after The Second Episode. It has multiple bad endings, normal endings, and 3 "more conclusive" endings - Grand End, それぞれの天国 End and True End. However, in order to reach the last 3, you need at least 2 complete playthroughs and a well timed save points. While I do not completely agree with all the decisions during the course of the story, at the very least I have to admit that they were quite fitting. The final 3 endings however, are worth discussing. While certain actions and choices leading to them are different, in the end these 3 endings felt more like a single ending split into free parts. If you only take them one by one, they will not feel completely fulfilled and leaves some things unexplained. Based on this, it might have been more practical just to make them a single ending. Out of the 3, Grand Ending feels the happiest, while True Ending is the most tear-jerking and bittersweet. It was probably the most fitting way possible to end this story. In terms of feelings, it reminded me of Umineko Magic Ending, which is my favorite Visual Novel ending or maybe even my most favorite ending in all forms of media. Conclusion: Kara no Shoujo The Last Episode is a very good visual novel and an extremely good conclusion to the series. While so far not that many people have completed it, but I believe that it will soon (at the very least in terms of VNDB rating) be known as one of the best visual novels of all the time. If there was one thing however, which I have personally desired, it would (SPOILER ALERT!) have been to see Touko somehow alive and well and have a happy ending for them, similarly to the Obsession ending from the part 2, but in reality. Though, I knew from the very beginning it was impossible. That is probably why the True ending felt even stronger.
  9. Have you tried installing DirectX, especially the ones that usually come with install disk? I used to have similar problems with Electro Arms and Zero Infinity on w10, Besides those you have listed, I would also have a problem where task manager showed that .exe was working, but nothing would appear on the screen. Though, be warned, DirectX seems to act strange on w10. For example, I had VNs which worked perfectly, but stopped working after DirectX updates.
  10. I will check them out. I have also tried to search for myself. Since you have likely read most of what I have found, could you confirm whether any of these match the criteria or maybe would would recommend to read/avoid any of these: Tasogare no Sinsemilla, Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide, Gekkou no Carnevale, Jingai Makyou, Sora no Baroque, Electro Arms, Zero Infinity, Kyokugen Dasshutsu series, I/O Actually, I am reading Clannad at the moment. I am somewhere in the early/middle parts of the After Story. After that, I will go with Tomoyo after to complete the set.
  11. It has been a while since I came here. I have decided that it is about time to update my plan to read list. My requirements are: if VN has a true route (which it preferably does), that true route is actually good or at least does not ruin the rest of the story or leave bad aftertaste (I am looking at you Island). A good example of what I call a good true route would be recent Silverio Ragnarok (though I am aware how high quality it was)... translation status - do not care. NOT pure slice of life, but rather pure fantasy or with fantasy elements. Though, I don't mind if it is detective/mystery as well. I am not fan of h-content in VNs, so preferably not pure h story. No yaoi or yuri.
  12. Thanks for review. Honestly, I can't seem to get into the mood for this one. I have managed to read 3 or 4 hours and can't seem to force myself to go beyond that point. Quite frankly, I am baffled myself, because I do like this series very much (because both Zephyr and Vendetta's route are in my top 10).... Anyway, how much of the development previous part received in Ragnarok? I mean besides the same world building. For example, Trinity had Kerberos and everything related to him. Does Ragnarok also have something similar? For example, do we get to see any characters from Vendetta and Trinity, especially from the main cast in Ragnarok?
  13. Ironically, I have started reading Baldr Sky Dive 1 exactly 1 year before English release date... I wish I could forget it so I could play it again.....
  14. Considering I have finished it fairly recently (it was my 100th vn), I would say Down the Rabbit Hole 2
  15. So nostalgic....You have no idea.... *sigh*
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