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  1. I can't really suggest anything since I prefer fantasy-romance over pure one so I will only drop my opinion here. Key works does the trick if one wants some emotional moments, but they aren't always related to romance. Another problem is that the majority of them are long and contains a lot of SoL which is not really related with the main storyline. I read LB pretty recently so I remember it quite well. Heroine routes were readable with true route being the best in terms of story, but focused more on friendship rather than romance. As for Hoshimemo, prepare for one of the most annoying heroines ever. If only someone game me a dollar each time I heard onii-chan while playing it... However, IF you want romance, I would recommend this one from those 3 choices. If you ever want to switch to fantasy-romance, go for something like Steins;Gate first.
  2. Kajiri Kamui Kagura hooking

    Thanks. Turns out ITH was working fine. It is just the fact that prologue can't be hooked. I wish I learned about that sooner.
  3. Kajiri Kamui Kagura hooking

    That is what everyone told me. They all said that ITH worked. However, I had no such luck. For example, ITHVNR and ITH are working perfectly with Senshinkan and their engine should be the same. Furthermore, with ITHVNR I don't even get "Initialization success" message which happens after the hook. Like I mentioned, I get extracts of such questions whether I want to quit the game. And if you are talking about regedit + facefont thing, then I can't do it because that folder lacks facefont keys. In fact it has only 3, among them I could recognize only 1 which was location of the game (compared to Senshinkan which has dozens). Creating new key does not help. Edit. I don't think this is against the rules, so could you drop me a link for a latest ITH.
  4. I asked this on different place, but it didn't help so I will ask here. I have trouble extracting Kajiri Kamui Kagura text. I know that all light games have this problem, but I couldn't find solution for KKK. I have tried latest versions I could find of ITH and ITHVNR, but they failed. The only thing they extract is system text, for example when I click to close the program. Chiitrans crashed program immediately. I failed to find any working hook code ether.
  5. Kara No Shoujo 2 Discussion (Possible Spoilers)

    I would say that Toko's story is only a little part of KnS 2. However, there is a quote from Dante (just don't remember was it from part 1 or 2) which sounds like this "Abandon all hope all those who came here". This more or less summarize KnS series so far. From my personal point of view, KnS 2 was more depressing and disturbing than original.
  6. Is there any romance in Chaos;Child?

    It depends on your definition really. Some people might identify some of routes as romance, while others would see them as friendship or attachment. However, at least in 1 route MC clearly stated that X girl was someone he loved. If you want typical romance routes, I would say that C;C is a bad choice.
  7. Chiitrans Lite problem

    For me personally, if I ever get this problem it means that Chiitrans was unable to extract anything. So, ether you can try to google a hook code (it worked sometimes) or majority of cases use latest ITHVNR. You can combine it with Chiitrans. Use ITHVNR to hook/extract, open Chiitrans and instead of hooking just open TL window. This way ITHVNR will extract while Chiitrans display text.
  8. Any recommendations?

    That is an obvious result. After all, majority of people here cannot read Japanese. However, this is not the only cause. Lets be honest, translated novels in this list is that good. Dies Irae is basically the god of chuuni. It was very well known even before translation. KnS is also a classic.
  9. Any recommendations?

    All novels in this list are very good so I will only give you some of my thoughts. Dies Irae - for me personally DI is number 1 fantasy/battle royal story, but if you read it, prepare for disappointment in majority of other chuuni novels. Baldr Sky Dive 1 - if you read this, read Dive 2 immediately. This is a single story, it must not be separated. Basically same as Umineko. Eustia - is pretty good, though it loses to other VNs in this list (at least in my opinion). Kara no Shoujo - good, but just in case, do not eat anything while reading. When I was reading part 2 I did this mistake and there was this one scene.
  10. Would VN ever recieve a Nobel Prize?

    I did mention that there is just something dragging it down. However, I would like to comment something you mentioned. Even if we change Nobel to any other literally contest which has more than average importance and different criteria, the result would be the same. In order for something of that level to be created and approved, it is necessary to have good popularity, fame etc. With the current content of an average VN, it is impossible for this format to become popular. One could easily recommend a book to someone else, but if he or she tried to achieve the same with VN, they would likely be misunderstood and made fun off. From my personal point of view, VNS MUST: get rid off h-content (except for those stories which primarily focus on it)>reduce amount of high school as the main setting>make some serious VNs (imagine if we had hundreds instead of 10 or so VNs on S;G level or above). After this much, companies would at least have a way to enter western markets, because now, they don't even have a good product to sell. As for those few VNs we discussed, KnS teacher/student part at least barely fits the story based on time when action takes place. In many countries it was pretty common occurrence during those times. I wouldn't be so sure about AI and giant robots. Matrix did have a cult following, while Transformers still make tons of cash even though everything besides special effects is bad in those films. Heck, the current superhero culture is much more ridiculous.
  11. Would VN ever recieve a Nobel Prize?

    Since it was bumped once before, I don't think it will really matter if I do it as well. My personal answer - not likely. Why? The main reason is the content of VNs. It was mentioned before that VNs have sort of stigma which would cause problems, but that stigma exists for a reason. Lets look at VNDB. It has over 22k VNs in its database. How many of them have actual plot which is more than "MC sleeps with a girl and a short sidestory"? 300-400? That is about 1.5%. The remaining 98.5% are already dragging the potential down. Now, how many of them is actually good and carries some sort of message? Answer is not many. Many of them are further ruined by useless h-scenes. The vast majority of the world enjoy porn, but would never admit it loud due to the reactions of others. H-scenes and cliche high school setting are like cancer killing its victim. Now, lets look a little further. VNs by their very nature consists of routes. In order for them to reach that great of the level, all of the routes have to be amazing in quality. For example, Steins;Gate. The true route is without a doubt one of the best stories I have ever read in all forms of literature. However, side routes were not good. How could something be rewarded if you had to say something like "the main part was good, BUT that part was trash"... Thematically, such VNs as Umineko - for obvious reasons, ML Alternative - war, PTSD etc., S;G - space and time, cause and effect, Baldr Sky Dive - human, machines, AI, KnS - tragedy, loneliness and acceptance, have potential, but there is just something dragging them down.
  12. It was most likely a bug. I was following walkthrough. When I retried performing SAME choices, I got a different ending. Anyway. It does not matter anymore. For now, everything works fine
  13. I was thinking that it might be bad ending as well, but there is a catch. First, there aren't really any choices which could lead to bad ending. 2 - walkthroughs do not mention any bad ending. Heck, I was using them from the very beginning. I am sure I did not make any mistake. I couldn't find any information about existence of any bad end. I really don't want to replay entire route again. They are way to long for that. I will try to re load from save I have (just before tape recording) and see how it goes. Edit. With a restart + CTRL I managed to go further this time. There were no difference in choices I made, yet I still got different ending. Now this is a first. I have never found unknown endings.
  14. Hello. Not sure if this is actually I problem or just mine misunderstanding, but still decided to ask. I have been playing Little Busters English Edition and finished routes in this order Rin>Mio>Komari>Kurugaya, but something strange happened. From my knowledge this route has 2 endings. Standard and one which unlocks after Refrain. Shortly after fireworks scene while MC was talking with Kurugaya, he said that he wish it lasted forever, screen faded to white and I got save notification. It felt strange to me because there were no credits unlike other routes. I didn't get the last choice from walkthrough ether. So I googled both endings and none of them matched the one I got. Rather it appeared that I was missing a part of content. So does English edition have different/extra endings/other problems or is that normal?
  15. Routes - the most unique aspect of visual novels. Ability to choose your own story and how it ends is what distinguishes VNs from other formats. Each VN can have from 1 to dozen endings. So I thought it would be fun to know what are your top 3/5/7/10 favorite route+ending combinations and why. Note, don't forget spoilers where necessary. My top 7: Umineko Magic end - brilliant ending for my favorite VN. From themes to music and execution - I found everything perfect. Steins Gate true end - same as above Dies Irae Marie and Rea - loved both routes. Because of these 2 routes and endings DI became my favorite battle royal. Though battles were better in Rea's route, I liked Marie more as heroine. Baldr Sky dive - Sora. Loved how everything was connected in the end. Concepts and execution were great to. Silverio Vendetta - Vendetta. It is a rare case where chuunige actually fulfills and actually adapts things it borrows from legends this well. Zephyr in this route became one of my favorite MC of VNs of all time. Vendetta was a great heroine as well. F/SN Realta Nua/Avalon end. Loved the narration.