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  1. VNs for learning Japanese

    Hanahira. Seriously, this is probably the first untranslated VN for the majority of untranslated readers. This list here has a variety of relatively easy VNs, however I need to make a few notes. Start with more school life stuff like Flyable hearts, Hoshimemo or Key works. School life is the basic vocabulary for wast majority of other novels (since nearly all of them takes place in highschool). Avoid Eustia, Baldr, Route Double, Subahibi, Chuusingura, Himawari or Island for now. They do have specific vocabulary that will make your reading hard if you know little of JP.
  2. Translated Chuuni VNs?

    I agree with above recommendations, especially Umineko since it is one of the best (at least my favorite), if not the best VNs out there. However, I would like to recommend you to postpone Chaos;Head for now. Chaos;Head has 2 versions: original and Noah. You can think of Noah as a full version which is supposed to fix flaws of original + adds additional routes. For now, there are English versions of Noah for ios and android, but PC patch is on the way. You might as well wait a bit till Eng PC patch is released, this way you won't lose all fun by knowing all plot twists. You also said its OK to posts untranslated ones as well, right? Before I started learning JP, I set myself a goal to read a few untranslated VNs that I was interested it. I might as well recommend these as challenges for you: Soukou Akki Muramasa, Silverio (series), Senshinkan (series), Vermilion Bind of Blood, Mahoutsukai no Yoru, Evolimit. These are listed more or less in terms of JP difficulty, Muramasa being the hardest (and hard as ****). If you want relatively easy Chuuni, you can try Tokeijikake trilogy. I think part 1 was translated though. If you want to learn JP, search for DJTGuide. It is probably the best place to start.
  3. Your Favorite OP's and/or ED's

    Definitely agree with this. Probably my favorite VN Op of all time. Though, one might as well list all of Dies Irae OPs. Muramasa one was good as well.
  4. Good 2017-2018 novels

    Could someone recommend me good chuuni or mystery VNs which were released in 2017 or 2018. Or something that looks promising and should be released soon (in 2-3 months) NO yaoi, yuri, rape, Silverio series (already completed) or incomplete stuff.
  5. I really don't get it what is the point of this sequel in the first place. Sounds just like a cash grab like Code Geass new movies are. The only way that I see in which they can make it work story wise is using world after one of Saya's routes, but that wouldn't make it a sequel, but rather just shared world.
  6. New When They Cry game preview

    It kinda reminded me Ghost in a Shell a bit.
  7. I will also repeat a few: Umineko Steins;Gate Eden* Fata Morgana Rose Guns Days Phenomeno Planatarian Saya no Uta
  8. What is your favorite Season in VNs?

    When I read the topic I tried to remember at least 1 VN, season of which I would remember. I think KnS was in Winter, right?
  9. I guess in turned into my tradition to post osts of VNs I have finished. This time Tokyo Necro:
  10. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    I will repost what I posted of reddit and got completely voted down. All VNs can be divided into 3 groups: 0 h-content VNs like Steins or Umineko just a little bit extra to the story - basically majority of what we read here: Fate, Muramasa, Baldr, Silverio, Dies Irae etc. full h-VNs - the group I dislike the most and find useless, but hey that is my opinion. Basically everything without any story, but pure h-scenes focus here (99% of VNs). Ok, so first group shouldn't have any problems. Second group can be easily dealt with. We have many examples here. The problem is with the 3rd group. Those games are bought for the purpose of porn. What is the point of buying censored porn? If we talk about that white light censorship that is usually used, wouldn't it mean that customer would buy a game that is majority of time simply a white screen? It would make 3rd group worthless. Another problem is what type of content is censored. If h-content is censored, shouldn't all games with a lot of killing be censored as well? That would make the majority of the market. If they are not censored, then we need to ask a question why sex is worse than massacre.
  11. I don't see Baldr Sky Dives here. Did it get translation while I was sleeping?
  12. Bradyon Veda for me. No matter how hard I try, I keep getting bored since it feels empty.
  13. Well, I won't bother repeating and explaining stuff, just join the group which suggest reading Steins;Gate, Fate/Stay Night and Grisaia Series. Furthermore, I would recommend to read them in this order because of their length. S;G is the shortest of them all, then follows Fate. Grisaia on the other hand, is long. You cannot simply stop after reading 1 part or you will lose excitement. From personal experience I recommend reading all of Grisaia VNs one after another in order to complete the experience. That is why I also recommended reading S;G and F/SN before Grisaia.