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  1. Yikes. A double dose of stupid. I have the game on vita. Notice how I said "replay". Not that it matters. Moving on..
  2. Hey guys, using PPSSPP emulator on my android galaxy samsung s10. Had to use an older version of PPSSPP to play Dangaronpa 1 as you can't really click on anything with the newer version. Anywho, played through hours of the game with no problem until I came to about halfway through chapter 5, where I get stuck in an infinite loading screen. Now, if you search for this problem on google, you'll found a forum thread actually from this forum where someone had the same exact problem years ago. Unforutunately, whatever worked for him didn't work for me. Tried using the newer version of PPSSPP,
  3. Branches should be left for trees. I want one story. That's why i loved the wildflower girls vn. Kind of went through each route in one playthrough
  4. Thought of that idea but that seems like a bad way to enjoy the game to me
  5. Heya. Saw that chaos child came out for vita, so decided to play chaos head on pc first before playing the sequel. My question has to do with the delusion triggers. If i pick either the green or red dot thingies, it plays either a good delusion or a bad one, right? If i pick neither, no delusion happens. Here's my question, if i pick either a good or a bad delusion, do I still see what would happen if i hadn't picked either after the delusion ends? What i mean is, am i missing out on what happens in normal reality if i pick one of the delusions? Or does it still play a
  6. Hmm i checked out the pc version and it seems to be the same as fate stay, where the text covers the entire background, including the sprites which are dimmed, if you get what i mean. Still no names. Must be how it is
  7. Heya. I don't really think this is a bug or anything so I decided to put the thread here. Anyway, i noticed that when using VNDS on my android phone to play Umineko, there are no names displayed above the text. Granted, a sprite of a character always pops up when they talk, but I'm not sure WHO they are unless someone else says their name. Is this just how Umineko is? No names displayed? Other games in VNDS show names just fine. Lastly, while i was hesitating whether or not to post this in the tech help forum, the choice was taken away from me as
  8. Felt the same way. Surprisingly wanted more "Christina" as well. The chemistry between the two were great. Really hope there's a third that takes place after.
  9. Loved it. Not so much the second game, to be honest.
  10. Heya folks. I'm not sure if this should fall under the game tech forum as its not for any specific game but for like half the visual novels out there. Anyway, i like to use splash top remote 2 to play vns that are running on my computer from my phone. Normally besides a little sound delay sometimes, it works almost perfectly. However, for some reason, some games just don't want to react to a simple left click or tap from ny phone like other games do. To make it work, i have to hold down on the virtual left click button until it stays indented, then click it again to
  11. How's the first game? Calamity trigger I think.
  12. I'm confused by the "when will this be done" Q and A. So this isn't a fan translation, but a translation you're doing but only going to sell to the company who made the game, instead of releasing it to the public? Why even bother making this thread then? Seems like you wanted the attention and glory of a fan translation project without actually doing what they do, which is releasing it for free after. Unless I misunderstood the Q and A, of course
  13. Damn you for being able to read Japanish... I'm jealous.
  14. In the Majikoi series, is the MC a bad ass too? I ask because I just started it, but I'm kind of worried he seems a little plain. Maybe it's because I just went through the Grisaia VNs, so I currently have a low tolerance for wimpy/passive MCs. You said he fends off an obsessive girl. I'm pretty sure I know who that is based off playing for a bit, but by fending her off, do you mean how he just continues to reject her? I guess I'm pretty much asking how part of the story goes, but I don't want to bother playing if it only amounts to something like that.
  15. Comyu started out decent, but every time his childhood friend opens her mouth, he turns into the blubbering whining flustered MC. Got sick of it and dropped it
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