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  1. Quick update, we found an editor on reddit. That mean the project can finally take off. We hope to release before 2020, if possible, before next summer.
  2. Hello everyone, we have started working on a reinsertion project for Sonohana 12. We need an editor who's passioned about Yuri VN, not just Sonohana 12 or that series in particuliar (Since we can get C&D anytime by MG). Someone fluent in english and preferably japanese would be ideal. The translation needs a thorough editing pass since the translator speaks in a dialect. The translated text reinserted perfectly, had to do the line breaking manually though. We can provide screenshots if needed about the current progress. If you are interested, contact me in this thread and I will PM you with the discord server URL. In the case of a DMCA/C&D request, please send a message with an account backtrackable to a legit copyright owner. I will fully respect your request and move to an another Yuri VN who's not related to this series. Thank you very much for your interest.
  3. Nekonin exHeart

    4h, not worth more than 2$ in my book. Might pirate it like always.
  4. Well, i only heard about this 1-2 week ago but i can say this look very good. Mostly like an ultimate edition made possible by the fan. Link to the release : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/KSPreAlpha/discussions/0/135512931353371081/
  5. Akai Ito translation recruitment and news

    Do you mind if i try to do recruiting on other Visual Novel Community and redirect the translator interested ? Also, do you need an Editor and TLC and QC ? I can do the QC for the obvious error since i am not a native english speaker and do bug report of the engine.
  6. Akai Ito translation recruitment and news

    Could it be possible to promote the project on fuwanovel so we could get a translator to translate the 2k remaining line and maybe even an editor. I ripped the website of zohar translation and made an offline html link zipped : https://mega.nz/#!fYpFmBLZ!6dpf2SdEJKTUvTaNOz5D8d2WllRv96Xi8NYj9Z9DQPA Edit : You should use the help from this topic for getting some translator and editor and qc :
  7. Anaheim Girl's Love Story Hacking Project

    I am still looking for some help for file extraction, i will give it another shot tomorrow if the python beginner manual's online tomorrow (was not when i tried at first). Otherwise, i might simply try something else using the official engine dev kit, i will install a japanese windows 10 on a VM and try to translated the gui with some input using my surface pen (or maybe using the camera function on the google translator app on android. Otherwise, i am stuck waiting for anybody's help... Might aswell do some scouting if i cannot do anything for extracting the file.
  8. Hi everyone, i would be interesting to see a real translation of Anaheim Girl's Love Story which's a Yuri and Mecha VN. The translation's already existing (in a form of html file...). Various hacker tried in the past to make tool, some are public, some are not. Yes i did make my research and tried for myself (being a yellow hat hacker). After more than 2 hours, doing research and testing tools, i found mostly what's needed but mostly incomplete. So here's the status of the stuff i found. Before Everything, an introduction of the VN : Anaheim Girl's Love Story's a fanfic from Gundam, 2 female electronics engineers who become in love while building a gundam. It's a Yuri with Mecha on a Gundam setting, it do has adult More info : https://vndb.org/v6924 -The HTML file contain almost all the translation of the VN, there seem to have some line untranslated according to some hacking thread from previous attempts. Around 850 lines would be required to be translated from Japanese to English. Source in this archived thread and patch's also there : http://archived.moe/u/thread/1352750/ -It might also need some TLC, Editing and QC if the previous one man translator did a bad job, cannot verify since i am still cannot read japanese and my english's not a native english. -We need to have tools to extract it, the tools i found are incomplete extraction tools made in python (i think it's python 3). The hacker did made a kickstarter for personal profit from those tool (35 backer, around $750) and give up because of depression. I believe it might be able to extract file but not recompress them correctly, i did not got any luck to extract the game.dat file. Source in Python : https://bitbucket.org/tinfoil/irl/overview -A good news, the official Japanese engine's public, you can download it on the official website, so guessing the extractor work, we might be able to recompress them with the official tool, might need an expert view about this. It just seem applocal or syslocal in Japanese's not enough and you need windows to be in Japanese for it to work (or maybe Windows XP build since the app's menu's not showing in UTF-8 encoding (old Japanese machine language printing instead of real Japanese)). A guide about how to compress using the engine exist with the link to the official website : http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=11572 -We also need to recopy each line into the script or each script (if it's segmented correctly like any rational dev would do). That could be either done myself (after TLC, Editing and QC if needed) or multiple user could help copy pasting or i would simply manage using some VBS in excel and notepad++ (since i can only do some basic delphi and some advance vbs in excel, well, that was 2 year ago). Having a reinsertion tool or script would really save us time. So, what we need at first's an hacker who could extract the game.dat file and get the script from it. Nothing else can be done until we got the script. Thank to anyone having a try, my knowledge has a yellow hat hacker's not enough, so i hope someone could do what nobody has succeed. Thank you. Team : Reinsertion : Myself Translation : Oppai-Missile (original html file) Tools : tinfoil (Unfinished)