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Panditty Adventure Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (25/02/2024)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title because we have Shiravune just announced Mashiro Iro Symphony while we know that Qruppo parodied Digimon Adventure opening in their Nukitashi 2 opening, I decided to parodied Digimon Adventue by changing 'Digimon' into 'Panditty' with Panditty is the translation choice from Shiravune in regard of Mashiro Iro mascot character (Pannya), so we have 'Panditty Adventure'. Anyway, for this week it's still quite interesting to a degree, albeit not as much because of the release like the last one, but rather because Shiravune did a surprise move by announced Mashiro Iro Symphony which if we know it's one of the most requested VN to be translated. Other than Mashiro Iro announcement, we have Lunaria release and QA work for Aoi Tori. Overall, this week is an above average one, and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

Cherry Kiss released their nukige with the heroine has very big breast, and turned out it's magical girl nukige with the premise the former magical girl must came out of the retirement because the cadre of the evil organization cause some chaos. However there's a catch, namely the magical girl power is came from sex (Of course) which her husband can't provide, so her only hope to get the power is to have sex with the MC who is her husband's disciple (That's why there's NTR in the title). We also have Lip Trip release which has nice art courtesy of Chigusa Minori who work on GL manga (Shino to Ren, Convenient Semi Friend), and it's not coincident that Lip Trip is GL VN. Go read Lip Trip if you're in mood for short GL VN with the office setting, and have fun. There's also some small reference of Omegaverse in Lip Trip, and I only know that there's three additional gender in there with the verse is usually used for BL work. Speaking of BL, we'll going to have Paradise released on April 26th later.

This week we have ChuSingura reached 40% mark translated. For the other fan translation progress, we have Akagoei 3 is at 28.54% edited along with 0.08% in QA and Taima Seiko Alice is at 35% translated. Daybreak also finally starting work on one of their planned project, namely Majikoi Ryouken After in which it's the after story for Majikoi A that tell the story on how Yamato will get closer to Margit (Who also called Ryouken) and her squad, which inevitably will lead Yamato to have sex with the whole squad. Not exactly my favorite when it come to what I want to see it translated, but at least it's there if one want more Majikoi. Oh yes, currently 1 out of 46 script files of Ryouken After has been translated, or in percentage it is equal to 2.09% translated.

Nekonyan has already started the QA work for Aoi Tori, and I just hope that it'll goes well seeing that the risk for it is quite high, especially from Purple Software deadline on top the rude Wake-Up Call from Valve in form of Tenshi Reboot ban with Valve usually take their time too much when reviewing the build (Like in Amazing Grace case). Speaking of take their time, the reason Visual Arts released Lunaria for console only right now might be because Valve reviewer is too slow reviewing Lunaria despite the VN is initially available in PC. For Lunaria's premise, it's about the MC Tabito who is a genius gamer is the virtual online met a girl in the Moon who is also AI Avatar introduce herself as Lunar-Q. With Lunar-Q did want to see the Earth, Tabito do his best to make Lunar-Q wish came true. Lunaria itself is another short VN from KEY, although unlike Tsui no Stella it's quite light. Go get Lunaria if you want more KEY VN and also have Switch, and have fun.

Shiravune released Ego's Spark, and I can assurance that it has good art courtesy of Study Steady artist. Oh yes, it has robot girl heroine who is designed as sex robot and yet develop the emotion of dislike sex. Obviously it won't stop the VN to have sex scene, so the MC obviously will help the robot girl to teach the girl to like sex. Go get Ego's Spark if you've been want to play it. Lastly, there's Shiravune new title, with said title is Mashiro Iro Symphony, and of course they also got Sana Edition with Shiravune understandably chose to translated 2023 HD version. The main attraction of Mashiro Iro is obviously Tsubasu's art which is said to be quite beautiful. That said, Mashiro Iro is more or less a moege with the premise the MC school is about to be merge with the all girl school, and the MC face the opposition at first. Note that it's more or less a moege, so obviously no dramatic drama like in Evangile (Despite the similar premise). As for the release, initially it was listed on April 26th, although they changed it to Q2 (ie at most June 30th) for understandable reason, so let's see if they can still release it on the initial date or not.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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