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Re;Lord ~The demon lord of Toyotoki and the songstress~ Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (31/03/2024)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and for the title because we finally have Sekai released ReLord 3 with the sub title '~The demon lord of Groessen and the final witch~', I made the parody with I change 'Groessen' into 'Toyotoki' (From Ihanashi no Majo English title, Tales from Toyotoki) and 'the final witch' into 'the songstress' with songstress part come from one of Venus Blood Hollow fandisc title 'The Dragon Songstress'. Anyway, for this week initially I thought it would be a plain one, but near the end of the month there are several sudden release along with Mangagamer finally do another updates. Overall, this week to me is more or less a below average one, and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

We have a new publisher called Ramune Games about to release their debut work, LingerieS, with the premise the trap MC was assigned to take care of the lingerie shop that his twin sister take care of while said sister have some other business for the whole two months. From what I see, apparently it's another single heroine VN, and looking from the number of the side heroine we may have more parts available later. In any case, the plan is to release the VN in this year later. Ramune Games itself is the branch company of the developer who usually made nukige, so we may have 18+ patch for this. Speaking of this year release, we finally have Ihanashi no Majo English language support for Steam with the support will be available on Autumn later (The Switch version will be available on this Summer).

It's interesting if not funny on how both Ninetail and Sekai decided to do sudden release for both of their VN, and it's good for the latter now that they have one less title to worry about. No much comment on Venus Blood Hollow fandisc other than it'll focused on the dragon sibling (Julia and Liese) who will received a lot of love from Leon's trusted tentacles, and feel free to play if you want more of Hollow (I'm still waiting for Ragnaro's KS). Sekai did suddenly released ReLord 3rd, and with it they finally done with ReLord trilogy. For the premise of ReLord 3, we have the demon lord MC finally almost done to liberate his territory from the witches, although obviously the MC still need to face the hard fight seeing now he need to deal with two enemies at once. Go get ReLord 3 if you've been waiting for the release before playing the trilogy, and have fun. We also have Shiravune announced the exact release date for (Redundant) Taimanin Yukikaze, with said date is 30th later.

Once again, this week we have Mangagamer's updates. As for the updates, we have Hana Awase PC port is in progress, Funbag Fantasy 4 is at 80% translated along with 78% edited, Rance 03 is at 73% translated, Rance X is finally reached 90% mark translated, Sex Open World is also passed 90% mark translated (92%) along with 86% edited, and Ixseal is at 84% translated along with 81% edited. Honestly I only care for Ixseal here, but it's good to see that Rance X finally almost finished its translation work with X has a very big amount of text. Lastly for fan translation, we have Akagoei 3 is past halfway (50.05%) edited, Ryouken After is past halfway (55.58%) translated, Taima Seiko Alice is at a quarter edited, and ChuSingura is at 41.53% translated with Chapter 2 is past three quarter (76.43%) translated.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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