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If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday. ~Pearl Buck

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VN of the Month April 2024

Decent month both in quantity and quality.    1. project canvas ~Isekaijoucho Ikusei Keikaku~ project canvas 〜ヰ世界情緒育成計画〜 [240401] ENTERGRAM Girl is scouted by an idol agency. So she decides to begin lessons in preparation for her debut as an idol. Free release with single heroine. Woul

VN of the Month March 2024

Just three titles if don't count android exclusive and two fandiscs   1. Macau Midnight Madness マカオ夜中の熱狂 [240321] Ume Softworks Things are not going well for poor Mikayla. She was once a big tennis star, winning championships all over the world. Then one day, the magic left her, and she stopped winning games. Fast forward to the present day and Mikayla is now a tennis

VN of the Month February 2024

Surprisingly adequate number of titles in February, so I could safely cut couple titles that would fit otherwise (notably, Alice49 EP.0 "Diamond to Shukurimu" and 5fungo ni Igai na Ketsumatsu Monochrome no Toshokan).   1. Haison Sansaku-Kai Katsudou Kiroku 廃村散策会活動記録 [240203] mokosoft  He wanders into the village and comes face to face with the
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