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Yu Yu Hakusho: Prisoner Files Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (07/04/2024)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review. For the title, because we have Tengoku Struggle with the female MC being the step daughter of King Enma tasked to return the prisoners from Hell, I decided to make the parody of the old anime Yu Yu Hakusho with it has the son of King Enma as one of the major character by changing 'Ghost' in its direct translated title (Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files) into 'Prisoners', so we have 'Yu Yu Hakusho: Prisoner Files' as the title. As for this week, we have several releases which to be frank not really interesting to me. Another thing to note is that finally Ninetail announce their timeline for Ragnarok Kickstarter, and ironically it's the most interesting news in this week. Overall, this week is another below average week and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

Aksys did release Tengoku Struggle, and for the premise we have female MC Rin who is the step daughter of King Enma tasked to return all of the escaped prisoners that suppose to face their punishment. In order to have good chance to successfully capture the prisoners, Rin enlist the help from Goemon and several others handsome prisoners to do her job, and obviously we'll going to see the romance blossom between Rin and one of her helper. Go get Tengoku Struggle if you have Switch and want to play it, and have fun. Dramatic Create announce they'll localize Nie no Machi along with it's fandisc, and from what I see Nie no Machi is BL VN with the MC is stranded in the world of between the living and the death. For the release time, the main game will be released in this year and the fandisc will be released in 2025. Also there'll be PC version as well, so you didn't need to buy Switch if you want to play this.

Shiravune released Holy Slave Academy, and well no much to say other than it's old nukige with the MC was the teacher who tasked to mold his student into the sex slave by using any means. Speaking of nukige, Cherry Kiss also suddenly released their nukige back in April 1st, and it's about the MC who has his own bunny suddenly transform into the girl which of course will have a lot of sex with the MC. Ninetail announce the time for their Ragnarok Kickstarter, and they say the KS will start some times in May later. Ninetail also mention some difficulties in regard of their upcoming KS, such as no gameplay demo thanks to the engine issue, the increased shipping price because of the rising cost, and the increased price for one of the pledge.

For fan translation, we have Taima Seiko Alice is at 30% edited, Akagoei 3 is at 53.37% edited, ChuSingura is at 41.91% translated, and Ushieta is at 44.9% translated with Airi's route is fully translated. For Ushieta here, obviously this is quite big achievement seeing the old project was stopped at 35% translated, so good job to the translator for finishing Airi's route. Anyway, now that Airi's route is fully translated, the translator planned to working on Nagisa's route next.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

PS - I know there's some significant update in regard of Ginharu, and I decided to save the talk for next VNTS Review.

Edited by littleshogun


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