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Changes in the prices of certain KagariSoft products

Today we made some adjustments/increases in some products developed by KagariSoft, this is to avoid losses and to afford new projects. Users who already have their projects in their libraries or have already purchased them will not suffer any inconvenience with this. This increase only applies to new purchases of these products, below is the list of products that changed price. Ren'Py MessageSystem (6 USD) Dark Butterfly: after dream (4.99 USD) Orion Video Player (6 USD)

Ren'Xel an app to generate translations for Ren'Py using excel

Today to my colleagues visual novel developersvisual I come to share this tool that I updated today patching some bugs. This app allows you to generate an Excel file that can be used to create a translation of  Ren'Py   What is Ren'Xel? Ren'Xel, is an app that generates an Excel file from Ren'Py's dialogue.tab file using python technology, it is also able to generate a .rpy translation file to import translations faster. The app was intended for developers to send only the E

Roses Of Love Survey is back!

Hello everyone! Today I want to announce that the Roses Of Love survey is back, this time this survey covers the demo and the early access version. So now those who submit the form will be able to choose the version they played and fill the form with what they think about the game. However, please note that this survey is not intended for you to send your reviews; this survey is exclusively for me to know what kind of players the game attracted and to learn from their tastes and opinions. I

KonKonCrashReport64.exe stopped working

Due to several internal bugs on the app side, it was decided to stop supporting this app. If you require any help regarding a game that is having problems, please log in to the discord server and report it there. KagariSoft will stop supporting this app, and it will be removed from the next updates of the games in which this app was included. It is likely that the support will be migrated to another format to provide better support for users, however, for the time being the app will n

First KagariSoft Jam!

First kagarisoft jam, the idea of this jam is to help new and veteran developers to create their first or next project. The theme of this Jam will be artificial intelligences, you must include in your story a character that is an AI. The genre of the game can be whatever the developer chooses. Submission rules: A visual novel must be submitted. The use of creative commons assets is allowed (Recommended for low-resource developers) No images or AI-generated text are all


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