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Increase Number of Recent Topics to 10?


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  1. 1. Which one do you prefer?

    • 5
    • 7
    • 10
    • 7+7

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It's handy, that's what matters in my opinion, I vote for it to stay 10, it's just weird because you're so used to 5, it'll grow on you after a while :P


I also want to point out that this is really helpful for more prolongued recent topic visibility.

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10 seems like a little much to me, too. But then again, I hate change and love flooding the New Threads sidebar. Because I'm a grumps. Or a tyrant.


Right now we're at 10 which seems rather excessive, but then again these sorts of changes require a little time for adjustment. It's been there a day (now two), so how about ~Wednesday we scale it back to 7, give it a few days, and see if we better like the land in-between? 

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If you can put a scrollbar why not just go for 5-7 in size but have 10 topics in it? 


I just think 10 is helpful for visibility purposes, 7 just adds 2 more spots (better than nothing but still)


I'm for an increase regardless, just thought 10 was more helpful, i get the aesthetics part though, hence why I'm sugesting the scrollbar.


Edit: oh you meant to put 7+7 with scroll, that's fine too.

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