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  1. Considering Fuwa is a VN forum first I'm very surprised there isn't more people talking about the new Higurashi anime Anyway, 6 episodes in and it's pretty good. Art style changing from the original may or may not put off some of the old veterans but it still has that Higurashi charm that can attract the newcomers into the series. As for Kami-sama ni Natta Hi, the usual Maeda SoL charm is there so its good on that front. Fingers crossed however on whether Maeda can pull off the climax and ending this time around since Charlotte doesn't really have a good last episode. And for the rest of Fall season: Majo no Tabitabi which is basically Kino's Journey except the MC is a witch Jujutsu Kaisen, the standard solid textbook supernatural action shonen, Tonikaku Kawaii which is the fluffy RomCom of the season Adachi to Shimamura which is the yuri fluffy RomCom of the season with a weird little thing that the author forced in because he can't let go of Denpa Onna Munou no Nana with the Boku no Hero Academia ripoff (but not really) Maoujou de Oyasumi as Doga Kobo's next fluffy SoL manga adaptation Hanyou no Yashahime for the nostalgia of finally being able to see the world of InuYasha againit's been 84 years Senyoku no Sigrdrifa which is Tappei's (ReZero's author) ambitious original anime project (1st ep is a crazy 44 minutes long!) Akudama Drive which everyone touts as the dark horse of the season (and it is) Then there's the sequels. From Haikyuu season 4 (or 5), DanMachi season 3, Mahouka season 2, GochiUsa season 3, Golden Kamuy Season 3 and finally another god damn love live anime. Oops almost forgot to mention Kimetsu no Yaiba's movie which kept breaking Japan's box office record left right and centre. Oh almost forgot Kud Wafter's movie/OVA is coming really soon too. All in all, this season is actually pretty stacked despite the COVID impacting the industry. Anyone can more or less have an anime that's right up their alley. But I suppose Winter 2021 does look so much more attractive compare to the current season.
  2. By far this week, Re:Creators managed to stole my heart. Not because of this week's episode. No no, not by far. The weird thing is I find that although this week's episode is definitely the best out of all but episode 1, other shows episodes for this week are definitely still better than Re:Creators. Examples are the jaw dropping AoT latest episode, the hype that BnH S2 brings in for next week's episode and hell, even the crazy comedy that Eromanga pumps out. But Re:Creators still stole my heart. Why? Well I have to tell you a little short story that could blow your minds... hopefully (not clickbait, I promise. Also spoiler to the latest episode). And there you have it. Maybe one or two of you already found out about this extra easter egg but for those that didn't I hope I blew your mind a bit.
  3. I feel so confused with Kado. On one hand it looks somewhat interesting on the other it has a very high potential of a tranwreck being happening. Which is weird considering the series could do well on itself without all the cube mumbo jumbo just from the things we see in episode 0. That being said, I'll still use the third episode rule and see where it goes from episode 1. Other than that, I'm surprised to see how well they blend in CGI with traditional 2D. It's not perfect but it's probably the most well done I've seen in anime so far. Hmm, now that I think about it, this is probably the first Spring season in recent years to not show an Isekai anime. Instead we're having the opposite of it. EDIT: Oops, looks like Gin no Guardian is an Isekai type anime. But it's from a Chinese studio based on a Chinese webcomic so... not exactly?
  4. Oh Spring has come and the big ones started rolling in. SnK S2. Well nothing much, it is good as expected. Amazing animation and OST, great pacing though the OP isn't as good as S1 OPs. Shame its only getting 12 episodes though... Boku no Hero strike gold, again. I'm surprised they can keep their shonen-esque style and still produce great animation especially in the last part of episode 2. With 25 episodes from Bones this one will definitely be a great ride. Busou Shoujo.... well it's shit, nothing much can be said other than that. Adaptation wise too, which is disappointing since the manga's art are quite good. Maybe Silver Link is focused on making that Illya movie... Clockwork planet was a disappointment... maybe I expected too much since it's from Kamina Yuu... but this is definitely not NGNL. On top of that the studio is butchering the character design and animation. I'll keep watching to episode 3 and see if it gets slightly better or stays the same. Eromanga-sensei, well having dearest harem MC VA Matsuoka doing an MC of a series from the author of OreImo means it'll be hilarious while possibly having another shit ending (again). Same formula, different characters. Nothing special other than the comedy but let's see where it goes. And from the animation looks like A-1 is on top of their game too for this LN adaptation. The second cour of Little Watch Academia is starting and surprise surprise, it actually have a story. Let's see what Trigger comes up for the plot twists for this show though makes me wonder if they will keep the somewhat disney friendly atmosphere... Re:Creators... oh boy, the director of Fate/Zero, Kara no Kyoukai and Aldnoah doing an original anime with Sawano? For 22 episodes??? Color me interested but considering some hyped original anime usually became a trainwreck in the end I'll keep my expectations low. That being said, first episode has very solid animation and god amazing soundtrack (doesn't surprised me, It's Sawano after all) while having a somewhat decent story. Alice to Zoroku... well this looks quite fresh albeit the evil labs and experiments part of it seems a bit stale... The character interactions are pretty great overall and other than the jarring CGI in the first episode, everything else looks sharp. Will definitely keep an eye on this one. Rokudenashi first episode is shit, well a fresh kind of shit but that's not exactly a good thing. The second ep is a lot better and has a very good world building that surprises me. Really loves how they explain the magic but other than that the story seems rather bit too cliche. It's pretty enjoyable however... Sakurada Reset is possibly the most boring anime I'm watching this season besides Busou and Clockwork. Shame since the potential is there... Well it's just the first episode and it's going to be a 2 cour show so let's see where it goes but I'll definitely keep my expectations low. Zero Kara hajimeru, nothing new, nothing special. Cliche all around but it doesn't seem to be too bad and could turn out to be pretty decent. Soundtrack is good enough and animation too. Definitely enjoyable though. Shuumatsu... thought it's going to be one of those weird LN adaptation with long names but.... seems very interesting. Great soundtrack and more than decent animation. Story seems good and has a lot of potential. Possibly AOTS? Maybe but it's too early to judge. What surprises me though they uses Scarborough Fair for some parts of their OST. I don't think many anime do that and it's done well too. IMO definitely a must watch And last but not least, Sakura Quest, or what I would like to say, P.A. Works struck gold. Definitely the highest contender for AOTS of new anime in this season for me. Great character explanation, great OST, OP and ED as well as crisp animation. It can still go to a trainwreck but I'm still going to keep my hopes up. Oh yeah forgot about Frame Arms Girls or what I would like to call it as "I have no idea why I'm watching this". This and Renai Boukun is contending for possibly the dumbest anime with a somewhat entertaining value of this season. I wonder which one will come on top...
  5. Decided to take up Flip Flappers. That is ridiculously one vewwy pwetty anime of cute girls doing cool action. Plenty of symbolism there too and with a good story and twists later on. Probably one of the better anime of Fall 2016. Also picked up Gi(a)rlish Number which IMO is very underrated and underwatched. The first 3 episodes are just so savage towards the current anime industry, and the second half feels like Oregairu but in the world of working, granted the story is by Oregairu's author hence the similarities.... but eh, still very enjoyable. The MC is also just adowable despite being one of the bitchiest MC I've seen in years... I'll put Yuri on my watch list, though not now since that part of the spoilers kind of makes me on the fence whether it is worth it or not.... Anyway it's onto Winter 2017 now! Time to watch even more anime~
  6. Finish watching MGRP and decided to read the rest until Jokers (volume 8). Gotta say, that's probably one of the best death game series, probably even more than Danganronpa.
  7. Welp, that's a ridiculous disappointment. Really thought there's going to be something more than just 3 good first episodes and then fuck all in Izetta.... Seems like only a few non-sequel anime are even worth watching this season..... let's see here. MGRP. Weak start but it's very good starting from episode 4. Keeps it's quality until the last episode although the ending feels extremely rushed and non-climatic. Hopefully we got a sequel for this one. Drifters. Enjoyable action and gore but honestly I don't see much story to this.... then again it is from the author of Hellsing so I should've seen this a miles away. Making the antagonist "that guy" is worth the watch though. Didn't think any series could pull that plot twist. As for everything else, an exciting and much better second season of Bungou Stray Dogs, epic and sensational third season of Haikyuu, intense heartfelt drama in Euphonium second season, and the usual great mecha action and crazy politics in the second season of Iron Blooded Orphans. Wew, thank God I didn't drop any of the series in previous seasons otherwise I would have nearly nothing to watch this season.... ....Hm maybe I should start that uber popular yaoi on ice anime... or not...
  8. Heck yeah, MGRP is one of the most underrated show this season. Granted it's not that amazing but it's really enjoyable nonetheless. Didn't expect much from it and the 3 episode rule doesn't really pique my interest but I decided to give it a final push and watched episode 4... it definitely exceeded my expectations. As of the latest episode, the show became incredibly hyped and one of my most looked forward of new anime this season, replacing Izetta which just became worse and worse after episode 1....
  9. Uhm.... battlefield one? Well honestly if it's that I can only see one. The one that the guy in glasses uses in the trench. Other than that I don't think there's other weapons from that game as the soldiers are using M1 Garand... probably. Izetta's rifle too, I think it's PTRS-41 but I might be wrong on that one.
  10. So in Drifters. In the end, everyone who got ...Nai wa~ What is this, an Umineko chess fight? At least it turns out to be much more exciting than I thought....
  11. Did anyone read wEEb's blog post about Secret? Holy cow, those aren't just your average drama.... talk about an anime story....
  12. For a second there I thought I was watching a Shinbou SHAFT anime on drugs.... but nope it's just Occultic;Nine. God that was way too fast and full of ADHD. Well let's just see what's gonna happen next even though it's ultra CConfusing at first (hehe C what I did there hehe) and leaves so many questions that could fill up an entire book and that entire book has absolutely no commas or fullstops or any kind of punctuation to indicate any kind of a break. Regardless, this anime can go both ways so let's go with wait and see... Izetta is going on the right direction but it still can go awry. Only time will tell. 3-gatsu no Lion could be interesting. Been a while since I watch an anime from Shinbou. The animation is a bit off-putting but the story seems pretty interesting. Mahou Shoujo Ikusei.... that plot twist... should've seen it coming.
  13. Izetta off to a great start. The character design really reminds me of SAO though, probably because it is Abec doing them.... Mahou Shoujo Ikusei. Well let's see if this one can actually do a good dark Mahou Shoujo anime. Hopefully. Or at least enough blood and gore to keep being interesting Bungou stray dogs season 2!!! What!!! There's not a single And finally KyoAni saving anime again with a double length episode for Hibike S2! More moe, more yuri bait and more convoluted yet natural high scholl drama~
  14. I know this is cliche and has been said over and over again about Subaru but isn't his as a person supposed to be disliked? I mean, didn't he supposed to represent the average non-functioning member of society? The NEETs, the nerds, the "nice guys" or the special snowflake?
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