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What Anime are you watching now?

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Watching Servant x Service. 6/13 episodes so far. As it's from the creator of Working!! i expected it to be good. Well, it is rather good, but... Could be better imo. I like Yamagami and Chihaya. I absolutely don't like Tohko, she's damn annoying, so get lost, girl. Others are... From so-so to meh from time to time. Their behavior irritates me sometimes because it's like they're afraid of just talking and constantly apologize to each other... Even Yamagami. I mean, i'm used to it in other shows but not to that extent. Remove it and show will be better.

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Rewatching busou shoujo machiavellianism tbh I don't know what to watch until next 2 weeks (1-2 maybe) :notlikemiya:
I'm type who watch when anime finished so I can go all the way instead waiting a week for 1 episode. 

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2 hours ago, Jun Inoue said:

"not bad" is a 7 or 8? Dang boi :isla:

Haha fair enough. I mean, I'm enjoying it and it's keeping my interest but it's not as amazing as I was expecting given the ratings. I'm still looking for the next, spend-the-whole-day-watching-and-doing-little-else, "this is one of my favorite stories ever" anime that leaves me wishing I could watch it again from the beginning without knowing anything about it. I thought this might be it but it isn't. 

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