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What Anime are you watching now?


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3/4 of the way through Conception and I low key really like this show. It's relentlessly unserious and stupid, and it's hilarious to see people complaining and incomprehensible plot and uncomfortable gags like if it was a genuine harem. At the moment the show is on the red herring BL episode, with the protagonist looking for the yet unknown 13th magical waifu and getting confused by the horny magical-tanuki-mascot-thing that the missing maiden might be a guy... And the protagonist REALLY gets into the mindset. Harem fans on Crunchyroll were not amused, I think it's pretty hilarious. 🙃

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So yeah, while the last episode of Conception was a bit more serious and cohesive (ie. boring), for the most part the show stayed consistently degenerate and mind-breakingly stupid. I'm tempted to throw in the major spoilers, because it's hilarious how fucked up they are, but I think I'll refrain. I kind of want more people to watch this show for themselves, because I genuinely feel it's overly vilified – the parody and off-putting perviness was so obvious from the beginning that I'm shocked there were so many people unable to immediately identify the kind of parody it is. It's like they expected genuine ecchi and romance in something absolutely disinterested in delivering those and got offended by not getting any. I give it a somewhat shaky 6/10 and a fairly confident "so-bad-it's-good" seal of approval. :mare:

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Ayy what’s good you old FuwaFucks 🤙

I’ve been watching Glass Mask the “newer” version, its pretty good for a drama, shoujo. Romantic elements present but not overt, realistic setback and character growth. When i saw it had a pretty gold score on MAL i had to give it a shot, and havent been disappointed 

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