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  1. Shuffle! Sequel announced

    I liked Essence+ very much. There was a fan made translation that was like 45% done ages ago, I read that. Mayumi had a very nice route.
  2. Recent (Japanese) Things You Have Purchased

    Exchanged the Town Box for a 2004 Toyota Crown Mild Hybrid Super Deluxe some time ago cause the right side had spray painted spots that started showing rust.A taxi model of the ordinary Toyota Crown that uses a older style body. https://ibb.co/jR4fqGB https://ibb.co/YLbLrFG https://ibb.co/zXKV4JP
  3. Living in Japan as a foreigner - AMA

    Ah yes, a third generation Honda Acty. I've owned one, very nice to drive. The clothing pictures are nice, but I also would like to see the more ordinary fashion. The web stores I browse very least don't seem to show everything at least if you go by what kind of clothing is seen in manga. Thanks for the pics, but I do hope to see more when you live there again.
  4. Living in Japan as a foreigner - AMA

    Pwease send photos of the cars and clothing while you are there?
  5. What Anime are you watching now?

    Just watched the 2nd Heaven's Feel movie...and wow. It is exquisite. Superb. Awesome. Splendid visuals. Also...the way Sakura was rendered in a certain scene, well, lets just say that kind of appeal at that kind of proximity in real life you'd explode. Just off the charts.
  6. Heart of the Woods (Yuri VN Review)

    A very good VN. And some of the revelations about the characters you don't really manage to anticipate, yet they do not feel like they were added there just for surprise. Definitely worth every penny.
  7. Yuri Game Jam 2018 VNs, part 2

    One’s Lonesome, Two’s Company was great. Would be nice to see a full length version.
  8. Yuri Game Jam 2018 VNs, part 1

    I read the Mystics of Sapphia demo ages ago, I liked the story premise, and the nice looking backgrounds. Character art however somewhat rubs me the wrong way, too much gloss, and polish making them look like living mannequins sometimes.
  9. As long as it fits the story, I don't really have a preference on if the ending is 'bitter' or 'sweet' or 'happy'. As long as a relationship doesn't end just because of some plot hand wave, or "this is just a passing phase" in case of yuri romance novels, I don't really place an importance on how the story ends. Relationship continues, breaks, or is mended after breaking all fine for me.
  10. What Sources Do You Use to Find New VN's?

    Search through Steam every few months, look around what people are playing on Discord if they've found anything that interests me, and follow @Plk_Lesiak's blog.
  11. What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?

    Rise to Ruins, a godlike meets tower defense game. Played 5 hours straight after getting it. Really fun figuring out how you build your village so it grows fast enough to meet the ever increasing enemy presence.
  12. Exactly one year ago, a New Era has begun...

    Well seeing as I haven't installed it before on Steam, I can't find it. People who had it before removal will be able to access the game, but those of us who didn't can't. The install link trickery won't work.
  13. Exactly one year ago, a New Era has begun...

    Keep on going with those EVN posts, I like them. I actually found a few new ones to read while looking at your blogspot, but for one(AIRIS) the download is removed sadly.
  14. Sol Press 2019 Licensing Survey

    As always, every time there is a localization survey I submit just a single title: Akai Ito.
  15. Ssssslithery greetingssssssssss

    These days they have airbags, and other safety features ordinary cars have. They are designed for city driving though, 60km/h(this is the speed the drive them up to on the emissions tests) to 80km/h at most even if the meter goes all the way up to 120km/h or 140km/h if it is a turbo(older pre-2000 ones it is 100km/h and 120km/h). Sure you can drive them on the highway but then they will guzzle gas just like SUVs do.