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Episicava [BxG][action,adventure,psychological,war][patreon]



One day, the face of the Earth was changed permanently when it came into contact with a mysterious force known as the “Alpha Nebula”. With it, humans developed various unexplainable abilities, and divided themselves based on those traits.

The main factions include: The Tonitrui, the Excedente, the Praecantator, the Permuto, and the Northmanni. All have their own set of unique abilities that came with infamous Alpha Nebula collision, with the exception of the Northmanni who remain largely unchanged.

Among these races however, existed a special group of people who managed to retain all the other race’s abilities. They were a very powerful, but small isolated group of people, called “emulators”.

Arin Arlento was one of these people, living in a remote village with his grandfather and other emulators. All was going peacefully, until it was attacked by the Northmanni empire, who slaughtered his entire race and kidnapped his childhood friend, Aria.

Being the only other survivor, Arin escaped into the Northmanni empire, hiding and plotting his revenge. That is until finding out that Aria is still alive, and is being experimented on by the Northmanni.

Resentful of the world that took everything away from him, Arin begins his quest to retrieve his friend, and exact retribution on those who destroyed all that he held dear.

It’s one misguided man against the world.

Genres:[action, adventure, superpower, psychological, romance, war.]

The GUI, done by Trey Fletcher;



A preview trailer done by Amy for our Kimochi launch!
















The northmanni president- a figurehead. Kato uses a lame looking man as his representative to throw off the other representatives and the general public.

Ace- the leader of the tonitrui and the father of Alacria. Has a twisted fatherly love for his daughter thinking that she needs only what he provides for her to live.

Boyd- the leader of the excedente. Brutish and heavily ethnic. Believes in the rule of survival of the fittest.

Greta- the leader of the praecantator and a very sly and cunning woman. Plans to use Luxia as a trump card to start an all-out war. Heavily militant.

Kara- the leader of the permuto and a very lazy and carefree woman.

Cheshire-the personal maidservant to Alacria. She was the one of the best assassins in the tonitrui secret service and has developed very deep attachments to Alacria.

Kora- Aniam’s mother and the one who trained her. She is very harsh to Aniam in front of other but is very kind and loving when they were alone together.

Choza- a childhood friend of Luxia who was killed because he was ‘weakening’ luxia’s fighting ability.

Structure: the story would be mostly linear as the choices mostly appear during battle and have their instant bad ends attached to it.
The common route before each branching point is not very long as it serves to introduce the heroine who you would be branching into.
It has an enforced playing order of Alacria->Aniam->Luxia->Salia->Aria.
Once the reader branches into the four other heroines the main story ends there and it focuses on the specific problems of the heroine.
Aria’s route is the one true route and continues the main story to the epilogue.

Setting: one of the main features of this story is that it is adventure styled. The protagonist and his posse of troubled combat capable girls move about on the various continents to seek new shelter. Each continent represents an ethnicity or fault of human nature.

Northmanni- Mordern day society. Styled after Japan and America.


Fulgur- represents humanity’s scientific progression and the harm it causes.


Tribus- represents African tribalism and the cultural implications it puts on its people.


Militum- represents medieval society and the militant nature of humanity. It shows the unnecessary need of humanity to go to war for power or greed.


Salutem-represents humanity in it’s unevolved stage. Survival of the fittest.


story- 1) prologue- 100% (will be used for demo)
         2)part 1- { common route 100%, Alacria's route 50%}
         3)part 2- {common route 100%, Aniam's route 10%}
         4)part 3 - {common route 100%,Luxia's route 0%}
         5)part 4- {common route 50%,Salia's route 0%}
         6)part 5- {Aria 0%}
         1) sprites - 0%
         2) bgs - 10%
         3) cgs - 0%
         4) GUI- 100%

music- 15%

programming - 25% (100% of demo)

recruitment- currently our team consists of myself, my assistant writers Rebecca, Snailmusk and Alana leilani, our GUI and logo designer Trey Fletcher(valhalla), pandadeath and Ayano our programmers and our assistant director as well as our composers Nathan Cleary and Tim Reichert (Fulminus Ictus). Sergey Savvin (Buka125) has joined our team for backgrounds While Leon Flores (mobu mobu) would handle our character art. Bonesy is in charge of our PR/Promotion.

miscellaneous - we're planning on going commercial with the project but will be crowdfunded with kick starter. the demo script is practically ready to be produced.

Please show your support for the Episicava visual novel by becoming a patron! thank you!


check out our blog at : http://episicava.tumblr.com/

Some previews of the backgrounds by Sergey Savvin.





Edited by dfbreezy

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To be completely fair, when I first heard of your project, I thought it's gonna die soon and/or suck majorly

After reading this post and looking at the single character art, I'm positively surprised

Seems good, hoping for the best for you

Edited by Arcadeotic
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I pretty much second what Arcade said here, seems pretty neat! Keep it up and best of luck.

Regarding this post, perhaps rework the format of the presentation.


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Man I can't believe I didn't see this earlier, I find it quite interesting and the art and sprites look pretty damn amazing as well.

Keep up the great work, I'll definitely keep an eye on this one. 

dfbreezy likes this

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Posted (edited)

Good News! 

Epic works has partnered with Nutaku to develop and publish Episicava! As such, our date for our crowdfunding and game release has been set!

The link to it would be posted here when we start. Thank you all for your patience!

Edited by dfbreezy

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