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  1. Ay folks, new update out. https://elevatortl.vntls.com/2016/10/01/the-second-coming/ Also take a TL;DR Total translation from 34% to 43% New team member: TabiKarasu handling translation checking. (Show him some love.) All technical sides of creating this patch is mostly done, all is working as intended for now. Interface is fully translated and is being edited. This includes all 100 items and many other images. Oystein is addicted to WoW… Again~ VNTLs Launched, a service to host a free wordpress site where everything is themed around translation projects
  2. I just said "Should I gather the scripts for this and get it all running?" I have zero regrets...
  3. Last game I played was Lovely x Cation 1... My Avatar is a picture of me... I think I win But if we are talking real video games, I played We Happy Few. So time to pop up on some joy and gander upon the city of smiles!
  4. The question Aizen is when are you releasing a patch? Anyway, it is pretty much as stated. I get why people pirate games, not everyone have disposable income, heck lets be real not many here even earn money for that matter. But heck gotta give em to Fuwa for fighting that fight and changing their ways. (Shut the hell up Oystein that was ages ago.) WELL EXCUSE ME Excuse me I have been awake for soon a day and I am in the process of moving. (kill me now pls.) So good post Aizen. I logged in just to tell you this.
  5. Welcome sweet prince Remember to watch out for @DergonuThat is all I have to say. I almost forgot AMANE IS BEST GIRL!
  6. Midnight sun is extremely common here and it a sight to behold. Svergie is pretty chill, I love how cheap everything there is! But the snow tho....
  7. https://discord.gg/Y4Sd7UZ Flick my bean on here mate, Discord is my primary source of communication.
  8. Well easiest example of a website I setup for our team, just click the ElevatorTL logo in my signature.
  9. I might be the guy you need, perhaps. I assume you are looking for a website for Episicava?
  10. Welcome to the lot. Also I'm using a image of myself...
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