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  1. Currently reading Steins;Gate and It has everything I'm looking for in a Visual Novel, anything actually regardless of media. Superb story line with flawlessly written character along with their individual character development between one another. Captivating events/scenes/art/music I love the music, with intense realistic logic adapted into an already sensible world that brings everything together without question. I'm no big fan when it comes to high use of realistic hard physics in shows and genres I watch and read but after getting through the slow points (the build up to the game) I am having loads of fun especially when they bring up theorems to support their reasoning throughout the story. If I could I would beige read this game to the very end and not stop until I was finished but life sucks...I played my first run without a walk through (I find that more intriguing when I run into endings I wasn't expecting) and got Suzuha's ending (which I really enjoyed from beginning to end.) If this story continues on this path that made me spend 8 hours of my day off just reading nonstop then It'll be in my top 3 when it's over. I have a few people to thank for the recommendation. I'm having a blast.
  2. Hey Christina, I'm on chapter 6 and Steins;Gate's story just exploded! This story is breathtaking, I'm so hooked right now. I just need someone to chat with about it. lol 

    1. Kurisu-Chan


      Well, no problem, feel free to contact me.

  3. There is quite a lot to say about Umineko but I don't want to spoil anyone who hasn't played it personally. The writing is superb and the comcept was so deep that it's still making me wrack my brain even after finishing it days ago. I would love to have a discussion with a few others to learn more theories behind it. I do admit I felt a tad unsatisfied as the ending drew near and still even now I feel that way but regardless Umineko is a journey through words that I won't easily forget anytime soon. I ultimately gave it a 8/10.
  4. Oh nice choice. Let's have a fun Danganronpa chat after you finish it. You are playing the 1st one right? Yeah you'll get plenty of death to go around. I just finished Umineko completely and planning to start another game soon. Woot~
  5. Episode 6 spoiler Did Kyouske just kill the killer of the game when he finally stabbed her in the chest? Haha! My theory on YT may be right! And Hajime at the end gave me chills. Can't wait to see more.
  6. Haha Nice, It's great to finally meet you Ronovue my favorite demonic furniture. . Let's talk Danganronpa some time. I can't wait for the V3 game. I'm expecting it to be just as good as 2. And that's really cool working on 2 released projects. Here's a Chiaki! I'm all for hearing your theories on what will happen next too!
  7. This song is so nice. I can believe it's found in something I've never even heard of. It makes me want to travel though a vast forest in search of something only known in fairy tales and myths passed down from generation to generation. I can feel time moving by slowly with the cords in this. You truly awakened me to a gem of a song. I must download and hoard for all eternity. Thanks so much! One of my favorite songs. It touches on a lot of emotions welled up inside me for way too long.
  8. Cidra


    Hey there, I hope to see you around often so we can chat about your favorite VNs and more. Welcome to Fuwa!
  9. I will chat with you sometime if not today! Pm me anytime I'm new here too so let's stick together.
  10. Hey I like your avatar a lot. I hope you enjoy this place a lot! Lets chat about likes sometime~ Welcome to Fuwa! Oh and we have to talk about persona some time REALLY SOON!
  11. VN's mostly I guess. If you play normal games too I'll be glad to talk to you about that too. So let's hang out sometime.
  12. I will definitely give those a chance when I'm finished with current game! Thank you so much Kurisu! I want to know your favorite games so we can chat about them sometime!
  13. I'm just not sure, I hope the rertanslation is a lot better. I seriously thought it would be a better game and to be honest I bet it is a better game. It was just to plain and boring. When the retranslation comes out I'm giving it another go. Even if the game turns out to be mediocre in the end, as long as I have a more appealing experience the 2nd time I'll be so happy. Crossing my fingers on that.
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