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  1. Summary: One day, the face of the Earth was changed permanently when it came into contact with a mysterious force known as the “Alpha Nebula”. With it, humans developed various unexplainable abilities, and divided themselves based on those traits. The main factions include: The Tonitrui, the Excedente, the Praecantator, the Permuto, and the Northmanni. All have their own set of unique abilities that came with infamous Alpha Nebula collision, with the exception of the Northmanni who remain largely unchanged. Among these races however, existed a special group of people who managed to retain all the other race’s abilities. They were a very powerful, but small isolated group of people, called “emulators”. Arin Arlento was one of these people, living in a remote village with his grandfather and other emulators. All was going peacefully, until it was attacked by the Northmanni empire, who slaughtered his entire race and kidnapped his childhood friend, Aria. Being the only other survivor, Arin escaped into the Northmanni empire, hiding and plotting his revenge. That is until finding out that Aria is still alive, and is being experimented on by the Northmanni. Resentful of the world that took everything away from him, Arin begins his quest to retrieve his friend, and exact retribution on those who destroyed all that he held dear. It’s one misguided man against the world. Genres:[action, adventure, superpower, psychological, romance, war.] The GUI, done by Trey Fletcher; Structure: the story would be mostly linear as the choices mostly appear during battle and have their instant bad ends attached to it. The common route before each branching point is not very long as it serves to introduce the heroine who you would be branching into. It has an enforced playing order of Alacria->Aniam. Once the reader branches into the four other heroines the main story ends there and it focuses on the specific problems of the heroine. Due to various issues, Episicava would be released in 3 separate volumes as opposed to one whole. Setting: one of the main features of this story is that it is adventure styled. The protagonist and his posse of troubled combat capable girls move about on the various continents to seek new shelter. Each continent represents an ethnicity or fault of human nature. Northmanni- Modern day society. Styled after Japan and America. Fulgur- represents humanity’s scientific progression and the harm it causes. Tribus- represents African tribalism and the cultural implications it puts on its people. Progress: story- 1) prologue- 100% (will be used for demo) 2)part 1- { common route 100%, Alacria's route 70%} 3)part 2- {common route 100%, Aniam's route 70%} art- 1) sprites - 85% 2) bgs - 100% 3) cgs - 95% 4) GUI- 100% 5) Character designs- 100% music- 100% programming - 75% Team; Kotario (me) - Lead dev and main writer Snailmusk - Assistant dev and secondary writer Tristan Hallihan (Cipher) - Secondary writer Tim Reichert - Composer Nathan Cleary - Composer/Sound designer Leo Flores - Concept artist and character design Zhao - Main Character Artist and character design Hanh Chu - Secondary Character Artist Kertasu - Secondary Character artist Alais Legrand - Backgrounds Artist Joe "Bonesy" - Programmer/Marketer/PR Valhalla - Graphic Designer miscellaneous Please show your support for the Episicava visual novel by becoming a patron! thank you! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3731847 check out our website at : http://epicworksnovels.com Some of our recently done CGS: Some of the backgrounds done by Alais Legrand; Thanks!
  2. Episicava [BxG][Kickstarter and demo out!]

    Good news! We've completed our extended demo! Play it by clicking on the image below! We also re-launched on kickstarter a few days ago! If you're able to support us, we would be eternally grateful! The link is in the image below.
  3. Rate the avatar above you

    Death comes in many forms. That is one of them. 9/10
  4. What counts as shameless promotion?

    Narcosis being nice... something feels out of place.
  5. Episicava [BxG][Kickstarter and demo out!]

    Hello Everyone, We are terribly sorry to bring you this bad news, but unfortunately we'll have to shut down Episicava's campaign due to internal issues with our art team that we feel would prevent us from completing the game by our original planned deadline. We feel that delivering to our backers is our most important obligation, and as to not end up with a disappointing release, we feel this is for the best. Nevertheless, we refuse to give up on the project and have decided we will continue to work on a release, but instead as a trilogy, which will allow us to better balance out our timeline for development and budget. Each volume will be 1/3rd of the full game and will be sold on the same planned outlets.We are very sorry for causing this inconvenience, especially to those who backed at the higher tiers. If you still want to support us for the game, you can opt to support us through our patreon: link Feel free to ask us any questions you might have either through direct message or on our twitter, Facebook and discord channels; twitter.com/Episicava1 facebook.com/EpisicavaDiscord.com/ZhUkUEk Thank you for supporting us, we hope you will continue to do so in the future.
  6. Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday, Asshole. @Narcosis
  7. Episicava [BxG][Kickstarter and demo out!]

    We are now live on kickstarter! Help us reach our goal of making an awesome action visual novel! Link.
  8. Opinions on Protagonists

    As the title says, this poll is for me to see what my fellow Fuwanovelers expect (or prefer) from a Protagonist. The criteria does also apply to female protagonists since their traits, but i'm mostly focused Male protagonists with this poll, preferably BxG to narrow it down.
  9. Birthday thread

    Thank you very much, @littleshogun!
  10. What is the appeal of visual novels?

    For me, it's simple. VNs are easier to read and more attractive. Not just superficially. Like everyone has said, Vns are a different medium altogether, so by making comparisons to other forms of media, you shot yourself in the cock. The mistake majority make, is not even understanding the execution or scope of VNs. How? When judging a VN, most categorize by Art ( Sprite CG), Music (BGM) and writing (prose). It's sad when people judge/appraise an item by 50% of it's quality. Vns are not based on those few criteria i mentioned, but alot more. Consider the Visual Effects used (if any), consider the SFX, the GUI, the directing (post-programming). Once you base your judgement on all of these, your review becomes more complete. Excessive? Unnecessary? If you feel appraising with all these is too much and not worth it, then don't appraise at all. Half-baked appraisals hurt other people's drive (creators). The moment you said you dropped the Vns, you moved the gun to your backside and shot yourself there as well. I in particular ( and my general view) feel that someone who is unable to completely consume a product, has no right to appraise it. The saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" didn't pop up because someone was trying to sound cool. In the same sense, your current representation to me, based on what you said, is "I dropped it because i didn't like it, so it is shit", as opposed to the more appropriate mentality "I dropped it because i didn't like it, so it's not my thing". in the latter quote, the consumer understands and respects the fact that his personal tastes do not judge the product as a whole, as there are hundreds of other opinions to the contrary. TL;DR: I am not pointing out pros and cons of VNs. I am showing you how to "Open-mindedly" assess the pros and cons of VNs. I think you should pick up some of the recommendations in this thread and keep the points i mentioned above in mind. You must always remember, that your opinion is one out of many and unless the majority share your opinion, it's only singular. Like my shitty opinion i just explained.
  11. Rate the avatar above you

    i don't know what that is 10/10
  12. Well, you could try Comyu. It has the presence of the almighty Kagome-sama. One of the most powerful and overbearing personalities in a heroine ever.
  13. Episicava [BxG][Kickstarter and demo out!]

    Hey Guys, I just want to thank all those who took the time to back us on Kimochi and to announce hat we'd be live on Kickstarter next month with a short demo of Episicava's game play and a spiffier trailer as well! Look forward to it, my friends! Here's a gift for you all, Episicava's first CG;
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    Terrifying. 9/10
  15. Episicava [BxG][Kickstarter and demo out!]

    Good news Guys! We are finally live on Kimochi! Come and support us for great rewards, and help bring this Vn project to life! https://www.kimochi.co/Episicava
  16. As a Law student, and with the facts you've mentioned above, the "troll" in question is liable for more than just assault. If a smart lawyer handles the plaintiff's case, he could also be charged with psychological harm, which is a touchy area of the law. But minus the surety of his liability, this action, along many others soon to come, may force the internet to have to adhere to a central authority in the near future. Even though the internet isn't as free as we think (there are eyes everywhere), those watcher thrive in the shadow. Continued acts of open violence would grant governments (i'm assuming through the U.N) to create a treaty that allows extensive control over the internet and it's resources. If more an more people answer the question of "Is the internet a dangerous place that needs to be policed?" with a "yes." our freedoms with it, superficial or not, disappear in one go. It's sad that most of those who do things like this never stop to think about it. Jut use their basic logical processing to realize the bigger picture...
  17. Common routes.

    I had some debate with fellow intellectuals about the nature and purpose of common routes. So i thought i'd ask the community, writer and non-writer, what you expect to see from common routes. I am of the opinion that common routes are "tools" utilized solely for story progression and minor doses of the other choices. A sequence of events leading to the heroine routes. I mean, if you're gonna have character development in the common route, why do you need a heroine route (minus the gracious ability to be with your waif of choice). What do you all think?
  18. Episicava [BxG][Kickstarter and demo out!]

    Our trailer for the Kimochi has been added!
  19. Episicava [BxG][Kickstarter and demo out!]

    Good News! Epic works has partnered with Nutaku to develop and publish Episicava! As such, our date for our crowdfunding and game release has been set! The link to it would be posted here when we start. Thank you all for your patience!
  20. Rate the avatar above you

    Retro cool 8/10
  21. Fat acceptance and the lack of fat characters on VNs

    Hmm.. i think i'm beginning to understand you a little bit better @anoyoruniyakusokushita. And because i can understand your view a tad better, i can properly tailor my response this time. Terribly sorry for the comparison, but how do you feel when you look at something... unappealing? There's that internal cringe, and the sub-conscious attempt to look away. That is the same as looking at the obese. Like i said, The Obese are veritably beautiful internally. But externally they don't appeal to others. It is a human perception that is inborn. it is not acquired. That is why young kids look at fat people and point at them, sometimes saying nasty things. Their parents didn't consciously raise them to insult fat people. Neither did they miss out on the fat in cartoons like chowder. But on viewing a fat person, their mind instantly recognizes, that this is not how a human is supposed to be. As such, their embarrassing comments or reactions. Society only plays a part as they grow up and become more accustomed to social relations. that's when the teasing begins among peers. That is when society is the culprit. Unfortunately, like you said, the perception of beauty is subjective. However, according to Pluto (or was it Aristotle?) beauty itself is objective in the world of forms while our subjective perception defines that beauty. So given the psychology i have stated above, obese is not beautiful externally. And as such, a vast majority would agree with me. It is as unfortunate as humanity's innate warring nature. these are things that cannot be changed at the core without a catalyst or miracle. Also i think it's be advisable to stop comparing the woes of the obese to the woes of the black. The two are NOT the same please. As someone who is black and has been obese i can say that with certainty. Please try to avoid using such a comparison since the margin is rather wide, and maybe utilize a comparison which is much more... compact.
  22. Fat acceptance and the lack of fat characters on VNs

    Thinking like that is exactly why most people get up and rebel about various things. You don't understand the deeper mechanisms that go into running the world. What i said may not be 100% lexical, but it is 100% Philosophical and Factual. If you think an "opinion" can never become fact then you have another thing coming friend. Opinions run this world. They run demand and supply, basically markets and social preferences. They control morality. They control politics. They control everyone. Consider Opinions as not some dictionary word, but as a facet to human existence. Can you refute that killing is bad? Yes of course, but not without it's social repercussions. A fact, lexically, is something that is totally accepted by society. As such, if the majority of society take their opinion and force it upon the minority, it becomes fact. That my friend, is how the world works. If you feel you still don't understand this fact, i'm currently shoving my opinion on you as a minority since mine generally aligns with the majority. Do you also understand the term "Privilege"? A Privilege is something that is earned by great feats and hard work. It's not given out because we feel pity. Like i said, society decides who gets the privileges and at what time, so you're pointlessly advocating when it's time is not here. Until fat people become a thing, this is as productive as ignoring climate change or since you want media attention, Actually telling a good story and having characters not be evaluated on how they look but what they are there for. This is exactly how things work my friend, you just don't know it. I've spent years working in politics, so i know very well how popular demand and societies preference works. So that is why i can calmly tell you that you're not going to move society by crying out like this. Do not presume i do not know the pain of fat people, @anoyoruniyakusokushita. I was fat from grade school to junior high. I suffered ridicule and various verbal abuse at that time because i was fat, short and most of all ugly. I was one of those kids you'd describe as "puberty hit them like a train". In senior high i lost all my weight. I was still the same human being, no surgeries, no cosmetics, yet i had become hot and attractive (and still am). All the things i dreamed about when i was fat (mostly nice girls) came after me. I was able to partake in sports without stopping to breathe a tankard of air. I didn't get sick as often. i could sleep without feeling like i was choking myself. This, This is the benefit of losing weight. There is no benefit in gaining it. Do not praise the unwell just because you want to feel good about it. In the Final Fantasy XV OVA, the yellow haired guy (forgot his name) was fat as a kid. Then inspired by the protag of the anime/game, he lost weight. To someone who has been obese before, that montage were he was working to better himself was nothing short of inspirational. That my friend is what you should be advocating for, not showing them as they are and saying "well it's fine right? they're beautiful inside even if they might be dying." Also, i find it strange that you did not challenge my statement regarding developers. At least that much you do understand. As a developer and even as a formerly obese person, never did it cross my mind to add a fat character to Episicava, even as a cameo. Why the hell would i want to encourage people to suffer physically like i did? That would be madness on my part, i'm afraid. That is why i said fat people should not be insulted or bullied because i know the pain of that. But they should not be praised because i also know the danger in that. TL;DR: The obese are beautiful. they definitely are since i was. But they are beautiful on the inside, not the outside. Harsh, but it's a fact. Very few people want to look at someone with enough rolls to hide items. Even fewer want to see them in sexual media like eroge. But you might be in luck though. Apparently "BBW" or obese people get quite a bit of attention in porn.
  23. Fat acceptance and the lack of fat characters on VNs

    Body; Hmmm. So you're saying a producer should run the risk of being shat on by consumers or making losses because you want him to push a minor agenda? Now, everyone possesses an individual opinion about something. That is "Subjective". When majority of the individuals possess a similar opinion, it becomes "Objective". It becomes fact. Average individual: Killing is bad. Murderer: Killing is good/necessary. Two opinions. Yet one has transcended to become fact due to an overwhelming majority. This is non debatable. Why? Because what i'm saying is FACT. Unfortunately those who share your opinion are a vast minority. Fat people are humans, they deserve human rights. They deserve the same benefits every human gets not including media coverage. That is a privilege that is determined by society. "Bald head and thick beards." "6'0 foot tall" "Slim waist big ass" "Plot/Tits" These are various "trends" or preferences of society of the now. So in various media, they get most of the attention. Those are the demands of society because they are Visually appealing. Conclusion; Being fat is optional. Those who are fat should not suffer socially because of it. They deserve to be treated like everyone else. On the same vein, those who are fat should be treated like everybody else. They should not be given any unnecessary praise or recognition separate from what society wants. They made their choice. They chose to eat. Whether it benefits the individual or not is not something that should capture attention. They deserve neither positive nor negative appraisals. Like Snailmusk said in the previous post, there are much, much bigger problems than positively approving the obese. TL;DR: Society decides what it wants at the end of the day. If it ain't the obese, you gotta wait till their time comes. There/this was/is a time were anorexia (or extremely slim to be more precise) was/is a thing. There was a time where chubby/meaty was a thing. Given the fickle nature of humanity, obesity will become a thing. Push it's agenda then, not now. P.S read this passively/superficially. Do not read tones or meanings into it, or it will ruin the simplicity of my message. While i was typing i possessed nothing but a poker face and a calm demeanor. Please do not visualize anything else while reading. Thank you.
  24. Vi

    Hmm, as a VN lead developer and writer, i myself , also feared my idea might be stolen and so did others who didn't know how copyright works legally. To cut it short, if you have expressed your idea in any form or medium (including creating a sprite), then you're safe. That's if someone steals your idea. The chances of that are as low as @Snailmusk's chances at getting laid, or @Narcosis's chances at ever being a nice and lovable guy. However i might be interested to assist in your story depending on where you take it. Narco is right, that premise has been squeezed dry like Turkeys during the last quarter of the year. So if you branch out to create something original, you'd get alot more attention that way (otherwise, you'd have to rely on art). And the final question, which you should put up in your original post, is the question of whether your VN is free or commercial.