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  1. Updated a few things, previews of new sprite artwork and so on...
  2. I've ported it over to Ren'Py and updates the links. It's much higher quality now, please give it a try
  3. I'll look into Renpy for a future release. This one is more like 'testing the waters' and I very much would enjoy some feedback and criticism.
  4. Back in 2016, me and my friends were just fooling around with the idea about making a game about ourselves and we needed a fast result. It was really easy to edit out Umineko out of its script and put whatever we wanted in its place, didn't take much time and the language was easy as well. The project stopped after the completion of the prologue. In late 2019-2020, I've decided to revive it and that's when 1-3 chapters were written. I continued editing Umineko's script and then eventually I ported it over to Ciconia's for that 720p resolution. Nscripter... sucks and I totally agree with you about Renpy and I want to port everything over to Renpy. Plus, I'd feel much better knowing that I built the script rather than use 7th Expansion's coding. The problem is that I don't have much time to learn Renpy's language but I'll definitely do it someday.
  5. Visual Novel “306” was inspired by Umineko series written by Ryukishi07. It started off as an inner circle thing between close friends that eventually evolved into something bigger. The project started back in 2016 by me and my friend, without any prior experience with coding or character making and we are proud to say that "306" has evolved into proportions that none of us had ever anticipated. Currently, every asset used in the game besides the background art and music were all created by a talented group of people, driven solely by their passion. The project grows day by day, eventually, the plan is to have all the assets made by the team. This is not a commercialized project and will not be one until all the assets are something that we own. Sprite artwork : Gegi Petriashvili CG and various art support : Marie Mzareulishvili Code : Levan Petriashvili, Mari Babakishvili Original Score : Gegi Kirtadze Background art : Umineko When they Cry, Higurashi When they Cry, Corpse Party : Book of Shadows, Fate/Grand Order. PREMISE The plot revolves around a group of classmates who are entangled in a dangerous social game that threatens their friendship, principles and questions their nature. With one person leaving the game each day, the group of friends are forced to choose between who stays and who’s eliminated while something sinister gathers around them. PROGRESS Prologue – 100% 1st Chapter – 100% 2nd Chapter - 100% 3rd Chapter - 100% 4th Chapter - 100% 5th Chapter - 13% 6th Chapter - 0% 7th Chapter - 0% 8th Chapter - 0% 9th Chapter - 0% 10th Chapter - 0% 11th Chapter - 0% 12th Chapter - 0% 13th Chapter - 0% 14th Chapter - 0% 15th Chapter - 0% 16th Chapter - 0% We hope you enjoy our game. Default Text Speed of the game is set to 'Instant', we'd advise everyone to go into "Preferences" before they start up the game. ARTWORK Levan, one of the main characters, member of Tsubame. Achi, one of the main characters, member of Tsubame. Marie, one of the main characters, member of Tsubame. Sprite artwork is still WIP and will be done in about a month. Right now, the game is using placeholder sprites made by an anime-avatar creator, Rinmaru. Next release is supposed to include the new sprite artwork as well as heavy editing to the plot. If anyone is interested to be a beta-tester, please let me know. None of us on the team are native English speakers so if anyone wants to help out, it'd be much appreciated. LINKS Windows - https://mega.nz/file/wjBgVCoS#TIkCjnGrX096zcr_32R3HEmA0nbO6fMXfZHXuvUgzcE Mac - https://mega.nz/file/VqQ2wCpA#0P2bF9-dhxuaJ-4p0llxjX2ZRxD5t8WD7JdhwszPzYs Discord Server - https://discord.gg/gv7hftB
  6. Umineko and Higurashi, the When they Cry series is a must read to people looking for mystery VNs.
  7. At least Higurashi will be released soon, with glorious art and translation. Not to worry.
  8. Of course, I do. Umineko no Naku Koro ni.
  9. No, it is not me. But that is good news. But of course I might be incompetent towards the engine even if it's simple in theory. I specialize in Onscripter, which Umineko, Japanese Higurashi, Rose Guns Days and Higanbana runs. It's Ryukishi's favored engine. And I'm only interested in patching his works so I never went out and learned other Visual Novel engines. I never had such interest, plus it's quite hard to fully grasp the terrible scripts other games might run. I'm not a coder, nor have I learned computer science in my life, unfortunately. But my amateur skills are enough for Onscripter.
  10. That's good, I wasn't planning to give up on it but now I am a lot more motivated to continue. I did like some stuff from what I've read so far but it just couldn't click with me.
  11. Umineko is that kind of story, where you either love it or hate it. Something can't be enjoyed by everyone, unfortunately.
  12. Localization of this game is impossible. If it had any sort of gameplay like Corpse Party, DanganRonpa, Zero Escape, then it would have a chance but a pure visual novel is just impossible to release in USA. As we all know, MangaGamer is releasing a new translation with updated art of their own. They confirmed it that it would be on a new engine and not on BGI, which was used for the previous release. If this new engine is easily patchable I am considering to make a voice patch for it. I cannot say anything before I see how the engine works though. (If someone doesn't know, I am Levani from Umitweak, so I have experience with inserting voices to visual novels) The ideal thing for me would be if they released it on Onscripter, just like Umineko. If it was on Onscripter, it would have already gotten a voice patch by someone else and wouldn't need my involvement but the world is not that kind.
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