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  1. It was a difficult week, but quite efficient as far as working on Tales From Windy Meadow goes. We are now working on the epilogue, but also fixing older graphics that don't match the level of the rest of the game, adding new sound effects and, of course, fixing the dialogues. In some parts our designer rewrites pretty much 60%-80% of the original script. Yikes. At least the music is fantastic and needs no work whatsoever. ^^
  2. Well hello there! Our developer had a bit of time to spare and we are trying something new. From now on, many of the character sprites will have irides that reflect their character portraits. Details still may change, but it's a fun way to make some characters look more unique during the scenes which introduce multiple characters at once. And since it's a feature that should have been added four months ago or so, making it work required modifying something like 1400 PNG files. This is what our dev gets for making late-development changes. Bad planning at its finest.
  3. Greetings! Just wanted to let you know that Tales From Windy Meadow has it’s own store page on Steam! You can now conveniently take a look at the game’s description, trailer and screenshots, as well as wishilist it to make sure you won’t miss the game’s release nor the sales. : ))
  4. Thank you so much for your time, Lesiak! I have in plans another trailer with more... functional message, such as "a Visual Novel / 3 protagonists / *short descriptions of all 3* / some highlights" and so on, but I did want the first one to be vague... If you think it's not vague right now bur rather, as you said, too cryptic - maybe I missed the mark!
  5. So, the trailer wasn't officially shared in social media... I was hoping to see your opinion first since I can still try to change it. This version, however, is very close to my heart and I'm happy to share it with you. : ) Since this Visual Novel is a bit different, I wanted its trailer to also be unique. But is it even good? Do you like it? In the meantime, I think I fixed all the bugs and problems from the demo version of the game. I was planning to share it through itch.io, but I decided to wait with it for about a week. Nevertheless, if you find this project interesting and you would like to see the beginning of all 3 stories that are a part of the entire game, you can download the demo from here. : )
  6. I wanted to thank both of you for sharing your interest in the demo. ^^ I realized today that I can still improve a couple of things in the scenes that are a part of the demo itself so I won't share it right away, but I should be able to post it here during the weekend - unless a cataclysm will strike my hardware : )
  7. Greetings! Very soon we plan to share 1) the trailer 2) the demo version of the game 3) the Steam page for wishlisting. The former two are almost there - if they pass the testing process, we should be able to share them next Saturday. : ) Also, there is a good chance that Oray Studios (which makes a huge part of the game's graphics!) will show our work at G-Star 2018 in South Korea in just a couple of weeks!
  8. The last month and a half are just so... What's the opposite of "soul-crushing"? Soul-building? Anyway, all of the parts of the larger picture finally work together and look as they were supposed to. : )
  9. Slowly but surely, our Visual Novel gets closer to its destination. ^^
  10. I just updated the first post in this thread. Let me know if you have any questions or ideas how can I improve it further! : )
  11. I am so happy to see how much we pushed the game forward during the last two months. I'm especially proud of Iudicia's prologue. It was very interesting for me to try to adapt a character with Asperger's syndrome to a fantasy setting, in which nobody knows what this condition is or how could they call it. I hope that all this effort is visible in the scene itself. <3 Please remember that the game itself has three protagonists with their own struggles, dreams and doubts. Come and get to know them on our updated website. So, what do you think? : )
  12. Feeling anxious? Maybe stressed? It's #ScreenshotSaturday, let's chill together with our small lofi hiphop mix. Graphics are from our game, Tales From Windy Meadow, and the music belongs to Mittensさん. A perfect companion for a cup of tea and a rainy evening.
  13. Greetings! In Tales From Windy Meadow we have only one dream sequence, but I think it looks pretty well! We're sharing it for ScreenshotSaturday and hoping to see your feedback!
  14. From a scene currently worked on... We actually have time issues with adding the very needed sound effects. : )