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  1. Found some screenshots from 2019 Roadwarden demo and compared them to the ones I took this week... What a long journey!
  2. Hi there! Long time no see. In the meantime, Roadwarden got pretty close to what I hope is its last stage. I still need to fix a few things, but there's a chance the game will be available on Steam this September!
  3. The game has changed a lot over the course of a year and a half. Read more about the recent changes, updates, and the new demo in today’s devlog.
  4. The huge demo update is on its way, with new mechanics, updated dialogues, redrawn illustrations, better UI... The game is now slightly more complex, and I think it gets better at building the experience of being a traveler in a hostile realm. Here are some examples!
  5. When you ignore all the marauding beasts, ruins, dark bogs, and treacherous power-hungry leaders, #Roadwarden is actually cottagecore. (don't ignore them, though, they're cool) I’m preparing the next version of the demo. Not only I second-draft all the oldest areas, I also introduce new systems for the player to use them to their advantage, as well as new interactions, choices, obstacles, and visuals. It’s insane how much this game grows, and I’ll share more news very soon.
  6. Old vs. new! I really struggled with this one in 2019. So many attempts at designing the road, the water (which is super hard with a brown palette!), at adapting the creative-commons tree... I knew Nothing about drawing, and after all this time... This area in not even in the game anymore! Instead, its spiritual descendant plays a much more notable part, and in a different section of the realm. : )
  7. Gale Rocks is a home to a stubborn, patient community. The settlers, unable to live off the rocky land and its fruitless forest, turned their eyes toward the sea, and to this day trade salt and fish for vegetables, iron, and clothes. Over the course of the centuries and through many sacrifices, they left the safe caverns, raised the walls, and expanded their village, bit by bit. In sunny days, most of them form crews of boatmen and hunt for sea fish in the shallow waters, while a smaller group cuts down trees, prepares lumber, and oversees the production of barrels. When the weather gets
  8. Quite happy with the current style of Roadwarden’s icons. : ) A fistful of icons - 6 of the newer items and a reminder how does the inventory look like in the game. : )
  9. The next Roadwarden devlog is now up! On new visuals, ambient tracks, updated UI, changed vocabulary...
  10. Hi there! I have a whole bunch of screenshots to show, they would turn this thread into a scrollfest... Please take a look at them here!
  11. I’m glad I took some time to return to the very beginning of Roadwarden. So many changes throughout the entire prologue section, but I still like the first paragraph.
  12. The many faces of the Clean Spear inn, previously known as a tavern.
  13. The residence of the magic crafter. October 2019 vs February 2021. I’m so, so happy with this one.
  14. It’s been a year since the last time I visited Howler’s Dell... It now looks somewhat prettier. : ) I currently work on the ambient nature sounds for the game, and next week I’ll start writing new scenes and interactions, in the meantime updating the older illustrations... This winter is great for the game. ^^ [/img]
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