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  1. Hoshizora no Memoria Issue

    Thing is, it doesnt seem like this is a listed bug, but lack of voice seems like a pretty critical bug in a VN lol
  2. Hey, getting issues with this game. The steam version crashes the moment I load a save. I have just started the game but... The voice acting seems to not be playing, e.g. In the initial flashback with the girl who kisses him on the forehead, her lines have no audio. If I skip through to the scene with the read haired girl and the blonde I hear no voices either, all I notice is a slight reduction in BGM volume, what is going on =S If I do the "Test Voice" button I hear the voice Any ideas?
  3. My next VN

    @littleshogun RE Root Double: Ok the game does sound interesting, but I am not a fan of duel protagonists so it may sit on the fence for a bit =/. RE Dies Irae: Hmm, this is a tad confusing, are you saying 18+ version is translated (and worse) by a different company? If this is the case I will probably just finish the main story in the 18+ version. The key is that the main story for both versions is identical EXCEPT ofc h-scenes
  4. My next VN

    Ok so I started playing Dies Irae, it is looking promising! I have a few questions mainly concerning Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ HD ver, vs Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~ HD ver I am following this walkthrough; https://gareblogs.wordpress.com/2017/06/01/dies-irae-amantes-amentes-english-walkthrough/ From the looks of it, this walkthrough is for the non-adult release. I am ofc playing the adult version. Question 1. The walkthrough states that after pressing new game, you will get options for a heroine route (I did not get this in the adult version but I did in the non-adult version when running the exe files for the mangagamer release of the game). Whilst that does not bother me, the fact that this is not present in the adult version + the fact that some options from the walkthrough appear to be missing, make me wonder if some content is not present in the adult version (other than what I mention in question 2). Question 2. I also notice the "Other Story" option in the non-adult version, are these not present on the adult version of the game either? TLDR: Is there content missing in the adult version that is present in the non adult version. Most important part: Is the main story identical in both (minus the adult scenes ofc). I guess I can cheat saves in the non-adult version and watch the extras.
  5. My next VN

    Hey, cheers for the recommendations everyone. I think I will start with Dies Irae. A number of things to consider for the one after that though! @Dreamysyu Muv-Luv I have actually had ready to play for a while, but the first one sounds a bit dull (the main thing stopping me) @r0xm2n Grisaia indeed, heard it alot =). The fact I have watched the anime is kinda slowing me in doing that (but I did have a long discussion in another thread that convinced me to try it) @Kurisu-Chan Well the anime is on my to watch list @littleshogun I notice Root Double has multi protagonists, would you say there is still one main protagonist? 100% agree with what you say here about Comyu. Yea, it cant really be worse than that on the romance or character interaction lol. Thanks for helping me put my finger on what I didnt like about the game. Character interactions felt superficial and forced throughout.
  6. Your feelings on comyu without any spoilers please!

    I am not a hater, I really and genuinely had high expectations and high enthusiasm when I started playing the game, I thought the premise sounded awesome. I actually liked Hisoka also (altho I did like Kagome, partly because she was the only one romanceable with any breasts it is fair to say), and even thought the protagonist sounded and looked kinda cool. But I felt the plot was a complete clusterfuck, it was ok, if it was 100% trash I wouldnt have been able to finish it, but the whole game just felt confused. The "seeing the colour red" stuff is more a joke than a negative point for the game.
  7. My next VN

    Hey, yea Dies Irae is on my list. Only thing putting me off slightly is, I heard the romance is pretty non-existent?
  8. My next VN

    Hey, thanks for the recommendation, I have heard of that VN, but it isnt quite what I am looking for currently (I will probably read it at some point)
  9. My next VN

    Hi I just finished Comyu and I am looking for my next VN to start. I do have a few ideas in mind but I am looking for a recommendation of a solid VN; Note: English translated please! Here is a bit of info to narrow down your recommendations; 1. Ideally' Plenty of characters throughout (alot of VNs you enter a girls route and basically have only protagonist and the girl for the next 5 hours gameplay = BORING) 2. Somewhat adult without r$pe and weird shit (like Saya no Uta, and Kara no Shoujo). The adult part is not a requirement if the story is good (but still no r$pe please), Comyu for example just felt a bit childish to me, but with some ridiculous adult shock factor bits thrown in 3. I quite like hidden identities, jealousy, love triangles (I am still waiting on White Album 2 translation =(, note: 2 females and protagonist only), protagonist with hidden power (in a supernatural VN) aka they arent completely overpowered but are strong. I guess I am in the mood for some kind of hybrid of a nice SoL with love triangles and a bit of (melo)drama and something a bit more serious like Haru route in G-Senjou Feel free to tell me the best option on my wishlist if it meets the criteria. But avoid any playing/finished etc Please avoid any that are on my VNDB
  10. Your feelings on comyu without any spoilers please!

    Finished Kagome route. Honestly I only finished this game because Kagome was the last route and I was determined not to leave the next game I played unfinished. The reality of this VN is, imo that it was not very good, I give it a 5/10 (I feel it is quite generously rated on VNDB) Even the story of Kagome's route felt lacking and poorly executed, despite being better than the other routes. Plus the end didnt really conclude the story imo. I would also say a lot of the stuff to do with "The System" was really poorly explained and made little sense, I feel this may have been some lines lost in translation, but yea all the System stuff was a load of BS as far as I can tell. Also, SPOILER on Kagome route: The premise of the game is good. The execution of the story very poor imo, the characters are alright, but suffer from the poor plot. It felt like it was written by 14 year olds (and this may be harsh to 14 year olds).
  11. Your feelings on comyu without any spoilers please!

    Haha, seems a bit crazy to do all that and then not do the route of the highlight girl -.-. Either way, I am half way or so (I think?) through Kagome route, and, so far it is defiantly the most interesting, but it did get a bit messed up at one point SPOILER: Anyhow, I hope this is the last of this kind of crap. And will enjoy the rest of the route =/
  12. Your feelings on comyu without any spoilers please!

    Just finished Hisoka route, and it was quite a bit more entertaining than any of the others. I would actually say it was good if the romance was done well. But the romance was done terribly, yet they decided to use the romance between the protagonist and Hisoka to drive the plot and try and invoke some feels, but it just felt a bit stupid. Ah well, onto Kagome and the end of the game (I hope Kagome's route is worth it)
  13. Your feelings on comyu without any spoilers please!

    You are right about King in Benio's route, but either way, the way it ended was just ridiculous. Mayuki's route is dumb as a story, but I guess it could be worse, it does feel like it is in there 100% for the loli idol loving Otaku's. I guess I will get Mayuki and Ayaya over with then, Kagome is why I picked the game up, my favorite type of heroine lol. Why is Ayaya route a joke route, is it really short? Really crap? Or both of those? Hoping it is short if it is just a joke lol. I hope Kagome and Hisoka are worth it -.-
  14. Your feelings on comyu without any spoilers please!

    I dont mind the plot, to be fair (tho it could be a lot better imo). But the way that Benios route ended, the plot just felt so incomplete, I was completely not even expecting it to end (well about 5 or 6 lines before it ended I realized what was happening). I am all for having routes fill in some gaps of other routes, but each route should still be its own independent story with a satisfactory intro, middle and conclusion. Benio route felt like it wasnt even finished, and there is essentially no satisfying ending to Comyu with Benio as the heroine, I mean I am even questioning as I type this if you are 100% sure the end I got with Benio was the good end for her? Are you sure it wasnt the bad end? Yea, I did hear Mayukis route was a bit better on the romance front, I just wish that the romance (and any sex scenes) would occur a few years later or something when she is no longer a loli lol (assuming this does not happen).
  15. Sorcery Jokers was released on January 12th

    It sounds good, I am not a fan of the idea of multi-protagonist tho, but I guess this game might be the one that gets me to try it