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  1. Sansha Mendan Full Translation Released

    I personally am weird with R$pe stuff, I actually find some of these games kind of entertaining IF the protagonist is Female and the victim (or one of them) e.g. Asagi and some other lilth games (There are some I like with a male protagonist E.g. Starless, but they do often tend to be NTR which I do not like, Starless only has very mild NTR). But I hate playing as a male going around r$ping women, it is just boring (I was actually convinced by some people to play euphoria recently, and it is just about in the realms I can accept, as u can empathise with the protagonist, though the game is pretty fucked up =/). A non-nukige VN or even a nukige VN with no r$pe I will only play if the protagonist is Male. Hentai psychology huh?
  2. Sansha Mendan Full Translation Released

    I dont dispute their right to translate whatever VN they want. But as I was giving my personal opinion, ofc I wish they had translated something that I could/would want to play =/. As you say, "to each their own."
  3. Sansha Mendan Full Translation Released

    My thoughts? FFS another male protagonist r$ping women story trasnalted, great! /sarcasm Why could they not have translated something else -.-
  4. Majikoi Question

    Cheers, good answer Mr Poltroon! Damn, Margit being a bad route is most seriously dissapointing!
  5. Majikoi Question

    Damn, that is a bummer. But thanks for the info =) Also, I saw this on some forum: "Momoyo has my favorite of the main 5. Capt has the best bonus route IMO. There's a True Route after completing the character routes which is the best overall I think." What is the true route (like what is it abou)? I have also heard of an Agave route (which apparently is ecchi mainly, not too interested) Is the Agave route the same as True route? Also as a side to psyche me up for playing other routes, what would you say are your top 5 girls routes (in terms of story) in the whole series, including all fandisks, S and First? Give the girl name and what game. E.g. Momoyo: Majikoi+Majikoi S (Idk what her route is like in Majikoi S, playing through hers now in Majikoi)
  6. Majikoi Question

    @Mr Poltroon Thanks for your answer, it clears up quite a few things @TheCrimsonFucker Aye, you are right but come on, Momoyo makes Tornados when she kicks, atleast make it clear it is a fictional world (I have never watched DBZ but isnt it clear that the world is a fantasy one?) Sorry for the late response. Been busy with some job interviews of late. Anyway; Another question, I thought a route with Itagaki Tatsuko could be kind of interesting (and the bondage sister, altho rofl that she is somehow a virgin but also a bondage queen). I am pretty sure that there are routes for these characters in Majikoi S? Are they any good? Oh also add Margit route onto that.
  7. Majikoi Question

    Yea, I look forward to the Fandisks, I am enjoying it, altho I hope Protagonist reaches greater heights than making a bit of money on the bet for if Chris would be female =/. I do always prefer things like this to have a supernatural element, as the sheer ridiculousness of even one man let alone one women (Momoyo) being able to beat so many people so easily (regardless of how big/strong she is) is the kind of thing that bugs me a bit (sorry lol). Then it can be quite easily thrown in that she has a lot of power (or whatever). To stop it from irritating me I am just kinda assuming this anyway lol. I would also like to confirm the timelines (with no spoilers) So, vndb says this for Majikoi S "or choose to start with no commitment and romance one of 5 new heroines." Does the core story of Majikoi S still stay the same then regardless of heroine? Also, are the fandisks not just alternative routes for some Majikoi S characters? What you say there implies to me that the fandisk kind of acts as a sequel to Majikoi S rather than a fandisk. So when do the fandisks take place? After the events of Majikoi S? or as an alternative version of events during Majikoi S? Does A-2 actually follow on from A-1? Sorry for the question bomb!
  8. Majikoi Question

    A reasonable point, but it doesnt really bother me, nothing particularly spoilerish. Does sound like Majikoi S might be a bit frustrating tho =D
  9. Majikoi Question

    Ok cheers all, you have reignited my enthusiasm for the game =)
  10. Majikoi Question

    Yea, I guess I will just play throught it, I did just notice a fairly short screen in the game showing the date as the 23rd April so that is evidently where the dates come from, however there doesnt appear to be any way of checking.
  11. Majikoi Question

    Thanks for the info, I will see how how shows he can stand on his own =/ I was aware before I played he wasnt a fighter like the others, but was kinda expecting he would do some (slightly reduced) Lelouche-style planning and stuff to make up for it =) Guess I was looking forward to someone far removed from a weak, donkan protagonist in a more light hearted VN for a change (I swear light hearted VNs always have dumb and weak male leads lol)
  12. Majikoi Question

    Ah, A tad dissapointing, so it is a weak ass male lead with the females basically running the show? A tad dissapointing, but the cast are good. Honestly been saving this game for ages and thought it was going to be a bit of a slightly weaker lelouche/light type of male lead tbh So what is with the dates/choices in that Walkthrough? =S I mean the guy that wrote it must have got the dates from somewhere right lol.
  13. Majikoi Question

    Hey I finally decided to start Majikoi and I have a few questions: 1. The walkthrough here ; It provides a date for each choiice, but I cannot figure out any way in-game of seeing the in-game date e.g. April 21st as per the walkthrough above (not even on the save data). What am I missing? I am in the prologue, Momoyo just beat up some dojo challenger (the day after she played tetris with some "thugs"). 2. Protagonist feels a bit week currently, will he become stronger? Think I heard he isnt a great fighter but is very smart or something, but, while I am not very far into the game, I do not see much evidence of him being a fighter, or how being smart will help him. Cheers!
  14. Aye, I am going to do it, gotta find out if I am right. My theory, as based on the last line of Nemu route is:
  15. Rinne and Nemu down. Not sure I can handle any more yet -.-. This shit is heavy. I actually find it more disturbing than Starless lol. The last line of Nemu route was too much of a clue also =/