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  1. Older Sister/Mother Heroine

    Heh yea, that nukige does not look like my cup of tea! Basically a r$pist protaganist isnt it? Hate those kind of VNs tbh. Will probably give Yoake a shot, YU-NO I may give a shot if I run out of material some day =/. Thanks, this is in my list! @Akshay Thankis for that detailed answer, you have me pretty much sold This is my only point of concern. So how does Rakuen work? You have romanced all girls but you then commit to one of them in a route structure? You have a harem throughout the game? Or is it similar to Rauken in the anime, where the focus shifts to resolving the Protaganist's past conflicts? And therefore there would be no romantic closure from Rauken?
  2. To Play or not to Play?

    Not sure if there is a thread for this. And I guess it would be good if anyone could use this to ask a question in the same way. It is not really a recommendation as I am asking if YOU think these games are worth playing. Here is my question: I have been trying to get the courage to play Crescendo and A Profile for a while, mainly to play two routes which I have heard are the best, but sound a bit hard to stomach (Yuka/Miou). Do these routes handle the rather unpleasant themes well? IS there a good reason for what they are doing/have done, does it get given the proper attention/development and do they have happy (atleast relatively) endings? Are the people saying these routes are so great in the minority? Maybe they are NTR lovers or something lol?
  3. Older Sister/Mother Heroine

    With Grisaia, I saw the anime, so I guess you are talking about Asako/Yuria/Kazuki? I did like them stories and hope I can play a "route" of them, I was pretty into Asako -.-. However having watched the anime I cannot see how they would have routes of their own, paticularly through all games, Asako and Kazuki for obvious reasons =/. Is each VN Kajitsu/Meikyuu/Rakuen its own VN with its own routes? I am interested in playing the VN, but worried that I wont enjoy them having already seen the anime (spoiled alot of the story). I watched the anime for Yoake, is the VN still worth playing? I did quite like the older cousin character, and also Karen, but Karen has no route =( YU-NO does look a bit old for my liking. I will look into To Heart 2 Thanks!, @Fred the BarberI will also check out 11eyes, if I am honest typos dont really bother me (as long as its not so bad that the correct sentence can be deduced by the context), I am just glad they are translated, wish alot more were translated =D. Crescendo I will check out, I am gonna just have to prepare myself for Yuka's route, it is weird, I have played r$p£ hentai games, but when it is an actual VN I am playing for a plot I dont like that kind of stuff one bit, infact I hate it. Da Capo I did watch the anime of Da Capo 1 and 3, couldnt find 2 anywhere, so maybe i will check the VN out. We love master looks like she fits indeed, but I am not too sure I like the sound of it. @Akshay Majikoi is on my to play list, in truth it has been for ages, might look at PW, I remmber starting it a long time ago but getting bored. Ayakashibito does sound like it matches but... Loli == No Thanks (For me) Thanks for all the suggestions, lots of good ones, and I will definately try them (they satisfy my request, but none of them with a 100% match =/), why is there never a Brocon Older Sister heroine in a proper plot driven, English translated game, (In fact Kazuki from Grisaia and the one from Jun'ai road are the only ones I have found!). Mother/Step Mother in the same criteria I have not even managed to find one, I guess you could argue Asako from Grisaia is a stepmother.
  4. Saku Saku Route Quality

    Seconded (I wanted both the step mother and the nurse), I am hoping for a proper route for them in a fandisk some day =(. I swear there is not alot of love for older sister type romances
  5. Older Sister/Mother Heroine

    Hi There, I am looking for an ENGLISH translated, Older Sister or Mother (doesnt have to be blood related) type romance with a male main character. There are loads of younger sister + MC, but older sister and mother seems quite hard to find. I dont mind nukige if it has a half decent plot atleast, but I would prefer it not to be. E.g. The sister in Jun'ai road (if it was translated) or the "mother" in Saku Saku (if that was a route) and actually even the nurse in Saku Saku would be ok. Also fine with blood related stuff (Hey it isnt real and it is entertaining xD).
  6. Cou - Black Dragon Crash Issue

    Heh, well I never fixed this properly, but I am running it on a Windows 7 Virtual Machine (Virtual Box) and it seems fine (altho it could look better) =/
  7. Humiliation

    Dont do it. I played it, I want to be able to un-play it. I was so grossed out by it I was laughing like a maniac the whole way through. As for why I played it through to the end (infact all the ends except 2), I do not know, something compelled me to do so. Plus it is just humiliating for the MC throughout really lol
  8. Enemy Heroine and Protaganist Romance

    If there is plot reason for the hero going bad, and he knows it is bad (and I assume doing sexual stuff), I can probably handle it, it is the VNs which glorify a hero going around r$ping women I do not like. I mean, I would rather play Discipline Record of a Crusade than say, Rance. Also thanks for the suggestions and info ChaosRaven! Romance doesnt have to be the MAIN focus, but some focus on it atleast. Koichoco, I have played this (picked it up after watching the anime and raging that it was Chisato route and not Satsuki lol!) and I did enjoy Satsuki's route, although Satsuki seems to like and get on with the MC all the way through, so I dont think I would count it, similar story with Ashe, although a closer call as she does dislike the MC at first (but she does like him by half way or so through the common route). Koiken Otome, is on my play list already actually, Gotta say I will probably be skipping Yves route, Not a loli fan (does sound like she meets criteria tho, so thanks!) =/. My fault for not specifying that also! I am actually playing Tsujidou currently, doing Ai's route, I have to say Renna is the only character who I was gonna skip lol! While she is not fully loli, she is just on that borderline of my preference =/, if I really liked her character I would probably try it, but I am not over keen on her =/ (Prefer Ai, Maki and Saeko by far thats for sure!).
  9. Enemy Heroine and Protaganist Romance

    Hey thanks for the suggestions! Ikusa Megami Zero sounds ok, but it appears to be Interface Only that is in English. Actually was gonna watch the anime of Otoboku, but didnt. It looks like it is basically a Yuri tho lol. ChuSingura looks good! Altho it looks like the character you mention is not a main character, does she have some kind of side route. or is it some kind of main theme throughout that she likes the MC but is secretly evil?
  10. Enemy Heroine and Protaganist Romance

    Yea I know, I usually put that tag in there, point I was making really is not many Mayadere Heroine games translated! I might do, but in my experience reading with VNR is not a fun experience! I am surprised, thought this might be quite a popular scenario =D
  11. Enemy Heroine and Protaganist Romance

    Damn, Male Protaganist + Mayadere Heroine + English Translated Not many results! 3 Kingdoms, FSN and Rance (Not my cup of tea) So going to need some them are not tagged I guess?
  12. Teacher (F) and Student (M) Romance VN

    @skrewball717 Yea, I started playing it, it is ridiculous, one person can take out 100 people (with no super powers).... Right.... But that is VNs for you. I do like it though, It is entertaining. Ai is awesome, and so is Maki, and Maki is the route they are doing next so. I look forward to that one. If I am honest I was playing Hatsukoi but I got bored (just felt lacking anything truly interesting, just constant talk about a cafeteria improvement club /sigh, I do intend to go back to it but....). I got to just when all members of the club confirmed and the club becomes official. I was going for Student council pres route first, and saving Maya for the last one I play (as it seems the best). Does it get more interesting from the point I am at?
  13. Hi, I am looking for a romance VN (or atleast VN with romance as a key element) to add to my play list where the male protaganist is enemies (in some way or another) with the female heroine/s for a period of the game. But they grow to like eachother. Note: NOT with a r$pist (or nasty/unpleasant) protaganist, dont want any of that stuff, I am sure there are plenty of those where the girl hates him cos he kidnapped her but then she decides she loves him etcetc.. Not what I am looking for! I do not know any VNs like this myself or if there is a VNDB tag for this, but I know a few anime examples; Esdeath and MC in Akame Ga Kill (altho ideally romantic, and not just bizarre like that one is =P) Or Vorn and Elen in Lord Marksman and Vanadis I would quite like it to be a serious type of enemies such as the above. However I am cool with not so serious (e.g. hate each other at school, rival clubs or whatever) Edit: Oh forgot to say, English translated please!
  14. First 2D Crush

    Hmm I wouldnt say a crush. But certainty thought she was some fine pixels Very First? Misty from Pokemon =D In Later times: Mitsuru Kirijo from Persona 3 FES In current times: Rias Gremory from Highschool DXD
  15. Teacher (F) and Student (M) Romance VN

    When I looked into that game I did see people saying Yuka's route is good, but I also saw that Yuka has the tag Is that avoidable, in which case I may give it a go, I guess.