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  1. Atleast the latter is some way believable, a female childhood friend COULD have feelings for her male friend and have made some promise when they were kids, and the love built as they grew up. But met one time (as far as I can tell in one day?) as kids, said "lets marry" (pretty damn unlikely even for kids to do that) and she actually remembered it and went to all that trouble to do it 10 years later or something, NO, just NO. Anyhow, currently on Unlimited, I did extra (Meiya and Sumika ofc), but also Ayamine and honestly that weirded me out, how old was that doctor guy............
  2. Wow, that is a lot of responses, thanks for the information people! Sorry for the late reply, my tactic to get this game finished is to leave it on at all times on my laptop, so that it is open when I open it =/. I have finished Sumika route, and well, yea I though it was a bit silly on the whole, but oh well. I actually did like Meiya less, I kind of hate the whole Anyway, going to do Ayamine + Meiya and move on to Unlimited. Might do the teacher route in extra for the lols. Might update this thread with some thoughts at times.
  3. Ok, I had been saving Muv Luv for a while to read, and I have just decided to get started. Read a few things about the VN. I am currently a short way into Extra, it is ok, but I knew that Alternative is where it is at. I am thinking Sumika is really annoying, Meiya is cool and pretty hot, same goes for Ayamine, not interested in the loli, and class rep seems a bit dull. HOWEVER I read something that totally killed my motivation for the VN: This put such a damper on my motivation for the VN. My question? Did any of you guys think the same (having heard what I put in t
  4. For my own information, what were the two shit routes? I actually did only one route and stopped playing (not because I thought it was bad, I dont know why tbh). Only route I did was the sister one, I thought it was ok, albeit a bit dumb. Was going to do Makoto route next...
  5. I personally thought this was a pretty good VN, and kinda wish the fandisk/sequel was going to be translated =(. Let me explain... Yes, some of the plot was a bit bland, Hase was a bit annoying and other characters not perfect. But what this VN did that I liked was: It had plenty of characters It brought all the main characters and a number of side characters into each route in interesting ways and most importantly each heroine felt atleast somewhat important EVEN if it was not their route. Plus even the pretty pointless characters e.g. (Anyone not Hase, Van or Tsujidou in Has
  6. Upon playing this, you guys are correct, it is not a great game. It was imo better than Comyu (tho not by a long way). Pretty much what Fred said above tbh.
  7. I meant 11 (I have read comyu and found out for myself that it was bad lol). That is pretty damning, Tsukihime i really want to read, but I saw something about a remake with voices and thought it might be worth holding out for that. FSN is on my todo as is Muv-Luv + Alt and some others. Concerning tho as after about this much playtime i still thought comyu was going to be a good one
  8. Tbh I didnt enjoy comyu anything like as much as i thought i would (i even found kagome route dissapointing which was why i played the damn game). Its a shame, 11eyes is looking promising where I am (just at the point where the protagonist met the fighter dude). Well except protagonist being a total weak sauce, but im guessing that changes lol. Would u say it is good and worth a play if you ignore the romance/endings?
  9. So as there is quite a lot of romantic development with yuka (and yuka only where i am in the vn). Does it end up being some kind of harem? Or are the other 3 girls just a 10 minute romantic development and h-scene?
  10. @Sparteh @Fred the Barber Ah ok cheers for the info, that is a bit dissapointing i gotta say!
  11. How do u mean they are practicall identical? (Without spoilers)
  12. Hey currently playing 11eyes, quite liking it. Does anyone know if it matters too much what order u go in? I am being impatient and want to do the best route first (Mizusu), but the walkthru recomeneds Yuka first. What do you guys think?
  13. Thing is, it doesnt seem like this is a listed bug, but lack of voice seems like a pretty critical bug in a VN lol Ok, I think I fixed it myself. Went into character settings and a bunch of the voice volumes were way over 100%, so I set them to 100%, the voices seem to play now.
  14. Hey, getting issues with this game. The steam version crashes the moment I load a save. I have just started the game but... The voice acting seems to not be playing, e.g. In the initial flashback with the girl who kisses him on the forehead, her lines have no audio. If I skip through to the scene with the read haired girl and the blonde I hear no voices either, all I notice is a slight reduction in BGM volume, what is going on =S If I do the "Test Voice" button I hear the voice Any ideas?
  15. @littleshogun RE Root Double: Ok the game does sound interesting, but I am not a fan of duel protagonists so it may sit on the fence for a bit =/. RE Dies Irae: Hmm, this is a tad confusing, are you saying 18+ version is translated (and worse) by a different company? If this is the case I will probably just finish the main story in the 18+ version. The key is that the main story for both versions is identical EXCEPT ofc h-scenes
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