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  1. UPDATE: The quickfix was enabling debug mode because I stupidly made the quickfix with my debug version, the issue should be resolved now (well, within 10 minutes of this post).
  2. UPDATE: I made a change that fixes almost all (probably all but I'm just covering my ass here) of the sprite positions, I didn't want to reupload the entire patch package for a mere script change, so I updated the quickfix package, so now the quickfix is required for the best experience, regardless of whether it's your first time installing.
  3. I would love to but Love Chu Chu runs on a completely different engine, this was only possible because the Xbox 360 version of NoAH runs on N+'s N2 engine which has all the game-specific logic scripted rather than built into the executable and also has a PC version. Love Chu Chu runs on MAGES.'s in-house engine and has essential game-specific stuff hardcoded into the executable.
  4. Translating the Vita version would be easier since the script files for that version have the actual text just stored in utf-8 iirc.
  5. THIS PORT IS UNRELATED TO Committee of Zero's PORT I ported Chaos;Head NoAH to PC, there is a catch though (a few, but more on that later); the game only runs at 576p. This is because the 16:9 versions of the engine the game runs on (N2) only support 1024×576 (the Xbox 360 version of the engine is the only version that runs at 1280×720), changing the internal resolution of the executable, while not technically impossible, is a task that is so hard to achieve that it might as well be. The aim of this port is to recreate the Xbox 360 version of NoAH, but on PC at 576p. We got as clos
  6. I meant the latter, I am well aware the former is not allowed.
  7. I have a port for a game and want to release it on fuwanovel, but I do not have a translation for that game (no translation exists, official or unofficial). Is there any board where I could make a thread for said port? Or should I look into releasing it elsewhere?
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