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  1. Regarding the question on VN microtransactions, FGO doesn't count right?
  2. I finished TL'ling both OPs with some help from Hata and friends
  3. Sakura, Reincarnation I remembered a certain thing A flower petal fluttering down From my tiny hands At the same place Where we first met How long ago you’ve forgotten Don’t hide your excitement Show me everything Your smile is mine! On the night of sakura petals fluttering Let’s dream once again Cast off reality and turn into a flower If you listen carefully to the whispers of a far-away wind See, It’s never-ending Let’s tread together On this Sakura Blossom trail Let’s become a sparkling dream raining down Even if we become like lost children See, the shining love will never disappear Rinne The means to save Taiga right now… The tools… The magic… It isn’t here Inside the “Chamber of dreams” But, I have "it" in me You will hang up this call Let’s make that as the signal And then everything should return back to normal Even so, I’ve learnt just one thing about my feelings today I love you I… love you so much Waking up alone in the morning With no light coming through In the corner of the room chained by the darkness I waited for you On unrelenting lonely nights All I wish for is a faint warmth Like stars that are attracted to each other Dreaming of the moment we meet each other The hope your heart drew Is still the star that shines through this night I'll find you any time and place Even if we’re far apart Envelop me in your kindness I’ll lead you until a new morning comes - Special thanks to Hata, Yossa and Nemesis for helping to improve the wording
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