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  1. you can arrange how you two want to solve it there. not in the public forum. if it has with pirated games to do we dont support it. now i repeat. Go to @Novel21 s profile and send a private message. locking thread for now unlocked
  2. just finished watching, was very intersting to listen too. fair bit of good topics ! would be interesting to see (as they talked about) who will fill the gaps in current market and dare not to overcensor.
  3. no matter the outcome. atleast we have tried. thats atleast better then 6+ years of neglect. unable to do anything at all.
  4. welcome back Tyrael, even tho im also oldtimer i dont think we talked (as im not really the talketive person kek.) but seen you around alot in the days. good to see you again :3
  5. thats good to hear ! ive enjoyed most of studio elans titles aalot. saw the needed new pr staff.. good that they got someone so interesting
  6. and just to send dm or msg on discord.
  7. well not that i like any specific editor etc in wordpress think gutenberg could be used for quiet awhile (not that i used to make blogposts etc early one so not like i know wich they used . kek ). but i disabled gutenberg completly thanks to bugs. gutenberg caused opening pages etc to crash. must be fixed nowdays. but was breaking combined with something else. and i couldnt update any page or anything.
  8. i dont generally play eroge´s. but bought the bundle on itch. keep up the good work
  9. Welcome :3 good to see you here. for sure gonna look at your stuff . btw twitter link dont work
  10. Not sure what is the best nowdays with all companies buying up everything. my go to for cheaking registry issues is usually ccleaner.
  11. Emi

    wow fiddle is 6 yeas old today. gold dude. soon allowed to have youre own youtube account :Run:

  12. Most likely stuff remains in the registry. can go thrue the hard way and looking for its id in reg. or theres various force uninstall programs around the net that can clean up stuff like that for you.
  13. Long time no see Okami, good to see you back hope that with the time given with keeping money and all gets to help you mentally more. not sure what i could do to suggest. maybe something to motivate watching it? write reviews based on it etc. but should ofcourse be that you enjoy watching it. maybe just start with jrpg´s. im sure the others can come to better suggestions. but once again good to see you again.
  14. Welcome ! make a post about your teams project sometime. checked steam, looks interesting
  15. very hard question , i would say lean more on amulet and maybe something that they accept theyre loss of powers. maybe or something. just giving ideas. always depends on what you see end goal to be.
  16. Emi


    Seen you working on the guide, Welcome! if interested we can make something on mainsite with it in future.
  17. thats one way to word it. its good. but it also sounds like its murdering my speakers.
  18. Sekai project uses PayPal. so should be as safe as it can be on the net if you for some reason dont get product and sekai refuses to help paypal can chargeback. but as far as i know sekai project and denpasoft should both be safe.
  19. Just to add, the test/quiz only uses information using the VNDB´s api. so not sure what gone wrong here. most likely GBC/GBA .i´ll fix this issue sometime later today
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