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  1. i missed it. but late happy bday @Clephas
  2. late happy bday @Silvz or late for me i guess
  3. As i didnt have a thread about this i might aswell create one. its always relevant. Positions needed : Reviewers: Barely needs a description, play the vn´s provided and write down a review. experience isnt mandatory but good if you can edit the review yourself. we dont have much people. Leader: As a leader the job is abit more involved then reviewer position You will need to contact developers about review keys. Try keep a good relationship. Keep check on you´re team and hand out keys to people interested. You will need to proof read the reviews and accept the uploads. Leader can also write reviews if they are interested, just not mentioned as the position is already more involved. You will not be forced to write reviews about things you have no interest in or dont like. Just remember being open is always a good thing In times if we dont have leader avaible i will step in and do the work until we can find somebody interested. If you are interested send me an pm or write to me on discord Emi#6056
  4. test GIF seems like giphy works

  5. mainsite is undergoing heavy visual edits and will continue doing. still have to find the css keywords for stuff to make custom css but progress have begun. -upcoming days: will do some cleanup in most sections of informations not being relevant (ex staff not active anymore, like sidebar decay & tay in vnts) -for future thinking of having bg contest like previously done logoocontests. (dont have to make all themself googling is fine) *note that these bg´s will stick around for longer as its alot more work for me to implement.
  6. Welcome, quiet here at times nowdays. but hope you enjoy
  7. fixed. looking into it. on the list ^^
  8. its possible to make, just to make another copy and make it load a new database. only problem is adding new ones as the old tools is lost and was apperently hard to use. im wokring on that part.. but im not a pro lol. and atm its manually adding to database. you can see the normal one here with genre´s etc. https://fuwanovel.se/genres.php
  9. With me importing the recommendation quiz to the mainsite. https://fuwanovel.net/quiz/ if you find any bugs with it report it here or send me an pm. 5/2/2021 : fixed not being able to open vndb/steam links etc.
  10. Emi


    Welcome, no worries about lurking
  11. Still work-in-progress, but the recommendation quiz can now be used on mainsite. https://fuwanovel.net/quiz/
  12. waiting on the update, but i changed so everyone can use it now. so get going with it note for all* just dont use anything that obviously is bad.
  13. i will change so all can use it after the update is done as i removed donations
  14. its ofcourse doable. there is many different AI upscalers. but usually a paid service due to the gpu´s required for the ai to work. both nvidias and googles tfgan andwhatever require 20gb+ video memory. but as yumi said i would recommend using waifu2x-caffe locally. it can run both gpu or cpu. slower but still good. and doesnt overload theyre site by doing it many 1 by 1. but its an good upscaler.
  15. Welcome, its abit quiet here nowdays back and forth. but, you could use the blog system here and make short snippets of the full one and link to yours. or make a thread about youre game and apply for developer role and you can use the devblog for same thing. (or just post in youre thread) other then on fuwa i guess reddit is an good option. dont know how those groups think about advertising tho
  16. Emi


    update : importing avatars is now free and they have refunded all users that have paid to import.
  17. happy new year. lets hope for a better 2021
  18. Emi

    Kureiji Ollie

    gotta say i like her energy
  19. had announcement saved in modcp. modcp - announcements. made it active
  20. Already finished it and pretty much all character arcs. its a good game, worked fairly well perfomancewise even tho mine is under recommended. personally i didnt experience much bugs. like a few popin bugs making cars explode a few times but thats about it. just thought it would be bigger then it is.
  21. @Plk_Lesiak dont worry. ive been tempted to post way more then you have can just put up a spam warning for a week as i did when i made the subforum if you feel l ike making any. and yea.. many questionable parts. with many of the studios. thats why many try without studio. just that being hololive auto gives you 400k subs pretty much.. so yea just being part of the brand itself.not like they get any of the donations and stuff anyway. lol
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