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    I like games, anime and books, some of my favourite games are FF 7 and The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki 1 and 2. And obviously Vn's, with Majikoi being my favourite of all times.
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  1. This will never end, prepare yourself for the fan disc of the fan disc (Well, i'm all for it tbh)
  2. Welcome! (it's weird to welcome you when i also registered yesterday but whatsoever) I hope to see stuff you have planned and will definitely keep and eye on it
  3. I couldn't say better myself! And im sure they will! Thx!!!
  4. I need to try and play without walktrough more often, and while i agree with one user that said that the walkthrough are a standard part of the vn experience, it's good to play without one too.
  5. Well, for me is more of a psychological thing i guess (?) if i don't look a guide is like i could forget something or get a bad ed and idk, that breaks my immersion more than looking a guide, im weird af i suppose xD
  6. Tsuki no Kanata de Aimasho looks very interesting! And is a plus for me that is the same study as Hatsukoi 1/1, plus the art look very good, i'ts a shame that is not translated (cause im too lazy right now to start a vn in jp) but i'll definitely put it up in my list! I've heard some things bout White Album 2 but now i will look more into it, love the stories that happen in a big time lapse tbh and some time ago i tried summer pockets but i dropped it ; Really thankful for the recommendations tho
  7. Im just curious. Do you all prefer to play with walkthrough since the beginning or not looking anything at all? For me i think that i've become a little lazy, since i don't wanna waste time guessing what option could led me to X route.
  8. Some time ago i played Friends (From Aile soft), and i couldn't bare the voice actress of one character. All it takes for me to trigger it was 1 or 2 voice lines so i finally muted it, but the thing is, it never happened again and i have heard a lot of bad voice actors so i don't know if it was me in that moment or that voice had something that i couldn't bare
  9. Hey! Well, anything goes for me i think, right now im playing Aokana and i suppose that i'll be doing a review when i finish it, appart from that, i like the Majikoi "universe" a lot and planning to play Eden* and G-Senjou no Maou cause i have read that both are very good Vn's but im not so sure if they are "that" good so i may be a little scared of forming too much hype. And what are you playing if i may ask?
  10. Wow! This is such a good new! I've been searching information about this some time ago but there been no news since 2018 i think, so it makes me so happy that Sprites gets to resume operations, and, with a little faith they can take their time to make Aokana -ZWEI- as good as the original, i mean, they have really good characters to explore a sequel and if they do something similar to what Majikoi did with S it can turn out to be something really good! And well, i hope that they learn that Misaki route was the best and follow the trail of that route to make the sequel better.
  11. Hi! First of all, it's a pleasure to start in this forum and knowing you all! Sorry if my English is somewhat messy, my first language is Spanish, i mean, i have no problems understanding, and i think i can defend myself writing it but i don't think that my expressions will be natural so i just say it in advance. I've been playing Vn's 5 years now, and since the beginning im in love with this genre, problem is, i never had anyone to talk about Vn's, i mean, i could talk about it, but since nobody play it, it was mostly me talking about stuff that nobody cares. And lately i have this
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