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  1. Looking for something akin to keys stuff or sharin no kuni. Things that can be lighthearted and romantic, but can also delve into more dramatic scenes to keep me interested
  2. Craving something like a magic school. The problem is that its gotta be translated into English. It doesn't even have to be exactly like a "magic" school, for example Dracu-riot worked. The only other one I could find was Rewrite.
  3. Just curious if I should just read the fan patch now or wait for the official patch
  4. Action doesn't have to be the main focus but as long as it has some action then thats fine, for example something of like Majikoi or Rewrite. If its full action like Fate stay and Muv Luv then that's fine too. Only other requirement is that its got to be translated into English, thanks guys
  5. I've recently tried reading a couple moeges but the lack of drama is making it hard to stay interested. I'm wondering if you guys got anything that can keep me hooked sort of like Key's stuff or Sharin no Kuni. I'm fine with anything as long as its been translated into English.
  6. Hey man just curious as to why your going to jail for so long, you seem like a cool dude. Anyways I would recommend Lucy, nice short read
  7. Looking for a visual novel that has a harem ending
  8. I've been wanting to play this master piece for some time but held off because I can't find the 1.01 patch. The link to the download is currently down and it would be great if someone could pm a mirror of some sorts. Thanks guys
  9. Please give me recommendations of good visual novels with a harem route/ending. (I guess dating sims are cool too :p) Eroges are okay too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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