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  1. I agree with sanahtlig but until Tay comes back we can't decide anything.
  2. Is there a specific Visual Novel you want to hack?
  3. The only thing they have done is If My Heart Had Wings so that's where all opinions on Moenovel come from.
  4. Like I said it really depends on the visual novel engine. Though knowing at least some programming is probably necessary in most cases. At least if you're not just trying to extract things from the visual novel.
  5. Depends on the engine and the tools available for it.
  6. Yeah those I can recreate easily considering that we only use 3 at a time anyway. You can also replace the feutred section with whatever, I haven't created any new images for that in ages since we don't have any guidelines for how a visual novel qualifies for it.
  7. Just make sure that we can use the same images for the visual novels no matter how much the design changes. I'm not willing to redo all those pictures again.
  8. Oh you can add Hatoful Boyfriend to the Will Be Removed list as well. I had completely forgotten that it's getting an official release.
  9. You're not going to unlock Last Episode without having finished all routes. You can skip through them afterwards if you want though. The choices in HF will be entered automatically.
  10. Realta Nua includes tons of very cool effects that weren't possible to put into F/SN with the old Realta Nua patch. The CGs in the PC version are also in natural 800x600 resolution while the one's in the old patch are lower because they were ripped from the ps2 ver It is absolutely worth it. The version on Fuwa is going to be updated as soon as they are done with the route merge patch (because in the Realta Nua pc version the routes were split into 3 separate games. They are going to create a patch to merge them together.)
  11. In general I believe most countries in the EU should be fine with 18+ things, you could perhaps get into trouble with child porn laws if the characters are young-looking, but not just for something being 18+.
  12. Unless something changes in a big way Clannad is definitely going as well. When it will be removed I cannot say though, we might very well keep it here for a while considering the official release may be years off. It is something that the staff will have to talk over before I can say for sure.
  13. The EU doesn't have a standardized law for this, so it is up to the individual countries. In Sweden they should get through.
  14. Come to think of it I wonder how Sekai can even use the Clannad Fan tl considering it isn't actually done by Doki (Unless they're going to be retranslating it entirerly instead of just editing it). Since they are apperently doing a kickstarter I sure hope that they're actually going try funding a new tl. I won't consider donating otherwise at least.
  15. Well Kanon (along with Planetarian) is probably the Key VNs with the best translations. So that might be one reason.
  16. Yokattaweb is a really cheap shopping service (they have a set price of 700 yen per 3 items of the same seller) really recommended. I order all my eroge from amazon through them.
  17. I sure hope that the work Doki is doing on the translation is more than just slightly editing it to sound nice. I'm not the biggest fan of Clannad (I like it well enough but its not one of my faves) but this is probably the most important visual novel release yet. It is incredibly important that Sekai gives it the amount of care it needs.
  18. I think that the About section needs to be heavily rewritten as it isn't very informative. It consists mostly of Aeru's personal thoughts. The section that explains what a visual novel is could especially use a rewrite as it isn't very informative. The video definitely needs to change as well as almost all the scenes in it are SOL scenes (even the F/SN ones!).
  19. Pretty sure that just like Photonflowers* this is only a collection of old side stories and no new stuff.
  20. It's pretty easy to find otome games by just browsing the otome tag on vndb. The only reason that nukige is separated from the other games on these lists is that they aren't (generally) hosted on fuwanovel.
  21. I'm female and I can certainly try to find something for your friend, though obviously our tastes might be quite different. The most important thing to start out with though is: Does she like anime/manga already?
  22. The old Hirameki releases like Ever17 or Day of love are not going to be removed since Hirameki went bankrupt and no other company are currently distributing their games. The Clannad HD release is a Russian fantranslation and not any kind of official release.
  23. You sure you haven't accidentally muted all sound and then unmuted some sources?
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