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  1. In some older unvoiced VN's they do it (pretty sure that the unvoiced versions of Clannad and Kanon both has them say the name put in). Obviously if something is unvoiced anything can be said though.
  2. Hmm then it isn't a problem with the operative system (A lot of w8 users have trouble with Muv-Luv) since that's what I have as well. Are you running it in Japanese locale?
  3. http://www.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/comments/29sbwy/grisaia_no_kajitsu_announced_for_official_release/ Also has statements from Herkz who was one of the editors saying the same thing. And Zenophilious the latter images on that page (those without text) are promotional material and pictures of the tokuten so no they're not in any of the games. But that article is about the Vita version and the screenshots are from it.
  4. The version Sekai Project is going to publish is 17+ not all-ages in the sense people in his thread is implying. Koestl has said that almost all mature jokes are still in.
  5. No this is a clear case of tracing. When you just look at another piece of art and redraw the pose by eye the lines don't match up like this. Using poser software is completely different from this as that is software that is made for that reason. Outright tracing someone's work without permission is stealing. It is sometimes fine if you're being honest about it and it's just some personal art or fanart or something but tracing your art for a commercial product is extremely serious and really disrespectful towards the original artists as you're essentially taking money for their work.
  6. Though with Nitro's titles there are apparently lots of other issues that slow them down as well, for example the programming of nitro's games are done by them while Seinarukana's programming is being done by doddler.
  7. That's because it's an official project (and have been since a long time ago) and is being released by JAST.
  8. You don't need to play Inganock before but I would recommend you to do so if you're planning to read them both as Inganock is chronologically before sharnoth.
  9. Kyousuke's face only being shown once really bothered me as well. Especially since Sharin which is a much earlier game of theirs had a protagonist with a face.
  10. Doko e Iku no, Ano hi is supposed to be really good but it's unlikely to get licensed.
  11. No those were animal hats. Not actual animals.
  12. I wish there were some other good life simulator so that EA/Maxis would have some sort of competition.
  13. The open world and the ability to change colours and patters was basically my favourite addition to the sims series so I'll probably wait until it goes on sale before buying it since it's gone from 4. I think I'll start out with just buying the expansions I don't have for 3 instead (and delete some cc so that I can actually play the game).
  14. That's not Symphonic Rain. It's just the torrent file you use to download the game. You need to open it with something like utorrent or vuze.
  15. Try to set all options to lowest quality and turn on all effects you can. If it still doesn't work go to the amusement park with another girl, as long as you don't choose Meiya you should still stay on Sumika's route.
  16. Have you checked that the files aren't set to read only?
  17. I'll try to come up with some things to replace the featured section with. I have some ideas already.
  18. It does contain the added cg's but not the ones in the prologue as they weren't possible to put in the game with the old patch.
  19. No I don't generally delete stuff since I have a 2 TB hard drive (and another 2TB hard drive that I haven't yet put into my pc).
  20. Most visual novels have horrible art anyway (that is masked by decent coloring) so I don't particularly care though good art is always a plus I guess.
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