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  1. I made it myself so I had to upload it first. Here! Making it was pretty fun actually, it was someone else's scan that was in two pieces with a pretty large gap between that I had to fill in myself, which I hadn't ever done before. Though sadly since I'm a total newbie you can still see some traces of were the gap originally was if you look hard enough. If you want just the picture itself (without the black on the left) I can upload that as well.
  2. Authumn's Journey looks pretty cute.
  3. I don't like hot weather very much either. But I absolutely can't stand the cold. The temperature here has yet to go below 0 C but I have already started freezing and my coat is too thin (though I at least bought a new warm jacket recently). I wanna switch with one of you guys!
  4. I haven't read Akatsuki no Goei but the author Kinugasa Shougo is famous for being very bad at finishing his games. The main criticism against his games are usually the endings being too open, quick and unresolved. So you're probably not going to like them if good endings are important to you.
  5. From what I have heard all the scenes (except maybe Sion's, don't remember) are accessed through a side menu and all (except maybe Sion's again) are non-canon dream stories. So they're just extras.
  6. Kei Mizusawa/Kawashima Rino could read a phone-book and I'd still find it interesting.
  7. You should! It's really not my usual thing either but the first episode was great! Has an awesome cast as well, worth watching it just for Aya Hirano's performance as Migi alone.
  8. Probably only watching Fate/Stay Night and Parasyte (I liked Parasyte so much that I updated both my avatar and signature, definitely looking forward to the next episode tonight) this season. Will probably watch some of the other shows when they're done. I just don't have the energy to follow so many series while they're airing. Especially since they're so many good older series I still haven't seen.
  9. I think that Fate/Zero is probably a more even work overall (probably because Urobuchi was a more experienced writer when he wrote it compared to Nasu when he wrote F/SN) but the best parts of F/SN are way better than anything in Zero so I definitely like F/SN more overall.
  10. When using a Save folder created by another computer changes to the global save file tend to not stick for some reason. For example cg images aren't recorded in the gallery and settings are not saved. Therefore it's important that the save folder was created by you. Our downloads for Inganock and Sharnoth are sadly badly made and already come with save folders. This causes lots of trouble. I really should get to replacing them.
  11. Just checking, after deleting the save folder you started the game and changed the option to fullscreen again and restarted it, right?
  12. Delete the Save folder (This will remove all progress from the game though but you should be able to use skip and walkthrough for the inner voices section to quickly get back to were you were) our release comes with the save folder already created but it shouldn't because it causes tons of problems, I'm planning on making a new version without it sometime. Also make sure that you're running it as administrator.
  13. They say that if there is enough demand they might make regular physical editions as well. 200$ is not that expensive for 3 VNs though, that's like 65 per VN! I bought Aiyoku no Eustia last week (haven't had it shipped yet though) and that cost more than that despite it being the regular edition and being on sale. 300$ may be kinda expensive, though that depends on what bonuses are included I guess.
  14. Have you checked that all files downloaded correctly?
  15. The episode has finally aired, time to revive this thread. I though the episode was pretty good and it stuck really close to the VN, which they obviously have time to do with the number of episodes they have. Also made a quick drawing of Rin to celebrate!
  16. Haha. I guess I really should try to be more active but I often feel like I don't have anything to say. But don't worry I'm always there, watching you from the shadows...
  17. According to the official site Kazuna's voice actress is called 秋城柚月 (Akishiro Yuzuki) which is an alias for the voice actress Yasuda Mio (安田未央).
  18. Haha it was just a thing I drew really quickly. But thank you!
  19. As someone who has been with Fuwanovel from even before it's first opening I have to say that it's amazing that we're still here years later! I want to thank all my fellow moderators and all members! Also here's a gif of some partying owls.
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