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  1. The VN market in japan is terribly over saturated so I assume that all larger companies have at least toyed with the idea of expanding.
  2. I snack far to much when sitting by the computer. Ice cream and chips (but not together of course) are probably my favorite snacks to eat while reading. Though I'm home alone I may eatb my regular meals there too. It just feels so pointless eating alone at the kitchen table. So I usually take whatever I'm eating with me to the computer (even if it's beef or spaghetti)
  3. Reading through Kagetsu Tohya right now. As expected it's really funny. Though the highligt so far was the side story told from Akiha's perspective. I really don't get why Nasu just doesn't go ahead and write a story with a female protagonist since he's really great at writing them. Here's hoping that the next Mahoyo will feature Aoko as the protagonist.
  4. I think there should be an option to jump to a specific letter in the alphabet when displaying the VN's in alphabetical order. You have to browse through to many pages to get to the Vn you're looking for and it's only going to get worse later as more and more VN's are added to the site.
  5. I think a lot of these problems are rooted in sensationalist journalists writing about stuff that they have absolutely no clue about. This would be unnacceptable if it were about a book or a movie but strangely it seems to be fair game to write crazy conspiracy theories about games, even if they have no clue about what the game is even about. Sort of like that Mass Effect incident on Fox New some years back.
  6. It doesn't really matter how edited and fixed the patch is. At long as it's based on the original machine translation it's not really a proper translation. That doesn't mean it isn't readable though but in many cases the meaning got completly changed in the machine translation if that has then been used as a basis for this patch those instances can be turned into readable sentences, that means something entirerly different. Machine translations also miss things like flow and style, really essential things. No matter how many tlcheckers you have you can't get those things back without essent
  7. The reason the translation got bad rep isn't only because it's unedited. Its a bloody machine translation. (The original patch also added voice acting for the protagonist.... which was done by a computer.) I definitly agree to not distribute it through the main site. I would even add a disclamer that said that the translation is in many cases plain wrong and that people who still choose to read it should do it knowing that.
  8. Surströmming is seriously pretty icky though. EU should just go ahead and prohibit it, no one eats it anyway. And well you could have been a Dane as we're the butt of their jokes as well but since you mentioned Norwegians ... (And you are really good neighbours, especially for our store owners.)
  9. I have some as well. One day a norwegian man went to see the swedish king. "The swedes tell all these mean stories about us norwegians. They say that we aren't as smart as them!" he said to the King. The king said "There, there. I'll show you that us swedes aren't that bright either." He called out to one of his servants and said: "You there! Go to my house and check if I'm home!" When the servant had left the king turned back to the norweigan and said: "See, he wasn't that smart either." "No, he could have called instead.", the norwegian answered. How do you sink a norwegian subma
  10. Nice to meet you all too. And yes I'm swedish.
  11. Of course they're not 'necessary' but then what is? While I'm also of the opinion that a lot of H-scenes in visual novels feel very forced I also think it's good that they dare to include them at all. It's pretty strange how it's completly okay to portray extreme violence in our media these days, but something as normal as sex is frowned upon. It's weird really, that sex is seen as something shameful. I do think there's a problem with how sex is portrayed in VN's in general though. But that's something else altogether.
  12. Hello everyone Beato here. I've been reading VN's for maybe 5 years or something (Though I haven't read that many). The first VN I read was Utawarerumono the second was Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 1 & 2. My personal favorite VN's are Sekien no Inganock, Shikkoku no Sharnoth, Forest, G-Senjou no Maou and MuvLuv Alternative. I tend to be more of a lurker but I hope I'll get better at involving myself in all of your discussions. I have been helping out fuwanovel mainly by designing the various banners for the different VN's which is something I'll definitely be continuing sin
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