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  1. I looked it up and I'm pretty sure it's Mihama from Fukui prefecture
  2. The whole town for that matter. It's probably based off a real place in Japan, does anyone know where?
  3. The title should cover the topic question. Mind giving me a name for a VN/dating sim that they actually say the name? Untranslated VNs are ok too. Thanks
  4. not as cheap as it seems. depending on artists an so on aswell. as "The highest that Yamato Tamaki has seen is where it cost 350,000 yen for a single piece.". but no it dont go up to gta 5 levels or something like that. development times im not sure.
  5. Anyone knows what kind of budget VNs like Grisaia No Kajitsu and Little Busters! and If My Heart Had Wings have? What about development times? These kind of games are relativily simple to make, and seem very low budget compared to AAA games.
  6. I can't find anything useful in TLWiki. Am I looking wrong? :/ Anyone have any idea how does the translators know how many lines they need to translate? or are they just doing it one-by-one without knowing the total number of lines?
  7. Hi. Is there any source that can also tell me the length of individual routes and the common sperately? Like amount of text or something like that? thanks Sorry I changed the question I simply forgot that VNDB has a FAQ
  8. You might be right. Thou it does help my computer so it can't be useless.
  9. Sorry I haven't read the entire exchanges in this topic but I would like to mention if it wasn't mentioned before me: The old HDD file scattering. The older your computer gets, the more files are installed and "removed" (The space they used is not actually cleaned thoi) your HDD accumulates data and gets slower and slower, this is why defragmentation is recommended every once in a while. but the default windows defragmentation has certain flaws that another software does much much better: Ultimate Defrag it will rearrange your data and clean unused entires. When my computer gets slow from lots
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