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  1. I'm moving this to the fan translation board since this board is for projects for the fuwanovel site and not for translations. Edit: moved
  2. In my experience installing the ISO first is more likely to work than using the patch. You also need to make sure that the torrent wasn't corrupted and that your antvirus hasn't eaten any of your files. Check out this installation guide I made as well. https://forums.fuwanovel.net/index.php?/topic/1224-muv-luv-extraunlimited-solved/?p=17391
  3. Yeah they got resetted. So happy Birthday Sakura again!
  4. Now that I've looked over it the 3DS actually has tons more english VNs than the Vita has. I'm counting ordinary DS games and PSP games that are available on the PSN here as well since they're both playable on their next gen console. The Vita has: Corpse Party (psp) Corpse Party Book of Shadows (psp) Dangan Ronpa 1 Dangan Ronpa 2 (not yet released) Disgaea Infinite (psp) Fate/Extra (psp) Miko Gakkou Monogatari ~Sanae-hen While on 3DS you have: Again (ds) Jake Hunter Detective Story: memories of the Past (ds) Another Code (ds) Ace Attorney 1 (ds) Ace Attorney 2 (ds) Ace Attorney 3 (ds) Ace Attorney 4 (ds) Ace Attorney 5 Ace Attorney Investigations (ds) Hotel Dusk (ds) LifeSigns (ds) 999: Zero Escape 1 (ds) Last Window (ds) Lux-Pain (ds) Witch's Wish (ds) The Nameless Game (ds) Sprung (ds) Time Hollow (ds) All other VNs available in english are available on both the Vita and the 3DS. The DS has a fantastic game library and they're all playable on the 3DS which gives you tons of good games to play. All PSP games aren't going to be available on the Vita (If I have understood right how it works) but many will. So make sure to check out the libraries of the old consoles as well before you decide.
  5. Do you know japanese? Theres a lot more visual novels on the Vita than the 3DS but almost none of them are available in english. The ones that are are usually available on both the 3ds and the Vita.
  6. Nope Miotsukushi is fanfiction so that's no an option.
  7. Yeah make it follow the template. I don't have any problems with short walkthroughs but they shouldn't be bloated because of their shortness.
  8. I wouldn't recommend doing that since Matsuribayashi-hen isn't in Matsuri. (Though it does exist in Kizuna, though I'm pretty sure that's only partially voiced) It will be VERY anticlimactic to read arc 1-7 with voices and then have to read the final one without. Most of the patches should be available on the wiki From what I have heard the tools availble for the version of BGI that Higurashi runs on aren't very reliable. (though I may be wrong) The problem isn't getting the tracks inside the game. The problem is that the references calling for the track needs to be changed. There are probably people who can do that but its harder than just replacing the tracks.
  9. There is a music patch for both the question arcs and Kai but... it only replaces Mangagamer's new tracks with the original ones, . The cut tracks in Kai were replaced with other tracks from Kai and not new ones and are therefore not easily replaced since you can't just insert another track in its place. So the music patch for Kai only covers the tracks from the question arcs that were also used in Kai sadly. Though all the patches are going to have to be remade for the retranslation anyway since it's getting ported to a new engine (I think its made by Doddler for Mangagamer especially). Hopefully that engine will be more easy to handle so we finally can get a complete music patch.
  10. There are VN's with very high sexual content that aren't nukige though like the Ikusa Megami series or Koihime Musou. I haven't played any Rance games but I don't think they're generally regarded as nukige.
  11. I had the same problem as OP and changimg the movie mode (in my case I think it was to wmp mode) DID solve the problem so just because both movie modes work for you doesn't mean they do for everyone else. It is very unlikely that they're simply skipping the videos.
  12. Check the movie settings first before you do anything drastic I had the exact same problem as you.
  13. Kai's soundtrack is very highly regarded with many beautiful songs (though many were cut for the mangagamer release and they replaced the entire soundtrack for the question arcs)
  14. Kazoku Keikaku is a super famous VN written by one of the most highly regarded writers in the industry; Romeo Tanaka (None of his stuff is that well translated, sadly, from what I've heard from people who has read his stuff in japanese). It is not a nukige.
  15. Yeah I'm reading Higurashi right now with the editing patch and it's still pretty horrendous. I have seen way worse stuff from Mangagamer than Jast. I mean has Jast released anything as atrocious as MG's original Edelweiss translation? Their newer stuff is of a lot higher quality though so I still would check out their newer releases.
  16. I don't mind H-scenes in theory but so many of them are simply shoved in there. I mean if it's a moege it isn't as important but when there's a plot going on and everything just stops in the middle of everything for some hawt sex... More VN companies should do what August does and only have a few H scenes in the main story and let you unlock H-scenes in the extra section as you read trough the story. I also think many H-scenes come off as unintentionally creepy...
  17. There is something called Movie settings in Rewrite. Change them to another mode. I had the same problem as you when I read Rewrite and that solved it for me.
  18. It is very unlikely that the anime has actually been in production for 4 years. Sure they announced it then but production probably didn't start then. Well they might have done small things like character designs and stuff but the actual anime production is not going to have been in motion that long.
  19. Actually it has. A patch covering Saikoroshi-hen was released some years ago. While it doesn't translate all of Rei, Saikoroshi-hen is the only plot-relevant part so it might as well be.
  20. Enzai was translated ages ago and mangagamer's translations back then were absolutely horrible too so I don't see how that makes a difference.
  21. VN first, always (though in many cases I have watched the anime first because the VN wasn't translated yet) Watching the anime first takes out the element of surprise for the VN, and a lot of VNs are very long windy and badly paced which makes it extremely important that there is some element of surprise. For the anime there will always be an element of surprise. Because seeing your favorite scenes animated is always enjoyable, even if the adaption itself is bad.
  22. Yeah you definitely just perceived it that way Fate/Stay Night is probably at least 10-20 hours longer. Hoshimemo's script size is like 2,50 MB and its listed as 30-50 hours on vndb (and I'm pretty sure it's between 30-40 and not 40-50. While F/SN has a script size around 3.80 MB and is listed as more than 50 hours on vndb.
  23. Yeah and from what I have understood about how japanese releases work: Some of the royalties like the voice acting and I think the music and maybe the art too are paid in a flat sum per release instead of receiving a certain sum per sold unit. This means that if you license both the PSP and the Vita version you're going to have to pay more money in license costs and royalties than you would if you'd only released one version, even if you'd end up selling the same amount of games.
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