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  1. We have the same favourite anime? *high fives* What anime do you like Tay? it's easier to give tips that way. Though you should watch Shinsekai Yori anyway because it's really great.
  2. Yeah I updated it today since I forgot to do it when it was released, by complete coincidence actually, I didn't even notice this thread until just now.
  3. Cartagra takes place some years before Kara no Shoujo and even shares some characters so that's probably your best bet.
  4. Well these things finally arrived after I ordered them in december. I first thought they were lost in the post but that's probably not what actually happened I realized later. I'm certainly never using yokattaweb again if they ever decide to start taking orders again.
  5. You're also reading Eustia right now? Neat, I am too (though I'm reading the adult version). According to pretty much every review of it I have read, you should read Dies before Kajiri Kamui Kagura. They're directly related not just stories set in the same world. Both of them are also supposed to be incredibly hard to read (though you might already know that), basically pretty much the most difficult works you'll find in the medium, along with things like Muramasa and Asairo. White Album 2 is supposed to be really good (one of the highest rated VNs on erogamescape), Golden Sneer's reviews are a pretty good if you want to know what you're in for. It's still over my level though so I can't read it yet. Also if you want tips on good VNs available on Vita (well psp but you can download them) I'd suggest Shiei no Sona-Nyl (haven't read it but I've read other entries in the series it belongs to) and Utawarerumono. Other famous stuff missing from you list are Saihate no Ima, Akagoei, Cross Channel (though the port apparently includes tons of awful extra content not written by Romeo), The most well regarded VNs on your list are Ruitomo, Oretsuba, Steins;Gate, F/SN, Grisaia and WA2 btw.
  6. The bottom picture is way better in pretty much every way, hands down. Especially stuff like the arms and fabric (which is incidentally one of the biggest issues with Hinoue's art and plagues pretty much all her works). But she also can't do dynamic poses at all, which is why Key's CG's are typically very uninteresting. When she tries to do even a slightly unorthodox angle it typically turns out very weirdly like that cg of Kotarou and Yoshino in Rewrite for example.
  7. Wait for the Sekai's release. The current translation is horrible.
  8. It's not the art style. It's the horrible anatomy. Along with Nishimata, Hinoue is one of the worst popular artists in the medium and she has never improved. The colors and backround aren't what people are criticizing, those are great. Na-Ga is also alot better than Hinoue though he also has questionable anatomy sometimes.
  9. I'd recommend Aselia and Muv-Luv the most out of my suggested titles. Muv-Luv Alternative (the sequel) is pretty much a must read if you like VNs anyway. The "transportation" part only comes to play in the second half of Muv-Luv and in Alternative though. Aselia isn't super great or anything but I'd recommend that over Koihime any day.
  10. Eien no Aselia/Aselia the Eternal, you can buy it from Jast. There's also Duel Savior which I haven't read but it doesn't look very good. And Seinarukana which is the sequel to Aselia, it's going to be released by Jast in english soonish. And... uh... Muv-Luv I guess.
  11. I always skipped out on these contests before but this time I'm in. B)
  12. Makoto wanted to do it and apparently even approached Light to try and get it licensed for Jast, but they didn't want to.
  13. Doki is working on the Memorial edition which has the same text as the PSP ver. Who knows when they'll be done though.
  14. Nope not yet so I decided to download it. Hopefully it'll turn up someday but I doubt it since there's no tracking number (accidentally chose the wrong shipping option).
  15. Mangagamer is partnered with Liarsoft and is releasing Gakthun so official releases might happen someday for Inganock and Sharnoth though I think Forest is very unlikely. Also the Kikokugai torrent wouldn't have been added to the site even if we had decided to continue with the torrents.
  16. Alive and reporting for duty! *salute*
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