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  1. No the "Best Girl" thing is a joke. Migi isn't a girl (though the V.A is). If Migi were to have a gender it'd probably be ambigiously male since the parasites seems to be regarded as the same gender as their host. But they probably don't themselves have any concept of gender. And the OP is actually in both english and japanese (mostly english), the lyrics are kind of strange...
  2. We had a thread for this? Migi Best Girl! I'm really liking Parasite as you probably can guess from my avatar and signature. Oddly enough I don't really mind the dubstep and I really like the OP even though I don't usually listen to that kind of music.
  3. This fits better in the tech support section so I'm moving it there.
  4. If you'd translate each part of the sentence literally it would be something like "When I return to this town I might meet (her), I definitely had that sort of hope." Obviously we don't speak like that in english so it's better simplified to something like what zoom said. たしか is a very hard term to translate because it does mean certain/definitely but it can have many different translations depending on the sentence. In this case it is used to specify that the protagonist really did want to meet her. Here are some example sentences with たしか.
  5. Global saves that are created on other computers causes tons of issues for most VNs. For example no CG will be saved in the gallery when you close the game and it won't remember what text you've already read. Tons of our older torrents are this way sadly. Someday I'll replace them with good ones.
  6. I'm not going to be part of the reading club (just reread Sharnoth a short while ago) but everyone if you use the fuwa torrent remember to delete the Save folder included with it before reading.
  7. Who is doing the programming for it though? Overflow is in big trouble from what I remember (I think they might've even filed for bancrupcy IIRC) so if they're in charge it might take some time even with a finished translation.
  8. Well not all of their tl's but Koestl (who is translating Gahkthun) is definitely a lot better than the average fan tl'er.
  9. While I agree that the term visual novel is too serious for some titles it's the only term that covers the entire spectrum. Galge for example doesn't cover otome or bl, and eroge doesn't cover all age titles.
  10. I wonder what new partners they're going to announce. They've been flirting with Akabei for several years so maybe them?
  11. I have my Basic Speed at 1. And my interval wait time is also at 1. In most cases the voices will be able to finish before the next one starts to play with those settings for me.
  12. It is that way because the PC version was originally unvoiced, so the voices were imported from the ps2 version. Lowering the text speed helps a lot though. With my text settings the voices were able to finish 99% of the time before the next speech bubble appeared, I can check what those settings were later today when I get home. The text speed will be rather slow though. Also if you downloaded it from fuwanovel make sure that you delete the userdata folder that was included with the game otherwise what you've read won't be saved and you'll never unlock the final epilogue.
  13. Yeah I know about the engine issue. I was talking about how them not being willing to pay for the remake is pure conjecture. The engine issues for the original I'm aware about. Also Hanachirasu also had engine issues and I think that was the same engine as Kikokugai (it was also related to w8) and that is being released pretty soonish so they either fixed the issues or they ported it.
  14. I don't think that the reason Kikokugai hasn't been released yet is that Jast is unable/unwilling to pay for it. More like that everything on nitro's end has been very slow so they haven't been able to do as many projects as they want. Hanachirasu is actually being released soon so things might be moving again. If you release your patch we'll also miss out on an even more polished translation by Makoto. You probably shouldn't post it here though... I don't want to have any trouble with Jast.
  15. Most VN's have horrible art (that is masked by good or just shiny colouring) anyway so I generally don't mind. If I required good art in my visual novels I wouldn't be able to read that many.
  16. Seconding True Remembrance and Narcissu. Quartett! is pretty cute. And it has really nice art and a really cool presentation (it's like a living comic book).
  17. True, though I do check out the news every once in a while. I use the tv to watch things though (anime, netflix etc). The next person dislikes roller-coasters.
  18. No, the censors are nearly always part of the images. When mangagamer or Jast releases an uncensored VN they first have to get the uncensored assets from the japanese company. And often the uncensored genitals are rather ugly because there's not really a reason for the artists to put a lot of work into something that is just going to get censored.
  19. As far as VNs go Eustia is pretty easy to read actually. The sentences are pretty short and there's not a lot of rare kanji or vocab used (and you can easily look up those with ith/jparser anyway). I I read the demo recently and ordered the full game but it disappeared in the post . If it doesn't turn up soon I'll just pirate it, I mean I paid for it anyway. I want to read the rest of it.
  20. This is normal for Liar Soft VNs. The only series of theirs that is fully voiced is the Steampunk Series and that only became fully voiced from the fourth entry and onwards (though the first three got re-released in full voice).
  21. Yeah, a lot of Rnace games are missing from fuwa. They are going to be added sometime but for various reasons it hasn't happened yet.
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