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  1. Enzai was translated ages ago and mangagamer's translations back then were absolutely horrible too so I don't see how that makes a difference.
  2. VN first, always (though in many cases I have watched the anime first because the VN wasn't translated yet) Watching the anime first takes out the element of surprise for the VN, and a lot of VNs are very long windy and badly paced which makes it extremely important that there is some element of surprise. For the anime there will always be an element of surprise. Because seeing your favorite scenes animated is always enjoyable, even if the adaption itself is bad.
  3. Yeah you definitely just perceived it that way Fate/Stay Night is probably at least 10-20 hours longer. Hoshimemo's script size is like 2,50 MB and its listed as 30-50 hours on vndb (and I'm pretty sure it's between 30-40 and not 40-50. While F/SN has a script size around 3.80 MB and is listed as more than 50 hours on vndb.
  4. Yeah and from what I have understood about how japanese releases work: Some of the royalties like the voice acting and I think the music and maybe the art too are paid in a flat sum per release instead of receiving a certain sum per sold unit. This means that if you license both the PSP and the Vita version you're going to have to pay more money in license costs and royalties than you would if you'd only released one version, even if you'd end up selling the same amount of games.
  5. The cost for releasing it to two system is higher than relasing it for one. Unless you can count on that the extra games you'll sell will make more money than the extra price you pay for them it's not worth it. I won't be able to play it unless an emulator appears for the Vita or I buy one myself but I can understand NISA here.
  6. Well a linear game can require a walktrough as well if it has lots of bad endings or difficult/or just bothersome gameplay. I made a walkthrough for Sekien no Inganock for example since its minigame can be hard to complete for some and while you can skip it you'll miss plot-relevant content that way.
  7. As I said Sharin is probably the best bet for you if you enjoyed G-Senjou.
  8. The first ending is considered the good end the second, the true end an the last end is usually either called the normal or bad end. Even if the walktrhough will end up really short that way you should just mention the choices and the endings they lead to, you don't need to summarise them inf fact you shouldn't because these walktrhoughs should be spoiler free unless spoilers are absolutely necesary.
  9. I haven't read Cinders yet but the art in that game is beautiful.
  10. The rotes in Hoshimemo are pretty short except Yume's (which still isn't that long). And Fate/Stay Night is MUCH longer than all the routes in Hoshimemo combined.
  11. Well, the people I know who got into Madoka while not being anime fans themselves are girls (though not little). Most men probably aren't gonna watch it if they aren't already into anime.
  12. Making it into a graveyard is the entire point of the subforum. Otherwise the graveyard will be the main VNs subforum.
  13. We don't know if Mahoyo is stalled we just don't have any news on it. He may be writing it right now. And he "supervised" the old Fate anime too. It doesn't mean shit.
  14. I didn't mention honorfics I was talking about third person speech which you won't perceive as cute just because a piece of text says you should. Instead what you're supposed to do is to keep the meaning while also making sense in english. You shouldn't remove the quirk you should adapt it to something different.
  15. I don't remember what it's called but it should be something like check torrent. Sometimes a torrent might seem like its been all downloaded but it hasn't or some files ended up wrong. If you make the torrent check itself it'll verify that all the files are correct.
  16. It was announced almost ten years ago I think. We'll probably get the remake sometim during the next ten to five years. They have Mahoyo part 2 and three to work on too and I don't know which one they'll prioritize. We don't know how much we'll be rewritten either. Takeuchi isn't involved with mahoyo though since it's done by Koyama so at least the art part won't be stalled.
  17. Yeah I don't think moving stuff will be a problem. And if people see that there's a board called Recommendations they'll probably understand that they're supposed to asks for recs there.
  18. Probably not I have had both on my computer without trouble. Have you checked that the files aren't set as read only and that you have all the permissions to use them?
  19. Have you turned off your antivirus while installing and not just afterwards?
  20. No you shouldn't run rugp.exe that's why I was asking you since some people have tried to run it that way.
  21. You're unning マブラヴオルタネイティヴ.exe and not rugp.exe? Otherwise I'd recommend you to install the ISO first and then the patch instead of running the patch installer and installing it that way. Also check this threads. The first one has the same error as you but it's for Muv-Luv Extra so not sure it's going to help. https://forums.fuwanovel.net/index.php?/topic/1224-muv-luv-extraunlimited-solved/
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