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  1. If my heart had wings have never had any torrent here other than the restoration patch. It was not removed.
  2. Can you get sound on anything else? Like videos or music?
  3. Full unedited patches can be uploaded as partial patches. They should not however be added as full releases.
  4. Beato

    Torrent cleanup

    The sharnoth and inganock torrents needs to have the save folders in them deleted.
  5. Well making poly legal under our current marriage laws would be complicated... See, it worked in ancient times because back then only men could have mutiple wives. Today though you'd obviously need to allow women to marry multiple men as well (and same sex as well ofc) and that's when you run into problems. Let's say I marry two people. And then they marry two people as well! What is my relation to my partners' partners? You'd have to revamp our marriage laws before anything like this would be possible. EDIT: Ooops Okami had already posted this. Sorry!
  6. Our version is the with the old realta nua patch. There is a new one that is a patch for the pc version of realta nua (it adds h-scenes and stuff to realta nua instead of the opposite) that is better so we probably should replace it with that someday.
  7. So happy for HF. Also they used the term theatrical anime (instead of theatrical feature) which is the same term that Ufo used for Kara no Kyoukai so it might be several movies. I think two movies would probably be enough to cover it well.
  8. Well I certainly don't expect guys to hold the door open for me or anything.I try to hold open doors for who happens to walk behind me as I walk through the door and I'll hold it open for people walking in front of me if they seem to need it (like people pushing trams or old people) I certainly don't mind people holding up doors for me either but people who insists on holding doors open to women have been annoying in my experiences because they sometimes run past you to open the door or push you aside (once I dropped the stuff I was holding because a guy ran past me to open the door ) It is also extremely annoying if you're already reaching for the door yourself and someone grabs it just before you do (I have seen people trip from this actually). And the train/bus seats. YES. The only people who don't give up their seats to old/pregnant/disabled people are jerks. Like seriously if you are young and healthy you can stand, give your seat to someone who can't.
  9. Someone was doing ItsuSora but they quit pretty early for obvious reasons.
  10. Hanazawa Kana is not going to want to be in an eroge so there's no way this is going to be anything but all age unless she (and several other characters) are recast. In the case of Little Busters it was well known that there was going to be a h-version made even before ex was announced. Popular female seiyuu aren't goin
  11. In the case of Killer Queen the original game had H-scenes so I can accept that people are mad about them cutting those out. The second two games in the series however are based on console VN's that got h-scenes added in the pc release. Those scenes are apparently pretty bad and out of place and were pretty obviously just thrown in because pc VN's need to have h-scenes to sell so cutting those out should be okay. Some translators also don't want to translate h-scenes because of legal reasons and I think that is perfectly okay. This is what Lemnisca has stated IIRC and they have also said that if anyone wants to translate the h-scenes they can do so and make their own patch based on Lemnisca's translation. Some countries have much stricter laws than the U.S. and translating some VN's could potentially get you charged with child porn distribution. I don't think it's right to expect fan translators to risk that just for some porn. I'm less accepting of official releases cutting content out though. I also want to add that there are quite a lot of writers who don't want to have h-scenes at all but are forced to do so to sell.
  12. Translation was unlikely anyway. Chaos;Head Noah never got a pc port and this is a sequel to that version not the original Chaos;head. A PC release is very unlikely even if it is only a temporary exclusive.
  13. Both Chaos;Head and Steins;gate were released on xbox before ps3 (Chaos;Head got its psp version at the same time as its 360 ver but the ps3 ver didn't come until two years later) the 360 was kind of the "otaku console" in japan because of idol master and that the ps3 was harder to program for (if you look up VN ports from the last generation you'll notice that most VNs got their xbox port before their ps3 one) And it's probably going to come to the ps console's as well (and hopefully pc since I think nitro is involved again) but when all your previous games in a series except one came out on xbox before ps3 this isn't that strange.
  14. I'm pretty sure that you can always reach normal end one as long as you use too many projections.
  15. Nah. We had a scrapper (well we still have but it's broken and even if it worked as it did before I still wouldn't use it) and it was really annoying to use and very often it didn't fetch the correct percentage (like if something was 50% translated and 20% edited it put it as 20% instead of 50). Sometimes I also add some extra info that isn't on the VNTS thread as well. If a scrapper does it I will still have to go through every updated page to make sure that all info is correct. Which takes just as much time as adding all the updates myself but is way more annoying.
  16. Err I would like to inform everyone that the tracking system on fuwa doesn't work well at all and I have managed the updates myself for months now. I update every VN page myself every sunday and have done so for a long time. VNTLS being dead is no issue because I don't rely on it and in fact almost never have. I have used the 4chan thread for ages since that was always like one week before VNTLS anyway. Feel free to create a thread for TL updates if you want but the site is continuing to be updated without one. The mainsite is NOT dependant on VNTLS it is still being updated every week by me.
  17. It has nothing to do with Jast actually. It isn't on Steam yet because 5pb didn't want it there (at least not right now). They're taking a risk they have never taken before and probably doesn't want to try too many new things at once. If it does well it will probably end up there someday since it will be easier to get 5pb to agree if they know there's a market.
  18. Since you have problems with so many VNs are you sure that your antivirus isn't deleting files or something? Are the downloaded folders the same size as said in the torrent program?
  19. At least it wasn't delayed by an earthquake like Rewrite was.
  20. Pretty sure this tweet by the president of visual arts is the source.
  21. EDIT: Ninja'd was answering Amano Sora It wasn't april fools in Japan yet when the news got out actually. The article I see most people linking to is from march 31. And Key announces important things that date anyway Rewrite was announced on the first of april for example IIRC.
  22. You should probably assume it's true until you hear anything else.
  23. When in japanese locale the \ are usually replaced by yen signs as well so I'm pretty sure that you did something wrong. The setting for changing locale is under the tab called administrative settings. Was that the tab you clicked? it's pretty common that people choose the tab called location instead but that's wrong.
  24. Delays happen really frequently anyway so it isn't that surprising.
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