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  1. Have you checked your virus vault to see if you can restore the files?
  2. Don't think there are any Lemnisca members here. It's probably going to pick up the speed a little now that I/O is done. Though they're doing the Secret Game series at the same time and I don't know which they'll give higher priority.
  3. I saw a lot of people here thinking it might be an april fools joke. Key pretty much never does april fools. They tend to announce important things on that date. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't april yet in Japan when they announced this anyway.
  4. Yeah but sometimes things get published in shoujo or shonen magazines that you might not expect. That's why the only things that determines whether something is shonen or shoujo is the magazine. Kuroshitsuji for example is mostly popular with female readers but it is still a shonen as its published in a shonen magazine.
  5. Since Steins;gate is now officially released maybe we should make a post on the blog and facebook to advertise it. The limited edition is apparently running out fast so people need to hurry if they want one.
  6. I wanted to add that Shoujo/Shonen/Josei/seinen are not referring to genres but demographics. The classification is determined by the magazine the series runs in. A romance between a girl and many pretty boys is a shonen if it runs in a shonen magazine and an action series with tons of muscular men is a shoujo if it runs in a shoujo magazine.
  7. No it's not preparched. Your version is the official english release.
  8. ^That's what the official release looks like. If you use the japanese game with the english patch it's going to look different. These are all rather simple solutions that you've probably already tried but I'm adding them anyway to make sure: Have you tried running it as administrator and uninstalling it (I know you said that you were using an administrator profile but if it's just a profile with administrator prvilige you still need to press run as administrator). My japanese is pretty shitty but it seems like you need to be administrator to uninstall it. You shouldn't need to be logged in to the deleted profile at all. Have you also tried uninstalling it from the programs menu instead of using the installer? Have you looked at your drive to make sure there are no leftovers from the installation (Not talking about the registry, sometimes you have just missed to delete some files)
  9. But Ryukishi didn't even work on those paths. He only wrote Luchia. And Shizuru has the same writer as Chihaya (Tonokawa) who is generally regarded as a pretty poor writer (though I can't judge that since I only read the english translation which has poor writing in general but plot and character wise (which I can judge) his routes where way worse than anything else in the VN IMO). Romeo Tanaka wrote Kotori, Akane, Moon and Terra.
  10. From what I have heard Hanuouki's protagonist is supposed to be pretty good and resourceful.
  11. My antivirus tried to delete the Comu.exe so that's pretty likely.
  12. I/O is now available on Fuwanovel.
  13. Newest Comyu partial uploaded. https://fuwanovel.net/novels/comyu-kuroi-ryuu-to-yasashii-oukoku
  14. Also My Girlfriend is the President is an official english release and does not need your locale set to japanese.
  15. The first one is still being translated and the second one doesn't have a tl yet. Why translate the last part of a trilogy when the earlier parts aren't done.
  16. I can add a note to the page that it isn't completely tested yet and if someone runs Vista and can't get it work they should contact us on the forums. I mean while its better to test releases theres so few people that use Vista so I think its better to push it out and hope for the best.
  17. It seems to be pretty well tested. We could probably juts upload it and use our userbase as lab rats. If we get complaints from vista users we can fix it then.
  18. We'll get it up somehow, probably. Though I can't create torrents so I need someone to make one for me first (Maybe I should just learn to make them myself instead).
  19. Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni - The second night is now added to the site.
  20. I'm done with my The Second Reproduction walkthrough now. Could someone else look over it as well?
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