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  1. But now this became a commercial project under Sekai flag. This changes everything. I would rather send Lemnisca 200$ as a donation, really, if they would continue doing fan translation..But we get what we get. If Lemnisca were doing this as a fan-tl we would only have gotten the original edition, not the xTend edition though.
  2. Phenomeno, Quartett, and Symphonic Rain only features realistic hair-colors from what I remember. Shikkoku no Sharnoth also pretty much only has realistic hair colours (apart from one character with green hair but she has like 3 lines) the character with purple hair has dyed hair.
  3. Sakurai really wants the steampunk-series to be released overseas, that was the reason that Sona-Nyl Refrain was released on xbox as well as psp apparently, as well as the reason for the official page for the steampunk series including (kinda bad) english descriptions for all the titles. So I think it's pretty unlikely that Sakurai wouldn't want to let mangagamer translate Vulthoom if they want to.
  4. FSN is definitely not focused on school, the school scenes stop quite early in both Fate and UBW and HF has almost no school scenes at all. There are more school scenes than most of my other suggestions but to say that it's focused on school or that 40% of the scenes take place there just isn't true.
  5. Some titles that I have read that doesn't take place in school/aren't focused on the school. Aiyoku no Eustia (Untranslated)Eden*Fate/Stay NightForestKara no ShoujoKikokugaiMuv-Luv AlternativeNarcissuPlanetarianSaya no UtaSekien no InganockSharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo (Only set in school in the first chapter)Shikkoku no Sharnoth (Female lead but not Otome)True RemembranceUtawarerumonoUtawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen (Untranslated)
  6. It's not called Baldr Sky Dive it's called Baldr Sky. Just like Umineko no Naku koro ni isn't called Umineko no Naku koro ni Episode. And it's a huge title and most fan translators have gone pro, SubaHibi might very well be the last "high-profile" fan-tl. If we're lucky it might be translated officially someday, though I don't know if it's possible without a kickstarter and an all-age version.
  7. Just pre-ordered it, though like I said earlier in the thread I probably want to read it in Japanese first. It looks like it's doing pretty well so hopefully that means that we'll get more steampunk games (and liarsoft in general) in english.
  8. Was planning on reading it in japanese first but looks like I won't be able to manage to do so before the english release, I probably still want to read it in japanese first but I'll definitely buy the english release anyway to support it.
  9. Actually cicadas are associated with a quite a few different things in Japan depending on the kind. For example Higurashi is associated with sadness, melancholy and loneliness (which is why Higurashi no Naku Koro ni isn't named after some other kind of cicada), probably because they can be heard in the evening.
  10. I read Eustia as my first VN in japanese without any bigger problems. I read really slowly in the beginning (The prologue took me like a month) but I learnt tons from it and were actually able to read in a pretty decent pace by the end. The sentence structure in Eustia is really simple (Though obviously not anything near Hanahira) and the voiced protagonist helps a lot. There are quite a few rare and difficult words ofc but that's what the text hooker is for. Though obviously that everyone's definition of 'simple' is bound to be different. Personally I think that while one shouldn't throw themselves into something like Muramasa as a beginner (hope I get good enough to read it one day...) it's pretty good to challenge oneself once in a while. Reading something slightly more difficult or playing some console exclusive releases without text-hookers can improve one's skills a lot.
  11. Nearly always. I also try to find out if there's a recommended route order and things like that.
  12. This isn't unique to the west though, the japanese market is going the same way, with more and more companies and creators opting for all-age. A lot of those more unique titles probably wouldn't get made today anyway as people demand a huge amount of content. I think someone (it might have been Moogy?) mentioned that Romeo had said that it used to be enough to simply add some sex scenes but now people demand school settings, and other stuff. I think it's possible that the future (japanese) market will consist of companies that release mostly moege and nukige (and titles with a bit more plot that follow a simliar "formula") which will still be eroge, a few companies releasing "plot-focused" titles, mostly without ero, possibly mainly on console, and a few bigger companies like Nitro (unless they decide to just focus on Sonico lol) and Alicesoft whose titles wouldn't really work as all age. I don't really feel like lamenting over the death of eroge when a huge amount of the writers who wrote those titles in the first place seems to have just up and left the industry, (at least the eroge part of it), with no one new to step into their shoes.
  13. You do realize they're paying the translators/editors/coders for this right? You can't grab an illegal translation off the internet and use it commercially even if you have the rights. Oh, is that so? In that case, I take back what I said. Are the translations themselves illegal, though? I thought there was nothing wrong with purchasing the Japanese version of a game and getting an english patch for it. Translating something you don't own isn't illegal but sharing that translation is.
  14. Actually its pretty worrying that they are as close to finishing it as they are. It's supposed to be coming out later this month and considering the how huge Clannad is it certainly doesn't bode well for the quality of the translation. It's going to be a massive improvement over the original TL no doubt but there's pretty big risk of a rush job.
  15. According to the editor of the original fan-tl there's no additional censoring.
  16. The series with huge female fanbases aren't just those few aimed solely at women like Free or UtaPri. Series like Attack on Titan, Kuroko no Basuke, Yowamushi Pedal, Haikyuu and etc have huge female fanbases.
  17. I had just watched the Higurashi anime and found out it had a "sequel" called Umineko which was something called a visual novel. I couldn't get it work at the time for some reason so I ended up playing Utawarerumono instead. It felt really nostalgic to replay the much better console version in japanese this year. Kind of made me feel like "Wow, has it really been 6 years since I last read this?".
  18. Thank you very much. Yeah I think my biggest problem has been that I got used to getting physical editions, and started looking for those. I have no problem with digital editions, so I´ll try to look for that instead. I really don't like using proxies after my friends ISP blocked him for using one. I actually haven't tried the Japanese version of DLsite. I´ll give that a go. Appriciate the fast reply. By proxy I mean using a middleman to order the physical product for you, not an internet proxy.
  19. While there are few sites that will ship eroge outside of japan there is no lack of sites that allows foreigners to purchase digital content. Some examples are: DMM.com (I have used them myself without problem) Net-ride.com DL.getchu.com (Not sure if you can buy eroge though) Gyutto.com DLsite.com (I'm pretty sure that it's possible to buy things from the japanese ver of the site with a foreign credit card too). If you want to buy physical editions it's pretty much proxy or bust sadly. However a lot of the sites do in fact accept foreign cards so you can save a bit of money by using a forwarding service like Tenso or similiar instead of a proxy. Otherwise Amiami which pretty much only stocks the newest titles and Mandarake if you are fine with used titles are the only ones I know of that ships overseas.
  20. What is the problem with the statement about KS which resulted dovac being filthy rich? By me all is exactly true. Anyway, whole point is that KS getting millions without any real work would result in companies like MG and Jast going into think "what the hell?? we do all work on our own money, spend years in translations and in the end get 500000$ max in 2 years, while SP does nothing, except KS and get billions even without doing anything, and more - based on fan translations!". Not fair, so I suppose soon MG would start making KS campaigns as well and after would be Jast. This is why this whole idea is worst possible one, as Sekai is not motivated to deliver quality product at all - of course, I would not be motivated as well, if I got million dollars without doing anything Didn't you read anything of what I said? You simply have no proof of anything you are saying. All of Sekai's kickstarters so far have been either them translating an existing Japanese product or them acting as publishers to help out create a new one. I:E all of their kickstarters have involved another entity other than Sekai. We have no idea how they split up the money between them. Also none of their kickstarters have reached 1 million and only 2 of them have reached even 100.000 so uh... billions? Also none of Sekai's kickstarters have been based on fan translations. The Grisaia and World End Economica kickstarters both included untranslated content and the Clannad translation is entirely new. Also the thought that someone who wanted to scam people and make tons of money would choose visual novels of all things is simply ridiculous, there simply isn't a lot of money to be made here. I don't even like that Sekai is using kickstarter so much and I really respect Mangagamer for saying that they're not going to. So I don't even like Sekai project all that much yet I still end up defending them all the time since people keep making unfounded accusations. There are tons of legitimate critiques to be made about both Sekai and their use of kickstarter, do that instead of making stuff up.
  21. I don't really feel like adding anything to this discussion other than that I do get where people who are critical of Sekai are coming from and I do agree that Sekai really could use some improvement in how they communicate with their user-base (they recently hired some PR people so hopefully that will get better). I also think that people are massively overreacting with their criticism of Sekai. When the legitimate criticism of Sekai gets buried in hasty conclusions and people acting like Sekai has personally offended them with cries of censorship and whatnot it does no one any favours. There is however one thing which I feel really needs to be cleared up. Every single time Sekai is discussed there are some people who criticize their use of Kickstarter. This in itself isn't something I have a problem with and I personally wish they would rely less on kickstarter myself. The problem is that a lot of these people makes some massive assumption about Sekai when they do this. A common criticism of Sekai (found several times in this thread) is that Sekai has tons of money and therefore shouldn't need to rely on Kickstarter. This is completely unfounded, none of you have any way to prove that this is the case. Clannad and Grisaia overreaching all the goals means nothing as we have no idea how much of that money reaches Sekai. It's possible that almost all that "extra" money went right to Frontwing and VisualArts. Considering that Frontwing apparently were the ones who decided to put a higher goal on the kickstarter than in the prefundia so they could earn more money it certainly seems likely in Grisaia's case. Considering the state of the eroge industry it isn't really strange that Japanese companies would be attracted to kickstarter. Or maybe the money all went to Sekai, the point is: We don't actually know. So it's absolutely fine to be critical of Sekai's use of Kickstarte but please stop saying things like Sekai having millions lying around or Dovac being filthy rich without any proof and criticize them for the things you actually know are true instead.
  22. Uh, what's wrong with the current Muv Luv translation? I saw nothing wrong with it, it wasn't Mirror Moon level perhaps, but it was above average for a fan translation. I haven't read Muv-Luv in Japanese but Ixrec simply isn't a very good translator. His translations are overly stiff and full of bad writing and weird phrasing. Muv-Luv isn't exactly known for its beautiful prose so it probably doesn't suffer as much in that regard as for example his translations of Comyu, Inganock or Rewrite but bad prose isn't the only issue with his work. It is often overly literal which gives me the impression that he doesn't know Japanese very well (at least not well enough to be translating), a lot of his translations basically seem like he looked up the words or kanji in a dictionary and just inserted the first definition that appeared. Like he apparently translated 紐 as shoestring in Rewrite for example which is an incredibly amateurish mistake. A lot of people have impressions like "Ixrec's translations might be a bit stiff but otherwise they're correct" or something like that but this isn't true. When he translated Muv-Luv there wasn't a lot criticism as the state of VN translations back then were pretty bad in general. If you've look up stuff from Rewrite and Comyu though which he did later you'll find tons of tons of examples that are just flat out wrong. Some examples from Rewrite: All of these are wrong. They're not just badly phrased. They are wrong. Yet without seeing the Japanese you wouldn't know as they all make sense and are grammatically correct. The first two sentences are also incredibly easy, they're on the level that someone like me who has known enough Japanese to be able to read VNs in less than a year could translate them correctly. And if his Rewrite translation is full of mistakes like these that certainly doesn't imply good things about his earlier muv-luv translation. He has also said that he doesn't think the prose matters and that the only thing that makes a visual novel well written is the plot and the twists and whatever, which really isn't encouraging to hear from someone who constantly picks works that are renowned for their prose to translate. If you've read some of his reviews he pretty much only cares about most works at a very superficial level which is a fine way to approach something as a reader (though you're definitly missing out) but completely unacceptable for a translator. If you have no affection for language you really don't have any business translating anything other than stuff like manuals. And yeah MLA's translation might be above avergae for a fan translation but that says more about the state of fan translations than anything else. While MLA isn't my favourite or anything it is one of the most well-regarded and influential VNs of all time it absolutely deserves the best translation possible. But what I'm really worried about isn't even the translation for the main trilogy but the side stories. The muv-luv team has stated several times that they are going to work with Alternative Projects on the side stories. From what I've seen their translations are so beyond the pale that they make Ixrec's look good. Their works include wonderful translations like: Some people from Alternative Projects have said that they have improved and if that's true I'm glad though I still have my doubts that their current level is anywhere near professional quality. But the problems in their earlier translations certainly can't be fixed with editing or proofreading, it needs a complete re-translation and that Degica doesn't seem to intend to do that is very worrying.
  23. If you're not used to do stuff with her I'd definitly recommend doing something that doesn't require to much interaction to begin with. Going to see a movie is a great way to bond with people you're not used to spending time with. I'm pretty close in age to my younger siblings so I've never really taken them to places but when I was a kid I remember loving being taken to the cinema or some other fun place like a zoo or museum by an older relative or family friend. In the cinema in particular you're just going to be sitting and quietly watch the movie but it'll still be fun for her because you still did it together and you'll have something to talk about afterwards. Since she actually wants to interact with you I doubt there's a need for you to do anything particularly special or planned out. A good way to start could just be to start asking her stuff. Like how her day was or if there's something she's been into lately, you don't have to have any long conversations but just having someone showing interest in you usually makes people feel liked.
  24. Apparently they're going to be using the Alternative Project fantl for the side-stories, from what I've seen of their translations they manage to make ixrec's look good in comparison... Kind of sad how little tl-quality seems to matter to the people in charge honestly, I million dollars and yet they don't even want to bother with creating an actually good translation. Considering how little most VN-translators are paid they should be able to afford it without trouble. Though I guess I'm actually part of the problem since I ended up pledging in the end, since I didn't pay for it the last time I played it it felt kinda rude not to, hopefully they'll be able to implement dual language at least.
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